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AMC by Jenn

Edmund dies while the medical team tries to revive him. Zach protests to Maria that he had nothing to do with what happened to her husband. But Ethan informs Maria that he saw Zach knock Edmunc out with the shovel, which is what killed him. David is certain that he will be suspended from medical practice and no longer cares. But Dr. Joe Martin surprises him by revealing that he might give him another chance.

Tad makes it very clear that he is in love with Krystal although she is in prison. Jamie tells Babe he wants to marry her and help get Krystal out of prison. Lily is in a hospital room, conscious but non-responsive after the fire and all that has happened. But it seems she is the only witness about what really happened to Edmund.

ATWT by Rosey

When Katie learns that Mike is helping Aaron at Metro, she offers to help too. Mike questions when Katie plans on starting a family, and she assures him it won't be anytime soon. Henry is glad that his plan to get Mike and Katie together seems to be working. Craig tries to persuade Jen that Mike is no good for her. He purposely has her go to Metro, so she can see Mike and Katie together. When she sees them, she is upset and heads straight back to Craig's arms.

Julia is furious when she finds Lily in her apartment. She threatens to call the police, but when Lily mentions El Paso, she quickly changes her mind. Julia considers letting Lily pay for some of the damage and not calling the police. Lily warns her to leave town and to leave Holden alone. As Lily dials the phone, Julia grabs it away, the two struggle, and Julia takes a fall. Dusty tries to drink away his memories of Lucy, Sierra finds him and takes him to her place, where he passes out on the couch.

B&B by Leigh

Brooke tells Amber not to try and justify what she did to Bridget and Ridge, and that all she sees in that picture is Amber's obsession. Brooke tells Amber that she nor Thomas will ever forgive her for what she's done and makes her leave their home telling Amber she's calling the police. Alone, Brooke asks Ridge how he could do this and why. Sally ponders the implications of the press learning about a relationship between Bridget and Ridge.

Hector tells Pricilla that he doesn't believe she's there to make amends. He tells her she's there to make her point that he can't give Samantha the kind of life she deserves. Hector removed the wedding cake (from Paris) from it's box and began to eat it with his hand. He then smeared some of it on Pricilla's face. After Hector makes Pricilla leave Samantha tells him that they shouldn't rush into marriage because she still has questions.

Days by Danielle

Philip discovers that he is wounded but insists on continuing with the mission. Philip drafts a battle plan that is the equivalent of suicide and Philip insists on enacting the plan alone. Shawn prepares a romantic dinner for him and Belle but Belle sees it as being unfaithful to Philip. Shawn has a memory flash of being held captive by Jan. Shawn gets a severe headache so Belle makes him stay and eat the dinner. Belle feeds Shawn from the plate but ends up spilling the food in his lap. Belle makes Shawn undress so she can wash his clothes and gives him Philip’s robe to wear. Kate vows to stay by John’s side. Tony, using the voice changer, calls Kate to tattle on Belle and Shawn. Kate sneaks out while John is sleeping to check on Belle. Kate arrives at Belle’s loft and is outraged to see Shawn in Philip’s robe and a candlelit dinner set up. Belle tries to defend Shawn by blaming Jan but Kate doesn’t believe her. Sami, still disguised as Stan, gets a call from Tony. Tony uses the voice changer to tell Sami to follow the instructions contained in the letter. Sami hesitates at first but Tony urges Sami to start with John. Sami, dressed as Stan, sneaks into John’s bedroom after Kate leaves and taunts John with the drugs supplied by Tony. John lunges at Sami, never recognizing her, and orders her to get out. Sami fights John off and agrees to leave only after leaving the pills behind with John. Alone, John reaches for the pills. Sami returns to her apartment with the thrill of the first part of the plan working so she decides to continue getting revenge. Tony and Bart delight in how well Tony’s plan to use Sami to get his own revenge is working.

Billie tries to leave but Bo refuses to let her. Hope and Bo retire to the kitchen to talk privately and Billie eavesdrops on their conversation from the living room. Billie interrupts the argument to tell Hope not to blame Bo but Hope asks Billie to leave them alone. Billie tries to get herself to get over Bo when she hears him declare to Hope that Billie means nothing to him. Bo leaves the decision of whether Billie stays up to Hope and Hope agrees to let Billie stay for a day or two.

