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AMC by Jenn

Jonathan informs Ryan and Greenlee that the culprit shooter and poisoner is their brother Braden. Neither of them buy it until he shows them an album. Ryan takes it down to the station, has Derek run it for finger prints and asks to talk to Zach to ask him why he confessed to crimes he did not commit.

Aiden goes to talk to Lily. But Erica tells him he cannot see Lily because he's hurt her enough. But Aiden gets Lily to talk and asks her about what she witnessed when Edmund was killed. Although she doesn't tell him what she witnessed, she talks to him and to Erica for the first time. And Erica is very impressed by Aiden's ability to get Lily to talk and she concludes that Lily must not have witnessed the murder and is only traumatized by her unrequited interest in Aiden, which is much less detrimental. Kendall notices that JR is still obsessing about Babe and Jamie, similarly to the way Ethan is obsessing about his hate toward his father.

ATWT by Rosey

Aaron and Allison get things ready at Metro for the Street Jeans press conference. Aaron wonders where Raphael is, and why he never seems to be around when he needs him. Raphael and Celia go to meet with Sierra. She informs them that Celia will be allowed to stay in Oakdale. Sierra offers Celia her credit card, Raphael refuses it and says she doesn't need it. At the airport, James tells Barbara that there is no reason for her to go to Paris, it was simply a way for Craig to get her out of town and out of Jennifer's way. She tells him to quit lying, but then wonders if he's right. She rushes to BRO headquarters to find out everyone is at the Metro, for a press conference that she knew nothing about.

Jennifer tells Mike that it isn't necessary for him to be at Metro, Henry needs him more. Mike senses something is wrong, but doesn't know what it could be. Henry explains to Katie that he must go "to see his family", without her, because they are upset about not being invited to the wedding. She understands and tells him that she will miss him. Mike drives Henry to the airport. Henry insists that Mike keep a close eye on Katie, since she doesn't like to be alone. Celia talks to Scott Reeves about her singing career, he offers to listen to her demo tape. Since she doesn't have one, she races over to Casey's house and he helps her record one. Barbara shows up at Metro just as Jennifer begins the press conference. After a brief speech, Craig hurries Barbara out of the club and warns her to leave Jennifer alone.

B&B by Leigh

Morgan realizes Ridge is suffering from amnesia brought on by a concussion. She begins to make international travel plans for her and Ridge. Brooke is upset and tries to call Ridge because he didn't return home overnight. Nick and Bridget make plans to vacation together. Thomas tells Amber that he's done with her for good.

Days by Danielle

Jack and Jennifer share a romantic evening at the Horton cabin. Patrick, looking to make some fast cash, enters a poker game with loan shark Eddie Diamond and his “muscle.” Chelsea sneaks into the Cheatin’ Heart and drugs Patrick’s drink so that he thinks that she is really Jennifer. Bo and Billie head to the hospital lab to have their DNA tested to see if it matches the hair presumably from Georgia. Hope joins them and Billie accuses her of not wanting them to find Georgia. Hope prays that Bo and Billie find Georgia but that it doesn’t break up her own family. John hears Kate’s screams and heads downstairs where he hears the news about Philip. John promises to get a task force together to search for Philip. Belle tells John about loving Shawn but is too ashamed of her actions to even allow John to defend her to Kate. Shawn tries to comfort Belle but Belle now believes that Kate is right about them not being together.

GH by  Amanda

Lorenzo denies to Carly that he had anything to do with Michael's death or the kidnappings. Emily continues in denial, but Liz tells Skye the truth. Lucky tells Luke off for his playing God. Courtney rails at Rachel for her trying to get close to Jax, then breaks down over Mikey. Brooke apologizes to Sonny for her lapse in babysitting. Sonny does not blame her. The FBI and Jason raid a warehouse and find only a letter. Steve autopsies Faith.

