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AMC by Jenn

While David is drunk, he inadvertently tips Ryan off that Kendall and Greenlee are drugging Jonathan to get the truth out of him. Knowing that, Ryan goes and takes his brother home. Jonathan tells Ryan all of the secrets about the terrible things his father did to him when he was a child. Ryan also asks Jonathan if he poisoned Greenlee. And he admits he did.

Jack and Erica try, unsuccessfully to find out from Lily what she saw the night Edmund was killed. Erica assumes that Lily saw Edmund getting murdered. Lily remembering seeing a pool of blood in a hey loft but doesn't speak or want to talk to them about it. Brooke talks to Adam telling him she holds JR responsible for what happened to Jamie. JR is ready to buy out all the houses and apartments in town so that he can prevent Babe, Jamie or anybody else he is angry at from living there.

ATWT by Rosey

Jack tells J.J. about Julia's death. He promises the he will help J.J. through this rough time, just as Keith shows up and claims he has "legal" guardianship over J.J., and the two of them are never coming back to Oakdale again. Jack is suspicious of Keith, and vows he won't let him take J.J. Holden questions Lily about Julia, he asks if she had anything to do with her death. She breaks down into tears, while Holden asks her to explain everything, Luke walks in.

Will yells at Allison for dropping hints to Celia about his past. He tells her to mind her own business and stay out of his life. Celia convinced Raphael to let her have lunch with Casey and his parents. She explained to him that Casey's mom is a detective, and his dad is a prosecutor, so he agreed that it would be ok. Paul is determined to find Rosanna and figure out why she was lying to him about everything. Although Emily is leery about it all, she gives Paul the name of a detective she knows that can help him. At the airport, Paul thinks he sees Rosanna's scarf, when he walks up and grabs the lady, he finds that it is Barbara.

B&B by Leigh

Ridge laughs at the threat Nick made when he told Ridge he'd answer to him if he hurts his family again. He tells Nick that he's been waiting to swoop in and take Brooke away from him. Nick punches Ridge in the face after Ridge tells Nick that he knows he's using Bridget to get to Brooke. Ridge, hurt, gets up and stumbles out of the house.

Stephanie tells Brooke to pull herself together and make decisions before the situation gets out of hand. Stephanie tells Brooke it was Sally that showed her the picture and she's threatened to go to the press with it. Stephanie urges Brooke to take Ridge back. Ridge goes to Café Rouse and runs into Morgan who was there waiting for him. He passes out and fall off the bar stool while she's talking to him.

Days by Danielle

John decides to take a shower but his legs give out and he knocks over the glass. Kate helps him back to bed. John considers taking the pills but decides against it. Kate has Lexie come over to help John. Lexie wants to bring John back to the hospital but he insists that he is fine. Kate tells Lexie about Belle and Shawn. John wishes that Marlena were there to help him. Kate vows to make Shawn pay. Rex brings Mimi home and tries to dote on her but Mimi doesn’t want to be treated like an invalid. Jan tries to tell Rex the truth but Rex doesn’t want to hear it. Rex and Mimi try to convince Jan that her relationship with Shawn is over to no avail. Jan wants Mimi to help her get Shawn back in exchange for not telling her secret but Mimi refuses to help Jan. Rex overhears Jan threaten to tell Rex about Mimi’s secret and demands to know what Jan knows. Shawn chases after Belle, wanting to know what Jan said to make her upset. Belle doesn’t think that they have a right to plan on being happy when so many people they know are sad. Shawn doesn’t want to wait to be together any longer. Belle agrees to send Philip the “dear john” email but gets the call that Philip is missing in action before she can send the email.

The enemy soldiers try to make Philip talk by force but he will only recite his name, rank, and serial number. Tony has the enemy soldiers videotape Philip’s last message to his family to make Belle feel guilty. Bart shares his worries with Tony about not being able to find Jack but Tony isn’t worried. Tony is counting on John to take the pills Stan left for him and on being able to hide it from Brady and Kate. Jack and Jennifer are reunited. Jack finds a picture of Patrick with his family and assumes that he is too late but Jennifer assures him that there is nothing between her and Patrick. Jack interrupts the reunion to call John, Bo, and Abe and relay what happened to him but Jennifer fills him in on how otherwise preoccupied they are. Jack tells Jennifer about Tony being alive and holding him and the others captive. Jennifer calls Alice and has her call the ISA and everyone else involved. Jennifer promises to show Jack how much she has missed and loves him.

GH by Amanda

Sonny cooperates with Agent Marsh, then she turns around and defends him when Durant lays into him. Faith taunts Ric with their past and his role in her revenge. Lorenzo confesses how he once helped Faith to Carly. Jason takes Alan's verbal abuse to heart, despite Sam's comforting words. Forensics implicate Courtney anew in AJ's death. Emily invites Lucky to move into Wyndermere with her. Jason finds the money trail Faith left. Carly agrees to move in with Sonny. Rachel continues to subtly try to seduce Jax. Faith pleads not guilty. As she insists to the press she was paid to do what she did, Faith is shot.

