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AMC by Jenn

Bianca's friends and family have a going away party for her. Erica, Jack and Kendall see her and Miranda off in the Cambias jet. Zach goes to see her and tells her that he will always be looking out for her and for his niece. Before the party, Ryan admits to Greenlee that he and Jonathan had a very intense therapy session. Ryan is shocked to learn that when his brother was 5 years old, their father left him abandoned in a big department store and he was terribly afraid and cried himself to sleep. Kendall admits to Greenlee that she remembers her relationship with Ryan, still has difficulty thinking of Greenlee having a baby with him. But she realizes that she and Ryan were not right for each other and Ethan accepts her the way she is, the way Ryan did not. Bianca relives all of her memories of her family and friends. And right before her flight leaves, Maggie surprises Bianca and says she'd like to go with her to Paris.

ATWT by Rosey

Rosanna tells Paul that she drugged Emily, and tried to frame Will, so that Paul could feel the pain she felt when she lost Cabot. He doesn't believe her and tells her they can get through anything, but she leaves anyway, telling him to move on. James informs Barbara that it is her job to convince Paul that Rosanna did do it. She is angry, but knows that her freedom is on the line. James claims that he is doing this so that Barbara can be closer to Paul, since he'll need a shoulder to cry on. Raphael is determined to send his sister, Celia, back to Montega. He has Sierra help him get a plane ticket, and insists to her that this is the best thing for his sister.

Mike looks upset when Henry reveals that Katie is having all of his things moved into the house. Jennifer notices his reaction, and accuses him of still being in love with Katie. Craig tells Sierra that Jennifer has walked away from Street Jeans because of Barbara. He apologizes for letting Sierra down, and then hands her his resignation. She tears it up and says that she knows he can handle Barbara, and to do whatever it takes to get Jen back. Rosanna is reunited with Cabot, and James. As they drive away from Oakdale, he says they will be one happy little family. Together forever!

B&B by Leigh

Nick makes dinner for Bridget and tells her it's to show his appreciation for keeping the secret of Massimo getting Deacon to drink again. The two become romantic after their dinner.

Stephanie tells Brooke about Eric's plans to retire. Once again, Stephanie brings up and feeds on Brooke's insecurities about the relationship between Bridget and Ridge. Ridge and Amber continue arguing about the picture she took. Ridge tells Amber that he is going to report her to the police for trapping him and Bridget in the mineshaft, and she'll go to prison for the rest of her life.

Days by Danielle

Billie runs into Sami at the pier where Sami tells her about Kate setting up her and Brandon. Kate works at Basic Black to cancel all of the wedding plans. Billie catches Kate tearing up a cardboard cut out congratulating Sami and Lucas and questions whether Kate really set up Brandon and Sami but Kate denies everything. Kate refuses to let Billie stay either in her suite or at Roman’s house so that Billie has to remain living with Bo. Later, Kate sets it up so that she can back up the original lies that she told Billie as to why she couldn’t stay with her. Billie questions whether Kate has fallen for John.

Belle makes Shawn wait to be together until she can talk to Philip face to face. John and Brady discuss John moving on with Kate. Sami bursts in on Brady and John to beg John to make Kate tell Lucas the truth but John refuses. Sami then begs Belle to use her pull over John to make him make Kate tell the truth but she refuses as well. Sami walks back into Belle’s loft unexpectedly and catches Belle in Shawn’s arms. Sami vows to make Brady, John, Kate, Shawn, and Belle pay for doing her wrong.

GH by  Amanda

Michael attempts and fails to escape. Then Faith reads him the Pied Piper as a warning that he may never see his parents again. John falls under scrutiny as an accomplice in the kidnapping. However, Ric doubts his guilt. Jason and Sam find a clue that Sonny feels compelled to share with Agent Marsh. Then, the couple plans to head to Lousiana without telling Sonny or the FBI to pursue an idea. Though Liz urges Emily to get help, she continues to deal with her rape by not dealing with it, channeling her angst into lashing out when Edward rails at Justus in absentia for getting shot. Luke's positivism borders on unrealistic as he refuses to face any other possibility but full recovery immediately for his son. Dillon advises Luke on how to deal, as Emily does for Skye. Steven and Marsh investigate Carly's forensically and find a note from Michael. Emily catches Liz writing a note to Nik about the rape.

