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AMC by Jenn

Jonathan goes looking for Maggie and finds Reggie and Danielle going through the empty apartment. He makes it clear he's still obsessed over Maggie. And Ryan overhears him indicating to Greenlee that he "supports" whoever tried to kill her, and what that could mean.

Babe goes to see her son. But JR gloats that he has full custody, she only gets 3 hours a week with their child and if she ever brings Jamie to see him, he will make sure she never sees her son again. Adam and Palmer are in cahoots with JR for what she did to him and for making him believe that Dixie's grandson is dead. They also go to the hospital and petition to get David permanently suspended from the hospital. Dr. Joe Martin indicates that David has been in enough trouble and this time he might never be reinstated. "Somebody" puts an electric heater on the hey in Edmund and Maria's horse stable and starts a fire. Edmund gets knocked out. Zach, who's also been knocked out comes to. He gets caught in the fire and Ethan saves him. Lily is also there hiding and AIden rescues her from the fire. Edmund is taken to the hospital but does not make it.

ATWT by Rosey

Luke overhears Lily on the phone talking about the restraining order. He is very upset, and heads to Julia's apartment to confront her. When he realizes she isn't there, he trashes the place. When Lily finds out what he did, she rushes over to try and clean it up, while she is there Julia comes home. Mike proposes to Jennifer, he says he's waited long enough. Henry calls Craig and asks for his help to get Mike and Katie back together. Katie goes to Margo to express how unhappy she is, Margo offers to help her get an annulment.

Aaron finds out that Metro failed its inspection, so he won't be able to open in time. Allison offers the inspector some money, if he will let Aaron have the grand opening party that he's been planning. Jack was surprised when Holden brought Julia to the station to file a restraining order against Lily. He offered to hand deliver it, and give her a warning that she must stay away. Dusty receives a letter from Lucy, but he assures Sierra that he is over her.

B&B by Leigh

Brooke is upset when Ridge shows her the picture Amber took of him kissing Bridget in the mineshaft. Brooke slaps Amber and tells her she is insane. Amber maintains that she did it for Brooke so she'd know the true Ridge. Sally is worried that if news gets out that her designers were involved in the mineshaft incident it'll mean trouble for Spectra.

Hector is angry with Samantha for allowing Priscilla back into their lives, and insists he won't allow it. He insists that Priscilla not be allowed to see Caitlin because she herself robbed Caitlin of the life she could have had.

Days by Danielle

Johnís back pain prevents him from taking a shower so Kate gives him a sponge bath. John asks Kate to lay with him in bed so he can sleep soundly. Tony surprises Marlena and Roman with a dinner that they used to enjoy as newlyweds in hopes of sparking old feelings. Tony delights in knowing that Marlena has figured out his plan. Tony allows Marlena and Roman a quick glance of John and Kate in bed together and Roman wants Marlena to face the fact that John and Kate have moved on just like they should.

Hope is furious that Billie interrupted her and Boís romantic dinner. Hope talks on the phone to Jennifer about how sheís sure that Bo wants Billie gone just as Bo insists that Billie stay with them. Hope overhears Bo recall to Billie about how today would have been their anniversary. The man at Samiís door hands her an envelope full of money and plane tickets. He uses disguises and makeup to transform Sami into a man, whom Sami decides to name Stan. The mystery caller turns out to be Tony, using a voice changer. Tony gloats to Bart about how while Sami thinks she is merely getting revenge on her enemies; he is really using Sami to help further his own plan.

GH by Amanda

When Lucky wakes up, Luke tells him about turning off the machines. Lucky is angered by the risk Luke took. Emily lays into Liz for not respecting her pain. Down in Lousiana, Carly tries to get through to Sonny before the agents puts him in a psych ward. John accuses Alcazar of wanting the kids to stay gone so he can get to Carly, then turns his fury on Alexis and Ric. Lorenzo tips Jason and Sonny onto Faith's accomplice. Luke resolves to find Helena, making all their heartache worth something. Alexis refuses to believe Faith's allegation that Ric has any responsibility in the kidnapping. The FBI lady stops Sonny from killing Faith so she can survive to tell where the kids are.

