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AMC by Jenn

Watching Babe's custody hearing from her television, Bianca decides to go to court and accept the plea to enable Babe to have full custody of her son. Kendall and Greenlee are at odds for the fact that Ryan moved out of his and Greenlee's home to stay with his brother. Maria and Zach get it on. Edmund fakes his paralysis and runs into Ethan, and finds out that Ethan doesn't think any better of Zach than he does.

ATWT by Rosey

Carly drives by Julia's apartment and sees Holden's car there. She tells Lily and she angrily goes over there to confront the two of them. When she arrives, there is no sign of Holden. The two argue, Julia tells her that the only reason he is attending therapy is for the kids, and he feels nothing but pity for her. Jennifer and Craig have a drink to celebrate the success of Street Jeans. Barbara shows up to join them, and says she can't wait to work side by side with her daughter.

Keith goes to the police station to tell Jack that he and Julia decided that its in everyone's best interest if J.J. isn't around Carly anymore. As Paul tells Rosanna about Barbara being free, she comforts him, and then asks him what he thinks about them having a baby together. When Will shows up to talk about Barbara, Paul takes him to have coffee, he'd rather not upset Rosanna anymore. When Paul mentions that Barbara thinks Rosanna drugged Emily, Will thought it might be true. James calls Rosanna, when she asks about Cabot, he tells her to hurry upstairs. When she gets up there, Cabot is with James. As she happily hug Cabot, James warns that their business is not yet complete.

B&B by Leigh

At the Café Rouse, Clarke tries to persuade Amber not to show Brooke the photo of Ridge and Bridget kissing. While Brooke is away from their table, Amber shows Ridge the picture. He asks her how she got the picture, and Amber tells him that he pushed her to this.

Deacon comes home to Jackie and clearly he'd been drinking, and makes a comment about her being old enough to be his mother. Deacon deliberately sabotages their relationship by telling her that the two of them as a couple is a joke, and he throws her out, then tells himself that she's free from him now. Massimo admits to Bridget that he set Deacon up to start drinking again. Bridget lets Massimo know that she doesn't like what he's done to Deacon.

Days by Danielle

Frances Reid (Alice) opened and closed the show thanking devoted fans for watching thus far and inviting fans to keep watching as Days of Our Lives celebrated it’s 10,000 episode today.

Hope puts her foot down and insists that Billie get out of their home. Bo promises that Billie will be out after the hearing. Hope and Jennifer discuss Billie and Sami’s respective situations. Due to having to rush Billie’s case, she goes up in front of the toughest judge in Salem. Since Billie could not get in touch with Kate, Bo decides that he must vouch for Billie and allow her to continue living at his home to keep Billie from going back to jail. Rex kneels by Mimi’s hospital bed to officially propose to her with a 100-year-old antique ring, engraved with the same initials of the previous owners as Rex and Mimi. Mimi accepts. Dr. Aubrey announces that she has bad news for Mimi. Philip tells Belle that he is coming home and reluctantly explains that he is able to come home because of the mission he accepted. Belle is unable to tell Philip about Shawn because their call is interrupted by Philip’s commanding officer ordering the unit to move out. Sami’s renewed hopes are dashed when Lucas explains that he can’t marry Sami because he can’t trust her. Lucas doesn’t believe Sami’s claims that Kate set her up. Sami begs Brandon to vouch for her innocence but Brandon now doesn’t believe that Kate could have set them up. Kate pretends to be offended and denies being involved. Sami begs Lucas to give her another chance but Lucas tears up the marriage license.

GH by Amanda

Nik is released from solitary and calls Liz, asking her to tell Emily he is eager to see her. The pick up man tries to kill Sonny, forcing Agent Marshall to shoot him. The guy's cell phone rings; Faith is on the other end and arranges to meet Sonny alone. It turns out to be a set up. Skye continues to try and persuade Luke that Lucky should remain on machines, telling him about her own coma. Jason and Sam are trapped with a bomb, but disarm it. Jax is less than thrilled and less than credulous about Rachel moving in with Courtney and the things both women tell him. John tries to reforge a bond with Carly and babysits the boys while she goes to help Bobbi with something. The boys are taken while she is gone. Sonny informs Justus that as the one person Faith cares for, Sonny will use him to get his daughter back and Justus agrees. Emily goes to see Nik and tell him about Lucky. She resists the idea of intimacy.Nik blames himself and how he must be changing. Luke pulls the plug.