GL by Elizabeth

Bill and Sebastian have a violent encounter, and Bill ends up in the hospital. When Olivia goes to see Bill, Sebastian almost spills the beans about her deal with Alan Spaulding. It is quickly covered up, and Bill is still in the dark about what's happening with the Lewis Construction building. Cassie and Reva talk about Edmund and the fire. Cassie is furious with Reva. Reva tries to take control of Cassie's own life by telling her she won't let her go back to Edmund. Jonathan and Josh have a meeting at Company where Jonathan tells Josh about what happened with the papers. Edmund goes after Jeffrey because he believes that Jeffrey was the one who showed the papers to Cassie. They get into a fight, which Josh breaks up. Jeffrey admits to Jonathan that he has feelings for Cassie. Lizzie and Alexandra talk about Lizzie's feelings for Coop. Surprisingly, Alexandra is supportive. Coop and Lizzie share an awkward date. Josh find an upset Reva and tells her that he thinks Cassie has a right to be angry with her. Edmund makes another plea for Cassie, but she can't take it anymore. She leaves.

OLTL by Suzanne

Paige visits Bo at the LPD and scolds him for working so hard; he agrees to go with her to relax.  They start to have sex but are interrupted by the phone, then later they go back to bed.  Evangeline gets angry at John for not telling her it was his birthday; she finds out from Natalie that Nat is working at the LPD now and she also found out John's birthday from the files.  John and Evangeline makeup as they head to the Palace.  Roxy overhears Michael tells Marcie at the Palace that it's John's birthday, so she decides to throw him a party and say it's from Natalie.  She can't get Nat on the phone, but she invites everyone anyway.  Nat is very upset when she finds out, but the party goes well anyway (and without Nat, who is still at the LPD).  John is embarrassed by manages to blow out the candles on his cake and make nice.  Evangeline gives him a lecture about how she wants to make occasions like birthdays special, so he apologizes for being an idiot.  She gives him a napkin where she wrote "I love you".  Antonio and Jessica, and Michael and Marcie, have a good time at the party with their exes.

Adriana arrives at Asa's mansion, where she finds that Asa is prepared to help find Blair, even though it's clear he still hates her.  Kevin questions Todd about the details of Margaret kidnapping him and worries that Blair will learn that she had sex with him, but Todd is not concerned.  Dorian and Kelly have dropped by the paper to ask Todd to ask for a reward in the paper, but he has already though of that.  However, they all see Asa's live commercial, offering $1 million for the return of Blair.  They all go over there and thank him, but Todd wonders what Asa is really up to.  Bo is livid that Asa did all this without his consent, but he sends a cop over to keep an eye on things.  Homeless junkie Eddie tries to get Blair some help at a clinic, but he sees Asa's ad so he phones Asa instead.

Passions by Shirley

Beth rejoices at Sheridan's death as Edna and Precious scold her, but do nothing to help. Luis arrives and Edna mentions smelling gas, tho, so he does find her, but for some reason does nothing to get her out of the gas filled room. No SuperCop powers for him, I guess. Theresa counsels Whitney on the trials of handicapped babies, but is shocked when Whit finally tells her the real problem. Not so much that she abandons her friend, tho.

Sam finds Jessica and Eve finds what's wrong with her, then follows a hunch and finds there's more to it than meets the eye. Sam takes off after Randy, loaded for bear. Ivy overhears Julian talking to Tabitha about being a good father to Endora and it almost knocks her socks off, yet she has enough wits about her to store the info for future use, or misuse, to be more accurate.

Y&R By Boo  **One Day Ahead

Nikki and Victor spend much need quality time together. Lily disrespects her mother, causing Neil to question what is going on. Dru discovers that Devon has packed all of his clothes up and has been sleeping on the floor. Lorena discovers Devon at Crimson Lights skipping school again. She tells him that she thinks it is time for him to be back on anti-depressants. Michael and Paul argue while each tries to figure out the otherís personal business. John shocks Ashley and Jack by giving Gloria a job at Jabot. She will be working right along side John until she learns the ropes. She wonít be on the payroll yet, but he plans on creating a position for her once she learns what the company is about.

Brittany demands to know why J.T. warned her that Bobby couldnít be trusted. J.T. finally gives in and tells her that he saw Bobby and Nikki making out on the couch. Sharon questions Bobby about his relationship with Nikki and expresses her concern over Nikkiís strange behavior lately. Brittany confronts Nikki and demands to know the truth about her relationship with Bobby.

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