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AMC by Jenn

Babe, Krystal and David go to trial. Livia represents them at Tad's request although she has personal reasons to not want to help them. She expresses that Jackson Montgomery is a good friend of hers' and she'd much rather be prosecuting the three of them. Erica, JR and Adam ask the court to hear what they have to say. Erica says regardless of the fact that Bianca agreed to the deal to give Babe and David a lighter sentence, she cannot let them get away with allowing her daughter to believe that her baby died. JR says they did the same thing to him to have him believe his son was dead, as well as taking Miranda from him. Adam tells the judge he must use his authority to put all three of them away. The judge says he will go along with the probation and community service for Babe and David. But the thought of them getting away with it makes him sick so he will have them doing very undesirable community service work and report 3 days a week to the department of probation. He also tells David he either surrenders his medical license or he goes to prison.

Ethan informs Maria that he saw Zach murder Edmund and set the horse stable on fire. Hearing that, she tells Zach she believes he not only murdered her husband, but he must have had Ryan shot, and that's the reason why he had to kill Edmund, in order to shut him up. She also believes that Zach drugged Greenlee and framed Kendall. In therapy, Jonathan almost spells out to Ryan and to their shrink that he did poison Greenlee, remembering being a child and always getting the drinks for his mother that eventually poisoned her. And when talking about Greenlee, he slips and calls her by his mother's name. Right when Greenlee and Simone figure out that Jonathan must have drugged Greenlee, Kendall tells them that she believes it was Zach who shot Ryan and drugged Greenlee.

ATWT by Rosey

Aaron opened Metro, after he passed the final building inspection. Raphael wonders where Casey could be, since he's supposed to be the D.J. When Aaron opened the door, he was excited by how many people where waiting to come in. Dusty, who is still drunk, convinces Lucinda what a great idea the spa is. Lucinda privately tells Sierra how good he is, but she doesn't condone his drinking. Raphael wonders what Casey and his sister could be doing. Aaron assures him that they are fine, Casey is just running some "errands". Casey took Celia to an singing audition in Chicago.

Lily questions whether Julia is ok or not. As she tries to awake her, Keith shows up banging on the door, wanting to speak to Julia. Lily freaks out and uses the window to exit Julia's apartment. She heads straight to Carly's house. Holden called Jack to tell him about Luke being gone. Jack goes over with the intent to help him, but instead began to lecture him about Julia. Holden goes off alone to search for Luke. He ends up at Julia's apartment and is shocked with what he finds there. After a bad audition, Casey tells Celia he will go and get the car. When he goes out, he finds the car has been stolen.

B&B by Leigh

Nick tells Jackie that Bridget is the woman he's involved with. Jackie is concerned because she's Brooke's daughter.

Sally asks Amber to print the picture of Ridge and Bridget kissing so she can show it to Stephanie. Sally thinks Stephanie will want to keep it out of the press as much as Spectra needs to. Brooke shows the picture Amber took to Bridget. Bridget had to ask if it was her because she doesn't remember them kissing. Brooke tells Bridget and Ridge that she doesn't even want to be in the same room with the two of them. Bridget maintains the same story as Ridge and tells her the kiss was nothing more than a goodbye kiss.

Days by Danielle

Rex and Bonnie offer moral support as Mimi goes in to have a laparoscopy. Bonnie talks to Rex about how Mimi’s medical problem is her fault. Bonnie lets it slip that Mimi’s condition is most likely a result of her procedure but when Rex questions her; Bonnie covers by blaming Mimi’s infection on the hospital. While under anesthesia, Mimi dreams that she is giving birth to twins. In the dream, Bonnie lets it slip in front of Rex, that these new babies make up for the one Mimi got rid of. The doctor finds scar tissue and inflammation during the surgery. Mimi comes out of surgery and Dr. Aubrey declares that she has bad news. Billie vows not to come between Bo and Hope but will gladly step up if Hope keeps pushing Bo away. Billie images what it would be like to be married to Bo. Bo and Hope try to continue their romantic evening but Hope stops it, unable to go on with Billie in the house.

Jake urges Philip to rethink his dangerous plan but Philip decides to go ahead. Philip heads out into the battlefield alone and is almost hit. Philip heads back out and is surprised by two enemy soldiers. Philip tries to fight back but is knocked unconscious. Kate refers to John’s condition while yelling at Belle and Belle confronts Kate about keeping things from her. Kate covers by claiming that she was referring to John’s back pain. Belle tells Kate about Philip’s mission and Kate makes Belle feel guilty. Kate warns Belle to rethink her decision. Shawn agrees to put their relationship on hold until Philip comes home. John decides to take a pill but then spits it out. John hears Kate return and hides the pills behind his pillow where Kate almost finds them. John then hides them in the drawer while Kate is out of the room. John neglects to tell Kate about the drugs and Kate only mentions to John that Belle told her about Philip’s mission.

GH by  Amanda

Rachel and Bridget conspire to compromise Jax. Bridget distracts Courtney while Rachel asks Jax to free her from being stuck in the tub. Meanwhile Justus plans to confess to helping Faith in the past and the kids' worried families alternate between fearing the worst and hoping for the best. Skye ponders confession as well. Alan continues to try and convict Courtney of AJ's death. The FBI gets a tip on two children being transported for adoption from a small airport, and the two youngest children are found. Faith wakes to tell Lorenzo she dumped Michael's body in the swamp.

