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AMC by Jenn

Zach confesses to all his crimes. But Aiden seems to have an inclination that he did not do what he is accused of. Aiden knows that Lily is the only witness of what happened to Edmund and he goes and asks her about that. Greenlee goes to see David and tells him he's messed up what she asked him for by spilling the beans to Ryan that she intended to get the truth from Jonathan with one of David's potions. She informs him for the first time that she believes Jonathan drugged her and he beat Maggie. Hearing that, David is determined to go after Jonathan and realizes he has nothing to lose, having already lost his license to practice medicine. Jonathan informs Ryan that it was Braden, not himself who shot Ryan and drugged Greenlee. He tells Ryan that Braden has been in town, following them both around and has threatened to kill Ryan for abandoning him and inheriting Cambias Industries.

ATWT by Rosey

Paul doesn't believe Barbara when she shows him a note from Rosanna, admitting to drugging Emily. When Paul leaves, James shows up to say hello to Barbara. Henry is upset to find out the Katie told Margo about them not sleeping together. After yelling at her, he collapses on the floor. The doctors tell Henry and Katie that he just had an anxiety attack...Henry secretly tells Mike that he is flying to New York to see a specialist, and asks him to keep an eye on Katie.

Julia's neighbor admits to the police that she saw Keith banging on her door the day she died. Carly wonders why Keith would have been at Julia's apartment. Jack investigates the "legal" papers that Keith has, and wondered how he could get such papers so quickly.

B&B by Leigh

Morgan wakes Ridge after his fall off the barstool. He's confused and tells her he's dizzy and has a headache. While Ridge rests in her bed, Morgan listens to a message Brooke left for him. When she tells Ridge that Brooke called he asks, "Who?"

Thorne is furious with Amber after he sees the picture and learns she plotted to have Bridget and Ridge stuck in the mineshaft. Over Sally's objections, Thorne fires Amber and has her leave Spectra immediately. When Nick goes to see Brooke he finds out Ridge never came home. Brooke fears Ridge won't come home at all. Nick tells her Ridge will be back because he loves his family as much as she does.

Days by Danielle

Jennifer prevents Jack from announcing his return to everyone else so that they can spend a night alone together. Jack and Jennifer argue about having Patrick move out. Jennifer leads Jack out to a place where they can be alone with no interruptions. Kate tries to help John work through the pain. John is determined to kick his addiction. John hides the pills from Kate as he fights the urge to take them. John and Kate talk about moving on with their respective love lives. Rex’s confrontation of Jan is interrupted by the sound of Belle’s screams upon hearing the news about Philip. Belle blames herself for Philip being missing in action. Belle decides to delete the email before sending it. Jan tries to make Belle feel guilty about Philip and tries to come between Belle and Mimi. Shawn and Rex search the web for news on Philip while they argue about Shawn’s intentions with Belle. Belle visits Kate to tell her about Philip. Billie overhears Hope trying to convince Bo that Georgia isn’t really alive and confronts her. Bo accuses Hope of giving the DiMera's what they want by trying to break up their marriage and storms out of the room. Billie gets a mystery call about Georgia that tells her to look outside the front door where she and Bo find a package containing a lock of hair labeled with Georgia’s name.

GH by Lisa

Alan blames Jason for Michael's death as Durant holds Sonny responsible. Ric and Alexis warn Faith that she will get the death penalty. Ric and Alexis stand together when Faith threatens to destroy their marriage as well as Ric's career. Sonny, Carly and Jason remain certain that Michael is alive. Jason finds proof that someone paid Faith to kidnap Michael, Morgan and Kristina.

Faith publicly announces that she was paid to kidnap the children but is gunned down before naming her accomplice. Steven tells Mac he found a strand of Courtney's hair with AJ's blood on it. Jax refuses to allow Mac to question Courtney at the station. Rachel schemes to spend time alone with Jax and plants seeds of doubt about Courtney's innocence. Lucky realizes that Connor raped Emily and agrees to move into Wyndemere with her.

GL by Elizabeth

Olivia signs over half of the Lewis building over to Alan. He lets her know that she has more to do before he will fire Sebastian as co-president. Bill seems troubled that his wife is so driven when it comes to Spaulding Enterprises. He wonders what she will do in order to succeed. Holly has lunch with Sebastian and he reminds her of what it is like to live life on the edge. He vows to try and regain the trust of Blake & Ross. Dinah visits Blake for help. Ross admits that his daughter is hard to love and she overhears him. Dinah and Corey ‘break up’ after she calls out the wrong name at an inconvenient time. Cassie approaches Edmund about the fire and he admits to it. He begs her to give them another chance and promises that they can work through their problems. Cassie admits that although she loves him she can no longer trust him and leaves. Edmund has a fit and destroys the suite at Towers. Bill and Michelle have a heart to heart and talk about love, Sebastian, her memory loss and Olivia.