GL by Elizabeth

Jonathan tells Reva that Edmund started the fire in Cassie's barn. Edmund and Cassie argue over Edmund's growing obsession with Jonathan. Dinah tells Jonathan that he needs to do something to break up Edmund and Cassie quick because their fertility appointment is fastly approaching. Tammy and Sandy share a romantic dinner. Ross finds out that Dinah is involved romantically with Jonathan. Lizzie faints on the witness stand. Coop tells Lizzie that he knows about the bloody shard of glass. Gus gets Lizzie to confess to the murder. Jeffrey finds out that someone ran a DNA test on a piece of evidence and suspects it was Coop.

OLTL by Suzanne

The lawyers give their closing arguments in the custody case; the judge calls a recess and then prepares to tell them her verdict.  Babe tells Kevin and Kelly that they can visit Ace if she wins custody, but J.R. says no way will they get near his baby if he wins.  Antonio looks for Jessica at the gym where John and Evangeline are working out.  Things are tense between John and them because he is keeping Cris' secret.  John gives Evangeline a key to his place so she can pick something up; she misunderstands at first, thinking that he is giving her a permanent key.  He is clueless about the whole thing.  Nat comforts Starr, who is worried about her parents.  Jessica comes home and goes to bed, then awakens without remembering the previous evening.  Antonio questions her about where she went.  She finds another note from her stalker, this one a heart ripped into shreds.  Viki is hoping that Todd is still alive, but Dorian thinks the worst.  They argue about it and then head back to Llanfair to give Starr the bad news.  Blair has a dream where Addie visits her and shows her what will happen if she gives up: she and Todd will be dead, and their children will come to no good.   Everyone fears that Todd is dead, but he awakens in the snow.

Passions by Shirley

Ethan, Theresa, and Pilar head out to stop the Crane jet before it can take off with Gwen and the baby aboard, but it's a comedy of errors until Luis comes to the rescue. However, his call to duty left Sheridan in mortal danger at Beth's house. On the plane, Rebecca gets ready to leave the plane before takeoff when she spies Alistair and Katherine on their way in. The problem now is how to hide Gwen and Jane so they won't see them. All is taken care of, but as the plane begins to leave, here come the posse, sirens blaring and lights flashing.

Eve tries to help Whitney find something she can eat without losing it, but runs into a problem - Whitney isn't interested in eating. It gets physical and ends with Eve giving her daughter the news that if something happens to the baby, she will be a murderer. I wonder if the message will get through? Meanwhile, Fox remembers someone who might help stop the arguing he hears between the two. Will it be TC or Liz?

Y&R By Christopher  **One Day Ahead

Bobby and Brittany tried to pick names for their baby, and agreed they needed to move out of the ranch. Victor was unable to convince John and Brad that he hadn't tried to steal Jabot, so John decided to go through with Jack's plans, regardless of the risks. Brad worried that Jack had pushed them into a bad decision using scare tactics and half-truths. When Esther left for the night, and Kay insisted to Jill that she would stop Jack before it was too late, Jill handcuffed her to the bed, took the phone, and said she wasn't going anywhere. Nikki begged Victor to use his newfound freedom from Jabot to devote to her. He insisted he needed business life to feel satisfied. She wondered if he liked, and loved her, then said she needed more out of life than he was giving. Brittany told Frederick and Anita about her pregnancy, and was crushed when Anita admitted her own pregnancy (with Brittany) had been unplanned, and trying. Nikki turned to Bobby and asked if he had time for her. Olivia swore to Malcolm and Dru that she hadn't signed for the test results. Dru realized Phyllis had. At the hospital, Lily asked Phyllis if Malcolm and Dru were having an affair, and Phyllis assured her she had nothing to worry about. The dropped test results were put with Neil's mail. Lily found them while visiting him, and asked if he wanted her to open the envelope. Dru and Malcolm confronted Phyllis - who was horrified to discover the envelope wasn't in her pocket.

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