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AMC by Jenn

Tad tells David he needs to leave town. But David says he refuses and that Tad has his own problems to deal with. When Kendall discovers how baffled Greenlee is about whether or not Jonathan drugged her, they decide to go and get David to make a "truth potion" to give to Jonathan. Simone goes out with Jonathan pretending to have a "romantic encounter" with him and make him trust her.

While Zach is ready to get booked and charged with murdering Edmund, and he's confessed to doing it, Ryan goes to ask him why he did it. But Zach indicates that he knows some "secret" about Ryan and his life. Brooke confides in Tad that before Edmund died, he turned into a person so unlike the good man they always knew and whom Maria fell in love with. She tells Tad that Edmund was going to be spiteful and dishonest to Maria.

ATWT by Eva

Will brings Casey and Celia home from Chicago to face an angry Rafael , Tom, and Margo. Will struggles to hide his feelings from Alison. Aaron is upset that Alison covered for Rafael while he went to look for Celia. Paul finds evidence that Rosanna lied to him about the reason she left him Paul vows to find out the truth about why Rosanna left him. Luke tells Lily that he found her gloves at Julia's place and burned them because he thought Lily killed Julia. Holden thinks that Julia was murdered by her brother Keith who has checked out of the Lakeview. Jack thinks Julia's death was an accident but once he learns that Julia's place has been wiped clean of possible evidence, he begins a homicide investigation. Lily wants to call Jack and tell him the truth about what happened with Julia but Luke and Carly persuade her it isn't a good idea. Luke vows to protect his mother and not allow anyone to take her away from him and his sisters.

B&B by Leigh

Jackie wants to know if Brooke were single would Nick want her back. Brooke tells Ridge to leave because she doesn't want to be with him right now. Bridget lets Nick know that Brooke and Ridge my split up. Sally shows Stephanie the picture of Ridge and Bridget kissing. She tells Stephanie if charges are filed against Clarke and Amber she'll make sure that picture is plastered in every tabloid.

Caitlin shows Hector the wedding dress she designed for Samantha. Caitlin cries when Hector tells her that he and Samantha have decided to put the wedding off for a while.

Days by Danielle

Shawn composes an email to Philip in Belle’s name telling Philip to call again. Jan finds the email and sends it. Belle sees that the email has been sent and accuses Shawn of only pretending to go along with their agreement. Belle imagines seeing a hurt Philip in her bathroom that yells at her for making him lose his will to live. Dr. Aubrey tells Mimi that she can’t have any more children due to the damage to her reproductive system. Philip, gathering support from his own vision of Belle, unties himself and is able to fight off one of the enemy soldiers long enough to activate his distress signal. The other enemy soldier comes back and shoots Philip.

Abby and Jennifer argue because Abby changed the grades on her report card. Chelsea pretends to fall off a chair so Patrick will catch her. Chelsea and Abby walk in on Patrick hugging Jennifer and decide that it isn’t worth Abby apologizing to Jennifer. Jack’s fishing boat slows down as they reach America. A mystery man offers Jack a passport in exchange for all the money Jack has saved from his laundry work. The man runs when Jack realizes that the passport is for a 16-year-old girl. Jack catches up to him but the man pulls a knife. Jack backs away from the knife and ends up falling overboard.

GH by Lisa

Sonny and Carly try to bolster each others spirits. Ric and Sonny share a brotherly moment when Sonny absolves Ric of guilt over the kidnappings. Sonny refuses to believe that Faith killed Michael but Jason begins to believe it could be true. Ric learns the FBI tracked a rental car to the airport as Reese gets word about two small children traveling with an escort. Sonny, Carly, Ric and Alexis are reunited with Kristina and Morgan. Kristina tells Sonny that Michael is "gone." Faith claims to Alcazar that she killed Michael and dumped his body in the swamp. Jason breaks down as he thinks about Michael.

Rachel gets Bridget to stage a phony emergency to get Courtney away from Jax. Rachel then fakes her own emergency in order to have Jax come to her. Alone with Courtney, Rachel threatens to kill Jax. At Alan's request, Steven begins investigating AJ's murder. Skye feels guilty for her role in helping Faith escape from prison as Justus feels remorse for helping Faith flee. Luke refuses to allow Skye to confess to helping Faith break out of prison.

