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AMC by Jenn

Edmund is not only untrusting of Zach but also of Maria and believes she is cheating on him with Zach. Ethan goes to talk to Zach and knocks him unconscious. Edmund goes to the stable where Zach is and somebody knocks him out, after noticing he can walk and they set the stable on fire. Kendall tells JR that she doesn't want either him or Ethan to be consumed with revenge or power. He tells her he understands Ethan but if she ever gets tired of Ethan, she can sleep with him instead. Lily catches Aiden and Anita kissing and Aiden needs to admit to her that he is not romantically interested in her and is sleeping with Anita instead.

ATWT by Eva

Katie tries to forget about Mike and have a real marriage with Henry but she can't do it. Katie and Henry begin to make love but Katie stops herself and tells Henry she can't make love to him. Mike makes an enemy of Barbara when she realizes Mike has a lot of influence over Jennifer's decisions. Casey and Celia sneak away to Chicago so she can audition for Tomorrow's next star. The health inspector closes Metro hours before opening night because the club isn't up to code. Paul's heart breaks as he signs divorce papers from Rosanna. James forces Rosanna to marry him in order to be a part of Cabot's life.

B&B by Leigh

Amber tells Clark about Ridge's threat to go to the police and Clark panics because he'll be charged too. Ridge tells Brooke that Amber was responsible for Bridget falling into the mineshaft. He tells her about the camera Amber set up to see if something would happen between him and Bridget. Ridge tells Brooke that before they call the police there's something she needs to see and he has the picture of him kissing Bridget in his hand.

Bridget goes on and on telling Eric what a great guy Nick is. Eric is concerned about her getting involved with another man that Brooke was involved with. Stephanie tells Nick about her concerns with him having a relationship with Bridget because he had been involved with her mother (Brooke).

Days by Danielle

Marlena dreams about making love to John and of almost making love to Roman. Still half asleep, Marlena kisses Roman. Tony drops in on them to tell them about Sami and taunts them about their kiss. Marlena and Roman talk about what Tony could have in mind for them and how to fight back. Kate tries to allay John’s fears of Sami’s revenge to no avail. Kate claims to John that her only part in Sami and Lucas’ breakup was in hiring the private investigator. John and Kate talk about the bond between Marlena and Roman. Sami continues to be taunted by the word “revenge.” Sami gets a call from a mystery man who wants to talk about her getting revenge. The mystery caller tells Sami that she has to go away and then to open the front door to take that first step. Sami is shocked at what she sees when she opens the door.

Nancy keeps Nicole from going into Chloe’s room by claiming that she needs to sign in at the reception desk. Chloe packs her bags to leave, upset that Nancy questioned Nicole so much about Brady. Nicole calls Brady to tell him about running into Nancy. Brady decides to come join Nicole at the clinic. Nicole walks past Chloe’s room and sees her talking to Nancy but not realizing whom she is. Brady and Nicole ask Nancy to meet “the woman whose been helping Clara.” Billie urges Lucas to stay away from Sami and Lucas decides that Billie is right. Lucas questions Billie about her feelings for Bo. Lucas tells Billie to stay with Bo so as not to get in trouble with the judge. Bo and Hope continue their romantic evening with a candlelit dinner topped off with wine from the year they were married. Bo gives Hope a heart necklace, each piece of the heart inscribed w/ each of their initials. They separate the pieces so that each would wear the piece inscribed with the other’s initial. Hope dampens the mood when she mentions not trusting Billie. The evening comes to an abrupt end when Billie returns to the house.

GH by Amanda

Emily tries to convince Nik she really wants a divorce, because of Connor and the pain of jail. At the whorehouse, Michael is recaptured by his caretaker. From Michael's clue and Lorenzo's information, Agent Marsh is sure she knows where, approximately, to find the kids. Liz has a full plate between worrying about Emily's situation and Steve's exhaustion. Rachel continues to bully Courtney. When Steven drops in on Courtney, he tells her Rachel never mentioned knowing her. Sonny and Marsh head to Louisiana, when they get to Jason and Sam, Michael manages to call. They hear a shot over the phone. Emily pours her heart out to Lucky. Ric does his best to reassure Alexis.

GL by Elizabeth

Gus calls Alan to the stand and it backfires on him. Reva realizes Cassie isn’t at Cedars and wonders where she has been moved to. Jonathan helps his mother get closer to Cassie twice. Michelle, Danny and their significant others realize Robbie is missing. Edmund warns Reva to stay away from Cassie. Sebastian turns out to be a hero for the day when he returns Robbie home. Holly reaches out to Sebastian. Danny, Michelle, Marina and Tony have a slumber party to help Robbie with the transitions he is going through. Harley remembers the night that Phillip died.

OLTL by Suzanne

 Marcie runs into Hudson, from the Love House project; they catch up and he invites her and the others to his new apartment on Sunday.  Later, Hudson arrives in the ER with burns and dies.  Michael tells Marcie the sad news; both of them are stunned.  Marcie advises Jen to keep away from Rex.  Rex gets the idea to help Bo find Paul's murderer so they will leave Jen alone.  Roxy chats with Kelly; Kelly realizes that Roxy heard voices coming from the trunk of a car in the parking garage, so she takes her to see Bo.  Bo wonders why Daniel didn't find out that the mystery bank account belonged to Paul, when Bo easily found out.  Nora advises Evangeline to stop over-thinking her relationship with John.  Natalie tells John that he blew it by making Evangeline give his key back, so he offers it to her again, but she doesn't need it now.  Todd and Kevin argue a lot as they drive around in the snow storm looking for Blair.  Kevin and Todd arrive at the LPD just as Bo and Kelly are about to leave to find Blair.

Passions by Shirley

The group at the airport await word of the Crane jet, but to no avail. Sheridan hates Luis, Rebecca is shooting her mouth off like there's no tomorrow, rubbing it in to Theresa and Ethan, and Alistair is gloating over his successful revenge.

Jessica and Paloma sneak out for another night on the town and get themselves right back into trouble without even trying. Kay and Simone are looking for them, but there may be no way to help the girls now. Fox brings Father Lonigan to talk Chad out of his plans, but for a while it looks like he's on Chad's side. Whitney still hasn't said what she wants to do, upsetting her mother and Julian.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Phyllis told Damon that Adrienne was wrong to play him against Malcolm. Damon told her to mind her own business, but agreed to a platonic date the following night. Phyllis warned Adrienne to stay away from Malcolm, and not hurt Damon. Adrienne fired back that Phyllis had no right to give her orders. When Damon interrupted them, Phyllis taunted Adrienne by telling Damon she couldn't wait for their date. Bobby and Nikki acknowledged their kiss, and he told her he and Brittany were thinking of moving away, which would give her more time with Victor. Ashley convinced Victor to make a last minute appeal to Kay not to go through with the Jabot acquisition. Kay understood Ash and Victor's wishes, but decided to stand by Jack's decision, thus making more money for her own company. Jack blasted Gloria for conspiring with Victor, ratted her out to John, and accused her of trying to protect nothing but her fortune. John warned Jack never to speak to Gloria like that again, but later questioned his wife about her visit with Victor. Dru phoned Lily and warned her to stop going through Neil's mail, and not be alone with Daniel. Lily and Daniel read the lab test and tried to understand its significance. As Dru and Malcolm came home and started going through the mail, Lily entered with the paternity test and - with a satisfied look on her face - asked if it was what they were looking for.

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