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AMC by Jenn

Bianca leaves the court after testifying that she believes Babe and Jamie should have custody of their little boy, before hearing the judge's verdict. The judge shocks everybody by awarding full custody to JR. Babe goes to visit Bianca and give her a picture of them together to keep if she wants. Erica tells her daughter she wishes she had not gone to court in order to help Babe, but admits that she is so proud of how Bianca can put aside her anger toward someone and put a little boy's interests first. Babe and Jamie are free from going to prison but are distraught not to have their little boy with them.

ATWT by Rosey

Jennifer decides to resign from Street Jeans. Mike tells her that she should come up with her own new line. Craig warns her not to walk away and let her mother take over her dream. James tells Rosanna that he wants her and Jimmy Jr. (Cabot) to move away with him. Rosanna begs him not to make her choose between Cabot and Paul. James says that Paul is an enemy now, and will not allow him to raise his grandchild. When Paul come home, James hurridly takes Cabot away, and leaves Rosanna there to face her husband. Holden comforts Julia and swears that he will take care of everything. He goes to Lily's house and tells her that he's gonna help Julia file a restraining order against her, and he is proceeding with the divorce.

Jack goes over to talk to Julia about J.J. She informs him that Keith is right, he shouldn't see her son. She tells him that the cause of all of this is Carly. Henry and Katie go to celebrate their one day anniversary. When they walk into the restaurant, Mike looks upset. Jennifer watches him and wonders what is going on. Barbara apologizes to Will and assures him that she is going to let him, Paul, and Jen run their own lives without her interference. Will is skeptical, but stays to talk more with her anyway. Dusty and Sierra return from their trip. As they look through some products brought from the spa, they become a little flirty.

B&B by Leigh

Massimo tells Bridget that he's not been the cruel one and tells her how Deacon treated him while he was in the wheelchair. Bridget calls Deacon because she wants to tell him what Massimo did to him, and when she gets to his place he's gone. Nick determines that Deacon has gone to rehab and tells Bridget that's where he belongs. He tells her they should leave everything work itself out because his parents love each other and belong together.

Amber sits at the table with Ridge and Brooke, taunting Brooke to open her meal, which she convinced Ridge had "the picture" on the plate. Ridge goes to see Amber at Spectra, he tells her that trapping he and Bridget in the mine was sick. Amber tells Ridge that she won't show the picture to Brooke if he allows her and Thomas to see each other again.

Days by Boo

Dr. Aubrey tells Mimi that the antibiotics aren’t working and that they want to try exploratory surgery. Rex overhears part of Mimi’s conversation with Dr. Aubrey about the abortion but Mimi claims that they were talking about Rex being angry that Mimi didn’t come in to get checked out sooner. Lucas refuses to believe that Kate set Sami up. Will tells Sami off for her recent behavior. Kate continues to deny any involvement. Lucas asks Sami to leave and Will refuses to go with Sami. Brandon offers to help Sami prove Kate’s guilt but Sami turns down the offer and she and Brandon part ways. Sami vows to prove Kate’s guilt. Lucas threatens Kate with total loss of him and Will if he finds out that she was involved.

Jennifer is furious that Patrick and Bo keep defending Billie when she is causing so much trouble for them. Jennifer warns Patrick to stay away from Billie but Patrick accuses Jennifer of being jealous. Billie offers to leave Hope and Bo’s house but Bo refuses. Billie overhears Hope tell Bo that he was better of leaving Billie in jail and leaves the house. Billie heads to Jennifer’s house to collect her things and overhears Jennifer say that Billie can’t be trusted. Hope and Bo argue about Patrick’s intentions. Hope agrees to let Billie stay as a last resort. The captain tells Jack at first that the ship must detour to South America because of a storm. Jack worries that he won’t make it back to Salem in time before Jennifer falls for Patrick. Later, the captain tells Jack that the forecast has changed and they will soon be docking in a port near Salem.