GL by Elizabeth

Gus goes to his father for help and doesn’t get what he wants. Olivia isn’t pleased when she learns that Bill is rebuilding Harley’s home. Reva continues looking for her sister. Edmund informs Reva & Tammy that he won’t tell them where Cassie is. Cassie wakes up in a suite inside Towers. She is thankful for everything that Edmund is doing for her. He lies to her numerous times in order to keep her from asking too many questions. Reva goes to Jeffery for help in dealing with Edmund. Matt meets Olivia and doesn’t look like he’s thrilled with the newest member of the family. Olivia makes Alan an offer for 50% of the Lewis Construction building in order for him to fire Sebastian. Harley signs the plea bargain and leaves Gus.

OLTL by Sarah

Viki finds Jessica in her bed, and is surprised, since Jessica hadnít sleepwalked for several years. They discuss the fact that Blair is most likely dead, and are interrupted by Jack, who wants to go home. Antonio is worried because Jessica never called him back, so he goes to the police station to see Bo. Bo calls Jessicaís cell phone and she answers, he gives the phone to Antonio. Jessica reassures him that she was home all night, but sleeping in Vikiís bed, although she was unsure how she got there. When Antonio asks about the Lipstick prints, she thinks that it must have been Starr. They meet at the diner, and Jessica is approached by the man she had been with the previous night,

Addie shows up at La Boulet for her scheduled visit, telling Blair she had an awful dream about taking Blair to her funeral, and wants to see her. Everyone makes excuses as to Blairís whereabouts, and only a sister-swear from Dorian, makes her feel better. Addie then decides that maybe it isnít the best time to visit. A heart broken Dorian tells David that she broke a sister swear to Addie. Kevin and Duke go to La Boulet and apologize to Adrianna for Asaís behavior. Dorian and David end up at the Police Station where Dorian starts arguing with Todd again. Bo calls them into the office to tell them that no body was found inside of the car.

Passions by Shirley

The arguing in the Bennett backyard goes on, with no resolution. Simone decides TC needs to be there, apparently since there isn't enough blood and guts showing to suit her tastes, so she calls him, and right on cue, he comes in swinging and spouting off. Simone does berate Liz for constantly harping on Eve being a whore, though. Kay is watching over Paloma, who is passed out in Jessica's bed, sleeping off the effects of the drugs the guys fed her, while Jessica, no longer the virginal good girl or yore, is turned loose to make her own way home, finding a lamppost and then the street first. Will she end up as road kill? Will Kay act on the visions she's having? Stay tuned.

Pilar finds Martin and Sam at the precinct, talking about how they'll never find Gwen, Jane, and Katherine. She eavesdrops as Sam asks Martin whether he wants to go back with her now that Katherine is gone.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Nick went by Jabot to speak with Victor on his final day there. They were both amused that Jack was implementing all of Victor's plans as his first CEO act for the company. Jack interrupted them, chastised Victor for sharing a private company memo with Nick, fired Victor from Jabot, then warned Nick not to treat the company as his Father had or he'd regret it. He ordered them to pack up and leave. Both men suspected Jack had secret plans where Jabot was concerned. Victor agreed to fly to Detroit to oversee a business meeting on behalf of Nick and Newman Enterprises. Unfortunately, this meant canceling his dinner-date with Nikki. As Neil prepared to go home from the hospital, he spoke with Lily, wondering why she suddenly hated Malcolm so much. She would only say it was complicated. Phyllis demanded that Dru tell Malcolm about the real paternity test, or she would. When Malcolm showed up, Phyllis dropped the bomb, then left them alone. Dru tearfully admitted she'd had the test done to protect her family, then took it out of her purse. Malcolm threw it into the fire, no longer wanting the results... but Dru salvaged, read the results, and handed them to him. Brittany warned Mac to stay away from JT, while Mac taunted Brittany that she'd have no one to turn to in Chicago since JT would no longer be around to always save her. Paul urged JT to speak to Bobby and give him a warning about not hurting Brittany. JT learned from Angelo that Bobby didn't actually want to move and was liking doing it because of 'blondie'. Nikki broke down in Bobby's arms as she dealt with another rejection from Victor, and the knowledge that she was about to lose Bobby to Chicago. As they each said how much they'd meant to one another, they locked into a passionate kiss. JT saw them through the window.

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