GH by Lisa

Sonny is certain that Michael is gone but Carly works to convince him otherwise. A tip from Alcazar leads Sonny, Jason and Reese to Faith's location. Jason shoots Faith. Reese prevents Sonny from killing Faith. Reese tells Sonny the children aren't in the church. Luke admits to Lucky that he pulled the plug on his life support.

Skye urges Luke to explain to Lucky how much he loves him. Lucky tells Emily that he feels as though Luke doesn't love him. Alexis won't allow Ric to blame himself for Kristina's kidnapping.

GL by Elizabeth

Ross, Matt, Bill and Blake try set up and intervention for Dinah which backfires. She vows that she is done with her family. The Santos sleepover continues with interesting results. Michelle walks in on Danny in the shower, has a memory of the two of them making love and is intrigued by what she sees. Tony thinks that perhaps Michelle should get Robbie to move in with them full time. Jonathan thinks his mother is being a coward by not telling Cassie about the fire. Josh encourages her to go to Edmund before telling Cassie anything. Tammy finds out about her mother spending the night with Jonathan.

OLTL by Sarah

Antonio discusses the use of the Santi money with Carlotta, at the diner, and asks if it is a good idea to use it to fight for Jamie in court. Carlotta thinks that it is a good idea to do so, and in fact encourages him to marry Jessica because it would make him look better in the eyes of the court. Viki calls Antonio and asks him to check on Jessica because she is worried about Jessica’s stalker, Antonio goes to Llanfair, and finds that Jessica is not home, but her room is a mess, with clothes everywhere. Jessica is out, picking up a gentleman and leaves with him.

Todd and Bo, and other police officers arrive at the junkyard searching for the manager, Todd finds him, but he can’t contact the machine operator. Bo has the officer’s escort Todd back to the car, but Todd begs to help. Bo agrees, but Todd gets there too late, Margaret’s car has been crushed, and there is blood on the side. Todd, deeply upset, collapses. At the police station Starr arrives, and finally Viki and Dorian tell her that Todd is alive, but they are waiting to hear about her mother. Kelly and Kevin argue about Kevin refusing to grieve for their stillborn son, yet he can grieve for a son who was never really theirs. As their fight escalates, Kelly slaps Kevin, who tells her that she is dead to him.

Passions by Shirley

Everyone at the Bennett house is upset when Eve seems to say Whitney's baby is really Chad's, but she manages to cover her tracks. Tabitha was hoping for the truth to come out, but knows it will, eventually. Fox proposes again but isn't thrilled with the results.

Pilar talks to Luis about forgiveness, and although he fights her about it, she makes some points he can't argue with. Is a father and son reunion in the offing? Meanwhile, Sheridan ran right into the lion's den looking for comfort, not realizing she may not be around tomorrow to set things right. Beth, on the other hand, is in heaven, thinking about her future without Sheridan in it.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Brittany admitted to Bobby she hadn't yet told JT about the move to Chicago, even though he'd told Nikki. Both agreed a fresh start would do wonders for them. Nikki begged Victor to take her away on a trip, prompting him to wonder if she was running away from something. They agreed to a trip to Germany in the fall (too far away for Nikki's tastes). Lauren suggested to Michael that he help Gloria secure an inheritance so he'd never be responsible for the woman again. Ash surprised Jack by admitting that she was semi-happy he was back at Jabot, and that it was time they work together for the company. Jack warned her that Gloria was becoming a problem. John announced plans to change his will to provide for Gloria, and warned Jack and Ash to treat her with respect or move out. Jack later told Gloria to get a job and protect herself. Ash added that Gloria was making it hard to trust her. Ash later went to Michael and asked his advice about protecting John from his new wife. Kay demanded Jack tell Jill she wasn't welcome at Jabot, after listening to Jill go on and on about changes she'd planned. Jack showed up and told Jill they needed to have a serious discussion. Lily refused to talk to Dru about the revelations, and instead went to see Neil. They shared an emotional Father/Daughter talk in the hospital. Malcolm apologized to Dru and took responsibility for all the problems. Dru told him not to leave GC and insisted they'd get through everything as a family. Phyllis told Damon she was in a position to help one friend and hurt another by telling the truth. He urged her to be careful. Phyllis and Dru agreed to meet at the ranch.

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