GH by Lisa

Justus is shot while he and Sonny make the ransom drop. Sonny and Jason learn Michael and Morgan have been kidnapped. Sonny blames himself for Michael and Morgan's kidnapping and is certain he will never see his children again. Carly breaks down in Alcazar's arms. Reese witnesses Sonny as he loses control of his emotions. Jason and Sam uncover a potential lead to Faith's whereabouts.

Alcazar offers his help to Reese. Ric has no choice but to tell Alexis about Michael and Morgan being kidnapped and admits he doesn't believe Faith will ever return the boys or Kristina. Although still comatose, Lucky breathes on his own after Luke stops his life support. Luke assures Skye he loves Lucky but doesn't want him to live this way. Alone with Lucky, Luke asks him to wake up. Emily pulls away from Nikolas' touch as she remembers the rape. Nikolas questions Elizabeth about Emily's behavior. Elizabeth lies to Nikolas but warns Emily that Nikolas must be told the truth.

GL by Elizabeth

Jonathan admits to Dinah that he stabbed her in the back and she’s ok with it as long as she gets what she wants. Ross realizes that he may have blinders on when it comes to his daughter. Reva has a talk with her brother in law and is convinced that her son is telling her the truth. Sandy asks Tammy to move out. Jonathan goes to Tammy for help. Lizzie admits to being a killer on the stand and things look bleaker for Harley. Alan vows that the entire Cooper family will pay and be out on the street soon.

OLTL by Suzanne

J.R. picks Ace up at Asa's mansion.  Bo, Kevin, Asa, Duke, Nigel and Matthew all say goodbye to him.  Everyone fears Todd may be dead, but Starr and Viki still hold out hope.  Kelly fears that Kevin will never forgive her for forcing him into losing custody of Ace.  Kevin goes up to the family lodge to be alone.  Todd fights off some coyotes as he tries to get up to rescue himself.  Kevin finds Todd lying on the side of the road.  Dorian realizes that she and Viki passed Margaret's car the night that they were out searching for Todd.  Viki describes the car to Bo.  Some thieves try to steal parts from Margaret's car.  They almost get the trunk open but are scared off when they hear a security guard approaching in the elevator.  The security guard phones for help but is told by someone to get the car towed to be crushed.  Antonio wonders if Jessica's stalker is going after her to get to him.  He tells Jessica he still cares, and they both say they miss each other.

Passions by Shirley

The race is on to stop the Crane jet and rescue Theresa's baby. However, they choose the wrong airport and blow their chance to do so. Once they get to the right one, with Martin and Sheridan now aware Katherine is on the same plane, Sheridan realizes too late what Alistair's plan is. Katherine finds Gwen and the baby and wants to get them off the plane, but Gwen has other ideas, so all three are headed for trouble and maybe their final plane ride.

Julian finally stands up to mouthy Whitney, figuratively slapping some sense into her, hopefully. Fox comes up with a romantic plan, but will she play along? Meanwhile, Chad makes a decision that horrifies Valerie, but he runs to find Whitney and tell her about it. He and Whitney have both made confessions to others and are on the same track, but will she go along with his plan?

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Mac told Brittany to stop turning to JT for support now that she had a husband, while Brittany suggested Mac was jealous and trying to keep JT all to herself, despite her virgin status and the problems that would come with it. JT ordered Kevin to keep his distance from Mac, and insisted Mac was only interested in Kevin out of pity and a desire to save him. Kevin and JT went to Mac, where Kevin asked her if JT's accusations were true. Jack was horrified to learn that Jill had told Kay about the acquisition, then handcuffed her to a bed. Jill insisted she would go down fighting. Esther and Larry Warton worked together to free Kay, until Jill eventually returned and promised to get her out of the cuffs. Nikki and Bobby shared a horseback ride together, and when he told her about his and Brittany's plans to move out, she responded by getting emotional, then kissing him. Suddenly, she was called away by Jill, who said that Kay needed to see her right away. Lily left the hospital with Neil's mail - including the paternity test results. Alone with Daniel, she admitted that she believed Malcolm and Dru were having an affair, and wondered how to tell her Father. Dru, Malcolm and Phyllis searched for the results, and Phyllis admitted she'd stolen them all because she doesn't trust Dru.

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