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AMC by Jenn

After Edmund's death, everybody believes that Zach killed him and he has gotten what he's deserved by confessing. But Aiden knows there is something not right. Even Ethan remembers some odd behaviors in Zach that indicated that there's something going on that he's not talking about. Myrtle goes to visit Zach in jail and says she has psychic powers that tell her he did not murder Edmund nor do the things he's accused of doing. Erica is able to tell that Lily must have witnessed Edmund getting murdered and that is why she is shutting down from everybody.

Meanwhile Simone wants to pretend to have a romantic encounter with Jonathan, even though Kendall and Greenlee tell her she's crazy and putting herself in danger. But she tells them that she might be the only person with the means to slip Jonathan the truth drug that they got from David to enable Jonathan to tell the truth. David runs into Ryan in the bar and when he's drunk, assumes that Ryan is cheating on Greenlee and that Kendall and Greenlee got the "truth drug" for him. Ryan is baffled to find out that Greenlee and Kendall did this behind his back.

ATWT by Eva

Margo isn't happy about Casey's friendship with Celia because that friendship costs Casey his job at Metro. Will is upset with Alison because she tells Celia about his past. Keith insists he loved Julia and didn't kill her. Keith thinks Jack should question Carly and Lily about Julia's death. Luke continues to protect his mother by making sure nobody discovers Lily's burned gloves. Keith is determined to keep J.J away from Jack and Carly. Holden confronts Lily to get to the truth about who killed Julia.

B&B by Boo

Stephanie and Eric confront Ridge about the kiss between he and Bridget. Stephanie tells them both that Sally has threatened to go to the tabloids with the picture if they try to take Amber and Clarke to court. Ridge continues to plead his case, but even his parents aren't listening. Eric warns him to stay away from Bridget and storms out after telling Ridge that he make him sick. Alone, Ridge grabs his head as if he has a really bad headache. Bridget fills Nick in on what has happened. Nick totally blames Ridge too and angrily confronts Ridge at Stephanie and Eric's house. He tells Ridge that he will have to answer to him from now on when it comes to this family. Brooke calls Hector over to talk about her situation. She knows that Hector is a good and moral man and begs him to tell her that she over reacted to the picture. Hector doesn't know the whole story though, and can not tell Brooke what she wants to hear.

Days by Danielle

Mimi keeps blaming herself for not being able to conceive any more children but Bonnie quiets her down before she can blurt out to Rex about the abortion. Bonnie prays to God to let Mimi have children and if need be, to have Mimi blame her instead. Bonnie advises Mimi to think about adopting. Jan eavesdrops as Shawn tells Belle that he thinks Jan sent the email but Belle is still angry that Shawn wrote the email in the first place. Rex calls Belle and asks her to come down to see Mimi. When she and Shawn arrive, Rex tells them about Mimi’s condition. Jan follows them to the hospital and hints to Rex that Mimi could have prevented her illness. Belle yells at Jan for blackmailing Mimi so Jan makes Belle feel guilty about cheating on Philip. Belle pushes Shawn away after imagining seeing Philip come back from the dead to curse them. Mimi is discharged from the hospital. Bilbo orders Private Smith to try to find Philip’s location through his distress signal but then the signal is lost when the enemy soldier removes Philip’s signal device and crushes it. Smith works on locating the last coordinates while Jake organizes his men for a mission to save Philip. The enemy soldiers plan to dispose of Philip’s body. Jake reports back to the base that he found the crushed device but couldn’t find Philip. Philip comes to and imagines seeing Belle urging him to stay focused. Tony looks in on Philip and remarks that things are going to get much worse for Philip.