GL by Elizabeth

There is a new witness in Phillip's murder case. His name is Jack Webster, and on the night of Phillip's murder, he was robbing the electronics store next door. He told the police that he saw Ruth leave Company distraught. He then looked into the window and saw a very alive Phillip drinking a beer after Ruth's departure. Harley tells Gus that she may still take the plea deal in order to protect Zack. Gus makes a deal with her allowing him to have two days to research the new witness. If all of the information is true, then Harley must give up the plea deal. Cassie reads the papers outlining the charges against Edmund and goes to Jeffrey to ask if they are true. Jeffrey won't answer. He tells her to ask Edmund. Cassie gathers that it is probably true, but hopes that it was an accident. Dinah and Jonathan are overjoyed at their "accomplishment." Reva sees Jonathan and Dinah kissing and is disgusted. Reva is upset that the papers fell into Cassie's hands, and she blames Jonathan. Reva had no intention of sending them to Cassie. Cassie finally returns to the hotel suite and finds Edmund waiting for her. He wants to take her to the clinic for the second phase of in vitro. Cassie hesitates and is contemplating what to do. Coop and Lizzie are both scolded by their family members for entering into a relationship together.

OLTL by Suzanne

John seems ready to tell Evangeline about Cristian, but he changes his mind.  He runs into Natalie at the LPD and welcomes her to her new job, but he doesn't tell Evangeline about it.  Rex convinces Natalie to take the job at the LPD.  He then steals her keys to break into Bo's office, so he can steal some information to help him catch Paul's killer.  She is very annoyed when she catches him.  Jen swears to Riley, Daniel, and Nora that she didn't print the note to Rex (that they found part of in her printer).  Riley won't let Daniel take the printer without a warrant, so Daniel warns that he will be back.  He tries to tell Riley that it's difficult for him to suspect his son's girlfriend for murder.  Riley wants to get rid of the printer, but Jen stops him.  She leaves to do something to protect him.  Daniel looks guilty when Nora says that she doesn't think Jen is the killer any more than she or Daniel did it. 

Bo orders Todd to go home and stay with his children.  Viki prevents Starr from sneaking out to the LPD, and she convinces Todd to tell Starr that Blair was not in the car when it was crushed.  Bo gets a lead about Blair but tells Dorian and David the good news that Blair was not in the car.  Dorian and David still plot to go after Viki and Todd.  A homeless junkie named Eddie finds Blair and puts her in his shopping cart.  He steals her jewelry and leaves.  Todd and Starr hang the ripped family portrait back up so that Blair will see it when she returns.

Passions by Shirley

Martin and Pilar talk about their future and whether he wants to try again with her. He isn't sure what he wants, not wanting to give up on Katherine yet and worried that with their own problems to worry about, Luis and Theresa won't be able to cope with a reunion. Pilar seems determined to get him back, however, so don't count her out just yet. Meanwhile, Katherine and Gwen have arrived at their hideaway in the Crane Compound and set about talking about their children. Katherine thinks she should take Theresa's baby back to her, but Gwen refuses to believe the baby isn't hers and reminds the older woman she isn't a model of motherhood and has no right telling Gwen what to do. They do seem to begin bonding, however. Luis is wanting to get Sheridan to talk to him, while she is lying in the bed in Beth's house, breathing the gas Beth set loose in the room but breaking the heater pipe. Will Luis get to her in time?

Kay and Simone anxiously await Jessica's return home, but Kay is afraid of what will happen to her when Sam gets home first. Apparently he's not such a good detective since Jessica was lying in front of his gate when he got home and he totally missed her. Whitney finally leaves their backyard and goes to talk to Theresa, only to find out her baby is missing and no one knows where she is. Chad, Fox, TC, Liz, Eve, Julian, and Ivy are still arguing over what's wrong with Theresa, but Tabitha knows all about it and can't help enjoying the mess with Endora.

Y&R By Christopher  **One Day Ahead

Realizing Nikki's urgency to see Victor, Nick and Sharon helped her get set on a flight so she could meet him in Detroit. Brittany was angry with JT for badmouthing Bobby, who returned during their fight. Nikki came home and she and Bobby shared some more good-bye well-wishes, while JT and Brittany re-confirmed their friendship and promised never to lose touch. Though he had the chance, JT didn't tell her about the kiss he'd witnessed between Bobby and Nikki. Brad and Victor - of all people - came to an agreement that neither of them respected how Jack had reacquired Jabot. Their pleasant conversation ended with Victor telling Brad not to give up hope for a reunion with Ashley someday. When Victor's flight was delayed, Nikki boarded the private jet and told him she was going with him. Jack thanked Brad for all his help with the takeover and assured him they were partners now. Alone, Brad said he'd never trust Jack or forget what he did. Mac and Kevin bonded, sharing stories of childhood abuse. Ashley and Paul caught up and agreed to see a movie together. Michael told Gloria he would not forgive her the past sins until she told John the truth about her sons. Ashley and Paul discovered Michael and Gloria in their secret meeting.

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