GL by Elizabeth

Tammy and Jonathan set up a private meeting for Reva and Cassie where they can work out their problems. Sandy creates a quiet romantic dinner for he and Tammy. Dinah and Jonathan continue to plot against Cassie and Edmund and unload their affections on each other. Ross warns Dinah to be careful when she's around Jonathan. Olivia gives Sebastian a tour of Spaulding, and they agree that they can help one another. Olivia is suspicious of Sebastian. Reva and Cassie butt heads again where Edmund and Jonathan are concerned. Cassie asks Reva to be at her side for the fertility procedure. Coop feels guilty about what happened wtih Lizzie on the witness stand. He tries to apologize to her, but she is more than upset. Alan lashes out at Buzz again because of what happened in the court room. Ross calls in reinforcements when it comes to Dinah. Tammy and Sandy share a real first date.

OLTL by Suzanne

Michael and John have a discussion about relationships. John asks Michael what he wants in a woman, so Michael describes what he wants. Marcie and Jen have a similar conversation. They both admit they were too afraid to move forward with their relationship. Marcie and Michael run into each other later but things are too awkward. Jen and Riley prepare to move into their new apartment. Daniel pressures Bo and Rex about who killed Paul. Rex tells Riley that Daniel still suspects Jen, so Riley tells his father off. Rex gives Jen a present and a hug. Riley finds a letter that Rex wrote to Jen, thanking her for giving him the money and that he will keep her secret. Evangeline is sympathetic to a drunk Marcie, even encouraging her to stay friends with John. The battery in Blair's flashlight dies as the towing service prepares to tow her car away to be crushed. Kevin rescues Todd and drives him back to town. Starr tells Bo and Dorian that she is not giving up hope.

Passions by Shirley

Theresa, Ethan, Luis, Sheridan, Pilar, Martin, Rebecca, and Alistair watch the plane carrying Katherine, Gwen, and Jane away, and when they thought it was going to explode, they all went running onto the tarmac, trying to stop it from leaving, to no avail, as Alistair watched in delight. Later he assured them there would be no explosion. However, the flight controller is no help since he doesn't know where they are going and they are not on radar or radio contact. Katherine does her best to convince Gwen to go back to Harmony, but it does no good, and the pilot is no help, either. So, the plane is off, headed for who knows where, and those at the airport are at each other's throats. Three cheers for Theresa's thrashing of Rebecca!

Chad manages to get Whitney alone to explain his feelings to her, which she tries to pretend she finds yucky. Eve and Julian think he's realized her baby is his, but his true intentions are to confess his love and longing to her. Fox comes in on that confession, however, and his yuck factor explodes, causing him to tackle his half-brother in Sam's kitchen. The cat's out of the bag now and the only question is, what will Whitney do, accept Fox's proposal or run off with Chad and rent a trailer in the backwoods?

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Sharon admitted to Michael that she wasn't getting much support at NE. He advised her to learn how to relax. Bobby, after learning of Brittany's meeting with her parents (and preoccupied by his kiss with Nikki) suggested they move out of GC and start fresh somewhere new. Mac told Kevin he should believe in their friendship more than he did. Satisfied she wanted him in her life, Kevin left. Alone with JT, Mac blasted him for having Brittany as a friend but chastising her relationship with Kevin. When JT refused to admit his concern was about anything more than friendship, Mac said it was best he back off and let her make her own decisions. Jack and Jill informed Nikki what had been done to Kay. Nikki, realizing it was best to get Victor out of Jabot, met with Kay and - before uncuffing her - begged her to consider how much it would mean to her and John if Kay helped save Jabot. A calm Kay was released and demanded to see Jack. Jill warned Jack that their futures rested on his shoulders. Kay told Jack that she would not block the acquisition... then demanded that Jill NEVER serve in an executive role at Jabot... or any role for that matter. No longer able to help clean up the mess she'd created, Phyllis left Malcolm and Dru to find the missing envelope. Neil shocked them by revealing that there was a chance Lily had taken Phyllis' letter home with her. Lily told Olivia that she believed Malcolm and Dru were having an affair. Olivia said that was ridiculous, but wouldn't tell Lily what was really going on. Instead, she suggested Lily and Daniel open Neil's cards and make a list of thank you's. She left them alone, unaware she'd just handed them the results of the paternity test.

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