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AMC by Jenn

Maggie surprises Bianca by unexpectedly appearing on the jet and tells her she wants to be with her. She says she loves Bianca more than anybody but does not know if it is in regard to friendship or love. Bianca says they will figure it out. And they agree that they will live in Paris. Zach is ready to go to battle with Ethan and turn Kendall against him. She is disappointed to find out that he has temporarily put off working on the Miranda center and is prioritizing work for a company that generates profit. He assures her that he is committed to the Miranda center. Edmund tells Maria, Aiden and Anita that Zach is the culprit and must have been behind getting Ryan shot. But Edmund reveals to Aiden that he is lying and falsely accusing Zach. Zach gets a hold of a DVD that tapes Edmund in his home able to walk. He's ready to get the goods on Edmund for faking paralysis.

Bianca has a going away party with her family and all her friends. But before attending, Ryan admits to Greenlee that he had a very intense therapy session with Jonathan and learns for the first time that when his brother was 5 years old, their father abandoned him in a big department store. Kendall reveals to Greenlee that she remembers having feelings for Ryan. But she's moving on and realizes Ethan is better for her and accepts her the way she is. Zach tells Bianca he wishes she would not leave but wants what's best for her and Miranda. Bianca relives all her memories with all the people that love her. She gets on her private jet with Miranda, and with Erica, Kendall and Jack to see her off. But right when she's on her flight, Maggie decides that she will take Bianca up on her offer and go with her to Paris.

ATWT by Eva

Rafael takes Alison's advice and decides to allow Celia to stay in Oakdale if Sierra can fix things with the INS. Rafael soon discovers its going to be tough to take care of his stubborn sister. Mike tells Jennifer he really wants to have a family but Jennifer wants to focus on her career at the moment. Aaron and Alison share a romantic night together. Craig is up to his old tricks when he decides to split up Mike and Jennifer so that Jennifer can concentrate on street Jeans. Katie tells Henry she wants to take things slowly with him. Henry remains hopeful that his friendship with Katie will turn into love. Julia refuses to tell Holden that the police want to arrest her for writing illegal drug prescriptions so Les could sell them on the street. Carly and Lily find out Julia's secret and decide to force her to leave town and if she doesn't leave town they will call the police and have her arrested.

B&B by Leigh

Ridge is going to press charges against Amber … Amber tells him to forget all about the picture. Amber tells him she'll destroy the picture and asks him to forget the whole thing ever happened. Ridge tells her in a weird way what happened in the mineshaft is almost worth it because what she did was so despicable nobody in the family will ever accept her again. Amber tells him he's got no evidence but Ridge points out that she called the mountain rangers and has left a trail of evidence. Ridge tells her she's going down, and he's going to make sure that she never hurts his family again. Stephanie tells Brooke that the kinds of feelings Bridget and Ridge had for each other don't go away. Brooke asks Ridge where the dessert he was going to bring home was … Ridge tells her that there's something he needs to tell her.

Nick and Bridget get all cozy on his sofa after the dinner he made for her. Nick tells Bridget that he wrote a song for her about things he thought while he was looking for her. He plays his guitar and sings a romantic song (the give you goose-bumps kind), to her. Bridget tells him it's beautiful and Nick tells her, "So are you."

Days by Danielle

Nancy tells Craig of her plan to tell Brady the truth about Chloe but Craig makes Nancy promise not to interfere. Nancy decides to break that promise. Clara urges Chloe to find someone she trusts to help get her voice back. Nancy urges Chloe to call Brady. Nicole comes to the clinic to visit Clara and is directed to Chloe’s room but only spots Nancy and not Chloe. Nancy claims that she is only there volunteering as Chloe eavesdrops on Nancy and Nicole’s conversation about Brady. Nancy tries to stop Nicole from entering Chloe’s room.

Brady and John talk about their respective love lives. Brady guesses that Sami will start her revenge by going public about John’s addiction. Sami throws all of her family photos into the fire as she tells them to rot in hell. Kate visits Sami to tell her that she is fired from Basic Black. Sami tries to console Will and plead her case but he wants nothing to do with her. Sami finds that she barely has any money to her name. Sami is continuously taunted by the word “revenge.” Hope eavesdrops on Bo talking to Zack about loving someone besides her, Shawn, and Zack and fears that Bo is talking about Billie. Hope decides to make her presence known when Bo mentions that the other someone he loves is Georgia. Bo surprises Hope with an elegant dress. Billie and Lucas talk about whether Kate could have set Sami up. Billie decides not to stay with Lucas upon hearing that Will is going to move in with him.