GL by Elizabeth

Reva tries to tell Cassie about Edmund causing the fire, but stops when Cassie begins to have complications from her procedure. Cassie has a bad reaction to the anesthesia. She is ruled healthy and follows orders from her doctor to get more rest. Reva concludes that she should not tell her. The timing isn't right. Dinah and Jonathan talk again about how his plan to break up Edmund and Cassie will work. Dinah dreams about the day when Edmund will need her to help him get through his coming problems with Cassie. Ross arranges for Dinah to meet a "mystery date." Harley recounts her newly recovered memories of killing Phillip. She brings Gus to Company and shows him exactly what happened. She now wants to call Jeffrey and take the plea bargain. Gus tells her not to do it. She will regret it. Buzz learns from Zack that the kids at school are talking about his "mother killing his father." He asks if it is true, but Buzz tells him to only believe what he thinks himself. Dinah shows up to meet her "mystery date" at Harley's Angels. It is Matt. She is stunned while Ross arrives and locks the door behind him. Reva tells Jonathan that she couldn't tell Cassie about the fire. He calls her a coward. Edmund vows to protect Cassie again as she recovers in her bed.

OLTL by Sarah

Kelly and Bo are shocked to see Kevin bring a weak Todd into the police station. Viki arrives and throws her arms around Todd, thankful heís alive. The same canít be said about Dorian and David who arrive just behind her. Bo gets the address to the parking garage where Roxy heard voices, and everyone starts to follow him. Bo threatens to have everyone locked up if they donít stay, but Kevin convinces Bo to let Todd go with him. Margaretís car is hooked up to a tow truck, and it seems she might be saved when the security officer of the garage tells the driver to wait because he thought he heard something. Unfortunately he dismisses the noise, and Blair is taken away to the Junkyard, where the driver closes the gate behind him and locks it.  Blair can hear cars being crushed, and realizes she soon will be crushed as well. 

Jessica arrives at Antonioís apartment, uncomfortable at first, her feelings turn to joy when she sees Jamie playing on the floor. Her happiness is short lived when Marshals show up to present Antonio with papers saying that RJ has been given temporary full custody. After promising Jamie that he loves her, he hands her over and then takes off to find RJ, with Jessica taking after him. Antonio goes into Capricorn and punches RJ, who tells him that the punch wonít look good in court. Nora calms the situation down, and when they are alone. Lindsay tells RJ that Jamie needs Antonio as well as RJ. Jessica tries to convince Antonio to use the Santi money to fight for Jamie. He tries to hug her, but she backs off and leaves. Bo and Todd get to the junkyard and watch as another car gets crushed.

Passions by Shirley

Chad is still trying to get Whitney to tell him what she wants to do, be with him or stay with Fox. Everyone else is upset that not even Father Lonigan can talk him out of his idea, except for Tabitha, who thinks it's delightfully evil and vile. Eve gets so upset she lets the cat out of the bag.

Sam tells everyone that there is nothing more he can do to find the Crane jet carrying Katherine and Jane, so they are gone forever. Rebecca loves it, Theresa and Sheridan cry about it, and Ethan tries to be strong for Theresa's sake. Luis tries, too, but Sheridan wants to have nothing to do with him. Pilar finds Martin's soft spot and just keeps poking it, asking how it feels to have the one you love leave you high and dry, adding that at least Katherine left him a note with her reasons for leaving on it. She decides she needs to try to forgive him, however, and tells him he needs to get the children to do the same somehow. Beth still wants Sheridan dead and has a plan, and the blond ditz runs right into her trap.

Y&R By Christopher  **One Day Ahead

After Phyllis made plans for breakfast with Damon, and took her leave from the gym, Adrienne asked Damon if he was serious about dating one another. He said he didn't want to date casually, only wanted a serious relationship, then revealed he knew about her other man, and suggested she take time to think things over carefully before committing. Victor chastised Nikki for voting against him, and convincing Kay to back Jack's deal. Nikki blasted him for never having time for her and - even now - fighting to save Jabot and Ashley. She said she'd no longer beg him to be with her, and admitted she didn't know where that left their marriage. John told Gloria to stay somewhat out of business matters, and assured her she'd be provided for if anything ever happened to him. Ash told Brad that, though she was angry, she wasn't going to fight Jack anymore because she just wanted to focus on Jabot now. She and Brad both admitted they weren't seeing anyone in their personal lives. Neil and Devon bonded at the hospital. Phyllis learned - by grilling Daniel - that the paternity test results precluded Malcolm from being Lily's Father. However, she then learned from Julie - an old colleague at DMS - that there were actually TWO TESTS run. Malcolm and Dru told a devastated Lily the whole story of how they came to sleep together, and why the test had to be run. Though Dru assured Lily the test meant she was Nei's daughter, Lily broke down, threw Malcolm out and refused to speak to Dru. Utterly broken, Dru crumbled to the floor in tears.

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