Jennifer and Patrick talk about how much Patrick has been staying in Salem to help out. Patrick decides to stay in Salem for a while. Jennifer and Patrick talk about the chance for each of them to move on in love. Jack arrives on US soil and is unable to even make a collect call due to no money. Jack decides to walk the 100 miles to Salem. Jack stops a car driving by and hitches a ride to Salem. Jack finds the quarter Abby dropped in the park moments before and calls Jennifer but she just misses his call. Jack arrives home and walks in the door. Jennifer sees Jack’s reflection in his picture and faints. Jack catches her in his arms. Abby and Chelsea talk about whether Jennifer is really after Patrick. Chelsea vows not to let that happen, fearing that Jennifer will use Jack Patrick to make Patrick stay. Chelsea wants Abby to help her get Patrick. Patrick urges Abby to talk to Jennifer.

GH by Amanda

Sonny tries to deal with Luke's betrayal. Skye admits to helping Faith escape. Faith admits first that Michael is alive, then retracts it, saying he's dead. Courtney offers Rachel a million dollars embezzled from her foundation to leave town, but Rachel grows a conscience and refuses it. In tears she recants her wicked ways and promises to leave. Ric sees through Skye's attempts to shield Luke. After Carly tries to comfort Sonny, Lorenzo comforts her. Rachel tampers with some test tubes then discusses the murder with Steve. Faith makes a mysterious phone call.

GL by Elizabeth

Reva gets the papers from Jeffrey outlining charges against Edmund for starting the fire. Jonathan discovers them and takes them from Reva when she isn't looking. Harley is prepared to plead guilty in the courtroom when Frank bursts in with new information. He has a man in custody who says he can testify to the fact that Harley had left the scene of the murder long before Phillip was shot. The Cooper clan rallies around Harley trying to give her support. Cassie wonders why the phone in her suite won't work, and she discovers that Edmund had it restricted to incoming calls only. She gets a note from "Reva" telling her to come to the Beacon to meet her. When she gets there, Reva is nowhere to be found. Cassie, however, notices a fax coming through. Jonathan has faxed the papers outlining the charges against Edmund. Edmund tries to console a drunk Dinah, and he tells her that she can change just like him. Dinah is insulted. Edmund discovers that Cassie has left the suite and runs to go look for her.

OLTL by Suzanne

Passions by Shirley

Jessica manages to dodge the car coming at her and the lecherous guys wanting to clean her up and have another shot at her, but couldn't quite make it to the front door. Meanwhile, in her backyard, Whitney is still under the lights, now being grilled about why she doesn't want to get married to anyone, ever. Her reasoning leaves the others cold as she shines the light on their faithless, loveless marriages, but she does finally give it to her dad for his treatment of her mother.

Pilar listens as Martin talks about his feelings for her and Sam tries to get him to explain why he left her in the first place. She shows herself finally, begging him to tell her the reason. Luis is still upset about Sheridan being angry at hiim, and Beth continues to twist the knife in their love, while Sheridan bonds even more with her son at Beth's house and Edna and Precious guzzle more booze. After she's finished with Luis, Beth decides on the perfect plan to kill her enemy, turning on the gas in her room as she sleeps.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Lily refused to tell Neil why she was mad at Malcolm, then broke down insisting she wished she could always be his little girl. Dru and Malcolm learned the truth: MALCOLM is Lily's Father... NOT Neil. Dru begged him not to reveal the truth, as they went to meet with Neil. At the condo, Neil explained how much he loved them all, and Lily demanded Malcolm give their family time alone. He left without a word. Devon told Sierra he was worried that he could be sent back to a group home if anything ever broke up the Winters marriage. Brittany told Mac she was pregnant, prompting Mac to wonder why JT had kept it a secret. Nikki and Bobby gave into passion and made out (observed briefly by JT). They broke apart before making love, when Brittany called to tell Bobby the move was all set. Both agreed they could not be physical with each other, and said their good-byes. Nikki confronted Jack about sending Victor out of town. Though Jack found Victor's cell phone left behind, he told Nikki to ask Nick for answers. Nick told Sharon about sending Victor out of town. They were interrupted by a frantic Nikki, demanding to know where Victor was. JT told Paul that he couldn't stand the thought of Bobby with Brittany, and insisted he couldn't let the move happen. Against Paul's advice, he went to the ranch and told Brittany she could NOT move away with Bobby.

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