GL by Elizabeth

Harley informs Alan that she will be taking the plea deal, but only if he agrees to let Zack live with the Coopers. He agrees and tells her that the only thing he wants to see is her behind bars. Coop discovers Lizzie atop a building and thinks she is about to jump off. He “saves” her, and the two get into a discussion about their feelings if she really was gone. Lizzie actually falls when she gets up to leave, and Coop saves her life. They kiss. Alan hires Sebastian as the new co-president of Spaulding. Olivia is enraged at this. Olivia and Bill make up, but later, Olivia looks angry when she encounters Bill hugging Harley in the park. Harley tells Gus that he needs to prepare himself for when she goes to prison. She tells him to go back to his own family – the Spauldings. She also tells Bill who then comforts her and requests that she let it all out with him. She doesn’t have to be strong for him. Frank warns Coop to stay away from Lizzie and keep their romance from going any further. Coop and Lizzie are both starry-eyed about their kiss. Gus pays a visit to Alan to discuss Harley taking the plea. Alan has something important to tell him.

OLTL by Sarah

Viki, Dorian, Kelly and Kevin are at the police station, eagerly awaiting news on Blair. A TV reporter gets in and questions a visibly upset Dorian. Kevin and Viki remove the reporter, and try to comfort Dorian, who rebuffs them. Todd and Bo come back, and Dorian demands news. Todd and Bo tell them that they were too late, and Blair is dead. A hysterical Dorian, asks to see her body, Bo tells her that they haven’t retrieved the body yet. Dorian tells them that she refuses to believe that Blair is dead until she sees her body. Viki tells Dorian that David needs to bring Starr to Todd’s apartment, and Dorian refuses, saying that Todd is not getting his children.

 David has Starr at LA Boulet, and tries to distract her with the television, only to hear the reporter hounding Dorian about what would happen to the kids if Blair was dead. The phone rings, and it’s Viki asking David to bring Starr home, and David agrees. At Asa’s mansion, Asa sees the report saying that Blair is dead, and gleefully exclaims how happy he is of her death, only to turn around and see a stunned Duke and Adrianna behind him. Adrianna goes home and comforts Dorian, who tries unsuccessfully to get a hold of Kelly. Kelly had run out of the police station upon learning that Blair was believed dead, and then hounded by the reporter, whom Kevin threatened. She ended up in the cemetery where Kevin had followed her, telling her that she shouldn’t be alone. Kelly tells him that she’s not alone, she’s with her son. Kevin looks down at the tiny gravestone of Kevin Riley Buchanan, and finally allows himself to grieve for his son, he then apologizes to Kelly for forcing her to go through that all alone. David brings Starr home, who runs and embraces Todd, joyous to see him, until he breaks the news of Blair’s demise, when she blames him for bringing Margaret into their lives. She screams that she hates him, and runs up the stairs. Todd tells Viki that he needs to be alone, and later, Starr comes down the stairs, apologizes and runs into his arms.

Passions by Shirley

Kay and Simone are on a quest to save Jessica but only manage to get Paloma out of trouble. Jess asked for trouble and she's getting it - in spades! Luis is still upset that Sheridan got angry with him and now he can't find her. Pilar gives him good advice, but he seems reluctant to take it. On the other hand, once Beth's plan to kill Sheridan falls through, she is only too willing to give him advice that works to her advantage. Edna and Precious, feeling sorry for Sheridan and what Beth continues to do to her, let her have a sleepover with Marty, which puts a smile back on her face, at least for a while.

Little Ethan works his wiles and gets Theresa and Ethan in bed together. After a rough, tiring day, they all fall asleep together. Pilar prays her children can be happy at last.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Michael refused to help Ashley protect her Father's assets from Gloria, prompting Ash to wonder what it was about the situation that irritated him so much. Malcolm told Dru she was on her own to meet with Phyllis. Lily told Dru she intended to tell Neil the whole truth once he was home and better. Dru insisted that would be a mistake and said everything she'd done had been to protect Neil's world. Malcolm told Neil he envied his life, while Neil said Malcolm was as much a part of the family as Neil was. Drucilla secretly collected the second paternity test results from a mailbox. Nick grilled Phyllis for info on Jack's plans for Jabot, and told her he expected her to keep him aprised of anything she learned through meetings with Jack. Phyllis revealed to Dru that she knew about the second paternity test and suspected the one Lily and Malcolm had seen was actually a fake. Jack told Jill she was not going to be a part of Jabot or CI as per Kay's demands. Jill realized how deep the hate ran, and lashed out at Jack, who said she had no one to blame but herself. Kay wondered if Nikki was so desperate for love that she would cheat on Victor. Bobby sold the club to Angelo. Brittany and Bobby found an apartment in Chicago that would require them to leave town immediately. Brittany and JT shared a special moment, and he made her promise to say good-bye before she left town. Bobby broke the news to Nikki that he and Brittany would be leaving ASAP.

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