GH by Lisa

Justus betrays Faith by pushing his call button as she asks him to run away with her. Faith temporarily takes Brook Lynn hostage as she tries to escape from the hospital. Carly prevents Sonny from doing Durant bodily harm. Reese asks Sonny to trust her to help him bring his children home. Faith tells Ric he's to blame for her kidnapping Kristina before hitting him with her gun. Reese fears Sonny is having a nervous breakdown. Alexis is missing from her hospital room. Sonny captures Faith in the hospital stairwell.

Jason and Sam infiltrate a bordello in Louisiana but Sam is forced to pose as a prostitute. Michael manages to escape from the bayou mansion. Candy, another prostitute at the bordello, tells Jason and Sam about Faith's mansion. Jason and Sam find that the mansion has been recently vacated. Michael arrives at the bordello. Emily sinks further into despair and tells Nikolas she wants a divorce.

GL by Elizabeth

Marina helps Danny look for apartments. Michelle and Tony move in with one another. Michelle has a nice talk with her brother and admits that she might be remembering things whether she likes it or not. Tammy comforts Lizzie while she is upset. Bill takes the heat in the courtroom for coming up with the idea of Ruth Karloff and asks Olivia to back him up. Alan threatens Gus that if he asks any questions of him that he will make it so his disbarment hearing is moved up. Danny and Michelle attempt to explain what is happening with them to Robbie. Tony, Danny, Michelle and Marina attempt to make peace with one another. Robbie runs away. Olivia and Bill argue over disagree when it comes to be loyal to either Alan or Harley.

OLTL by Suzanne

Rex and Jen argue about the letter she saved from Rex. She explains it was old and not about the murder, but they argue anyway, much to Rex's delight. Bo continues to investigate Paul's murder. He calls his bank to find out that someone deposited $75,000 in Paul's account (the electronic records had been deleted but there is a paper trail). Bo is angry at Daniel for not finding this information out. David visits Bo to offer his help in finding Blair, but Bo urges him to go home to support Dorian (which he does). Paige also visits Bo and they kiss a lot. Paige drops off the results of Nora's blood test for her wedding to Daniel. Daniel gives Nora flowers and chocolate. They talk about Jen being a suspect; Nora doesn't think she killed Paul, but Daniel is not so certain. Daniel admits that he needs this conviction or his political career is over.

David works hard to lift Dorian's spirits. She is losing hope that Blair is still alive. Dorian tells Kelly that Blair's will states that Kelly will get custody of Starr and Jack if she dies. Kelly reads a story to Jack. Blair struggles to get out of her bonds in the trunk of the car, but she is getting weaker. Some guys talk about scrapping the car for parts and crushing the rest by tomorrow. Todd gets Kevin to drive around, searching for Blair. Kevin tells Todd about his losing custody of Ace. Todd jumps out of the car while it's moving.

Passions by Shirley

The folks at the airport are still trying to figure out how to find the Crane jet and get Gwen and the baby back. Sheridan is blaming Luis for everything, being the spoiled little rich girl she probably always was. He tries to make amends, but she acts like a jerk anyway. Rebecca dresses Ethan down for mistreating her little girl, saying she's glad she's gone and she deserves to raise Theresa's baby. Alistair is just getting a kick out of all of it.

Jessica and her date go to the nightclub again, and he feeds her beer, one after the other. She is willing, having her handy-dandy protection device in her purse. Meanwhile, at the Bennett house, Chad continues to make it clear conventions be darned, he wants to be with his sister. Fox and the others are aghast, but Whitney seems to be considering it. Well, they say blood is thicker than water, don't they?

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Kay agreed that Jack may have made a good decision in purchasing Jabot, then reminded him that Jill could never be involved. Larry offered himself sexually to Jill to ease her stress. She said she was focused on her career. Rather than tell Jill about Kay's condition, Jack told her to meet him the following day, allowing himself some time to digest it all. Brad admitted to Victor that he questioned Jack's takeover and how it had happened. Jack taunted Victor, who merely predicted that Jack would run his Father's company into the ground once and for all. Victor then promised Brad that Abby would always have a place at NE when she was older. Ashley returned and learned about Jack's actions, then warned John that she would find a way to stop Jack. Gloria went to Michael and begged him to put his brilliant legal mind to work to save Jabot for the Abbott's, thus enabling her to reveal who her sons truly were. Dru and Malcolm barely listened as Neil said how important they both were to him. Phyllis briefly stopped in to see Lily, and was surprised to find her with Daniel. Alone, Daniel and Lily discussed what each of them wanted from a relationship. Olivia stunned Dru and Malcolm by revealing that she'd left Lily with Daniel, opening the get well cards. Daniel opened the paternity results. Jack and Phyllis shared a romantic moment as he told her about his coup, and she told him she'd always secretly rooted for him in the Jack/Victor war.

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