OLTL by Michelle

Matthew catches Nora and Daniel in a compromising position. Nora decides it is time to have ďthe talkĒ with Matthew, but he beats her to the punch and tells her they need to talk. Matthew tells Nora that he just wants her to be happy, and if being with Daniel makes her happy, then heís okay with it, but Nora knows heís not. She reassures Matthew that he will always be the No.1 guy in her life. He calls Bo and asks him to come over to the house. Matthew tells Bo that heís concerned about the fact that Daniel and Bo donít get a long, and that it makes it hard for Nora. Bo agrees not to argue with Daniel so much, and Matthew reminds him that they will be father and son no matter what.

Antonio tells Evangeline that he hates using the Santi money because it is blood money, but he will do what he has to do to fight for custody of Jamie. Evangeline plays devilís advocate with Antonio, then points out they will have to focus on RJís weaknesses if they plan to win the case. RJ and Jessica have a run-in about Jamie, and Jessica feels she has made the situation worse for Antonio. Evangeline confronts RJ and tells him there is no way she will let him win full custody of Jamie. RJ lashes back at Evangeline, upsetting her, and she storms off. Itís Johnís birthday, but he keeps it a secret. Michael forces him to celebrate a little. John ends up thanking him for it. Natalie shows how efficient she is at her new job at the police station, and then discovers it is Johnís birthday. Natalie wishes him happy birthday and gives him a hug, just as Evangeline walks in.


Matthew walks in on Daniel and Nora while they are playing sex games (with whipped cream). Nora has a talk with Matthew. He is concerned that Daniel will try to take Bo's place and that Bo and Daniel don't get along. Bo is impressed that Natalie is doing so well on her first day. They commiserate briefly about their exes but don't want to get into details. Daniel and Bo argue until Matthew phones Bo to come over. Nora is worried when she hears that but Daniel makes her feel better. Bo and Matthew have a nice chat.

Antonio visits Evangeline to talk about the custody battle with R.J. for Jamie. R.J. and Jessica get into a public fight when she picks Jamie up out of her stroller. Evangeline warns R.J. that he is in for a big battle. He implies that Antonio only hired her because she is a black woman. Lindsay accuses R.J. of still having a thing for Evangeline, but he denies it. Jessica worries to Marcie that she made things worse for Antonio by fighting with R.J. Michael brings a cupcake and present to a grumpy John on his birthday. John doesn't want anyone to know about his birthday, even Evangeline. John and Antonio run into each other at the shooting range. Evangeline hangs up when she phones the LPD and discovers that Natalie is working there. Natalie figures out John's birthday from the police database and gives him a hug, just as Evangeline is walking in. Marcie and Michael talk about how weird it is that they are still close but yet not together any more. Jessica gets a severe headache.

Passions by Shirley

Pilar is still trying to get Martin to decide whether he wants to start over as a family with her and their children, but he is still dragging his heels. Katherine, in the Crane Compound with Gwen and Jane, tries to get the younger woman to take the baby back to Theresa while Gwen tries to get her to go back to her daughter and son. Neither side is winning. Meanwhile, Theresa and Ethan try to keep their hopes up and believe that someday Jane will be back with them. Whitney and Fox learn about Gwen's dirty deeds and want to help, if possible.

The powwow in the Bennett backyard is all but over, but Sam arrives home to try to finish things up and finally gets the news of Katherine's departure to Julian and Fox. Jessica finally makes it to the door and falls into Sam's arms when it is opened. Kay and Simone have been telling Ivy that Jess is asleep in her room, so it's anyone's guess what will happen next. Tabitha is still as happy as a pig in a mud hole at the goings on. As Luis decides to go talk to Sheridan no matter what Beth said, Sheridan may be taking her last few gasps in Beth's guest room after the gassing her hostess has given her. Will he get to her in time? Will the gas do it's job? Will Luis notice the hammer and screwdriver on the floor by the broken pipe?

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Kevin thanked Mac for her impact on his life, told her she was beautiful, and promised to keep every Saturday free in the hopes that she’d someday go out with him. Devon felt displaced as Lily told him she wanted to hear about his life, then walked away to talk to Daniel. Lily and Daniel agreed they had crazy mothers, and she insisted her Uncle Malcolm was not the man he seemed to be. Neil and Dru worried about Devon and Lily’s moods of late, while Dru insisted they were all lucky to have Neil in their lives. Nikki told Victor she was done blaming him for their lack of time together and that she would go to any lengths to ensure their love didn’t falter. Brittany questioned if Bobby would ever be unfaithful to her when she was pregnant and didn’t want to be intimate. He insisted he’d never betray her, and was bothered by JT’s visit to warn her against him. Ashley didn’t believe Michael’s story that he’d summoned Gloria to form his own opinion of her motives. She told him to back off. Gloria begged John to hire her at Jabot, but he said it would never work. Christine was surprised to learn Paul had a date with Ashley. When Ash tried to cancel the date, Paul wouldn’t let her back out.

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