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AMC by Jenn

At the custody hearing for the baby boy, there are three lawyers representing three parties: One for Babe, Jamie and their respective families in their quest to get custody of the baby they call baby James. One for JR and Adam to get custody of "Adam III" and one to represent Kevin and Kelly Buchanan and their families to get the custody of the baby they know as baby Ace. But a strange twist occurs. Babe realizes she might be going to prison. So she testifies that she wants Kevin and Kelly to have the baby. Hearing that, Kelly admits that Babe cannot be guilty of kidnapping because she gave her permission to take her little boy and she fights to help Babe and Jamie have him.

Bianca decides she and Miranda will live in Paris. She tells her mother and sister. They admit they will miss her but want what is best for her. Maria interacts with Zach and admits to him that she is no longer interested in him and wants to commit to Edmund. Strangely, Edmund is hearing their conversation on computer and he is able to walk.

ATWT by Eva

Alison gently pulls away from the kiss Will gave her and makes it clear to Will that she is in love with Aaron so they can only be friends. Will is gets upset with Alison and leaves the apartment. Rafael finally tells Celia the truth about the fight. Celia doesn't want to go back to Montega so she asks Alison if she can stay at her apartment. Keith continues to worry that Julia and J.J will be hurt if Holden decides to return to his family. Holden allows Julia to borrow his car which leads to a misunderstanding that makes Lily think Holden chose to spend time with Julia instead of spending time with his family. An angry Lily goes to Julia's place demanding to see Holden. Barbara is cleared of all the charges against her causing a rift between Paul and Rosanna because Paul can't understand why Rosanna is so willing to forgive Barbara for gas lighting her.

B&B by Leigh

Amber inserts the picture of Ridge and Bridget kissing into her Christmas photo album. Clarke and Amber watch Brooke and Ridge at Cafe Russe and Amber mumbles that Ridge should enjoy these carefree moments because they'll be his last.

Heather shows Deacon compassion over his heartache about drinking. He tells her that he can't take Jackie down with him. Later, Deacon overhears Nick trying to convince Jackie to go back to Massimo and hears Jackie tell him she can't because Deacon needs her.

Days by Danielle

Belle and Mimi discuss breaking their respective news to their respective partners. Philip yells at Shawn for thinking it was Belle who was calling. Rex grabs the phone from Shawn before Shawn can tell Philip about his and Belle’s relationship. Jake worries that Philip is too focused on coming home to Belle and not on the impending mission. Jan tries to convince Shawn that he still wants her and that Belle is the one scheming to come between them but Shawn tells her to get out and not come back. Jan vows to get revenge on Belle. Rex relieves Belle at Mimi’s bedside so that Belle can wait on the phone call from Philip. Mimi tells Rex that it is time to be completely honest with him. Belle promises Shawn that she will tell Philip about their love seconds before Philip calls.

Sami describes Kate’s exact plan but no one believes that Kate set her up. Brandon confronts Kate about Sami’s accusation but Kate denies everything. Brandon warns Kate that she could lose Lucas and Will if she had any part in this. Lucas decides that he still wants to marry Sami. Hope decides to make up with Bo just as Billie walks in, having, unknown by Hope, spent the night in the guest room. Bo assures Hope that Billie is only temporarily staying with them. Hope continually forces herself to count to ten and calm down as she keeps walking in on Bo and Billie in compromising situations.

GH by Amanda

Rachel insists on moving in with Courtney who goes to Jax and asks to go away and elope. Jax refuses. Alexis confesses to Carly know she's pregnant again and scared. Carly assures Alexis that Alexis has reserves of strength she does not even realize and can handle it all. Sonny gets proof his daughter is alive. Jason and Sam bust in on the Five Families' meeting and find out they never killed Faith because of Justus. LuLu gets to see Lucky. At the trial, both sides are argued concerning whether or not to turn off Lucky's life support. Luke wins the right to turn it off. Alexis admits she loves Ric.

GL by Elizabeth

Jeffrey puts Frank on the witness stand and further damages Harley’s chances of acquittal. Coop learns that the phone call with the results of the blood test might have been intercepted by Lizzie. Sebastian bails Alan out of prison and asks him for a job. Cassie and Edmund learn that their first appointment with the fertility specialist is the next day. Edmund apologizes to Jonathan and extends him an olive branch. Reva and Josh argue again over Jonathan. Josh tells Billy that he believes there is no hope for Reva where Jonathan is concerned. Jonathan lies and tells Reva that Edmund threatened him again. Alan threatens to throw Olivia back into Ravenwood after he learns that she did not try to bail him out. Jonathan tells Reva that Edmund caused the fire and almost killed Cassie in the process. Lizzie gets cross-examined on the witness stand and loses her cool. Gus accuses her of being the murderer.

OLTL by Suzanne

In court, Kelly sticks to her story that she gave Ace to Babe.  After Kelly and Kevin argue, he withdraws his petition to fight for Ace and says that Babe should get the baby.  The Mrs. Bigelow-look-alike, Hazel Smalls, phones Bo to tell him about Blair's visit, so he, Viki and Dorian head up to her cabin and then find Todd's cabin.  Todd struggles to escape while the bomb's timer counts down.  He manages to get free a few minutes before it goes off.  The bomb explodes just as Bo, Viki, and Dorian arrive nearby.  Margaret decides not to shoot Blair when Blair begs her not to leave her children as orphans, but she tapes her mouth and leaves her in the trunk.  Margaret realizes that she was supposed to take a second pregnancy test, so she takes it and finds out she is pregnant after all.  Marcie and Michael discuss their kiss but end up arguing; they are sad that they can't seem to get back together.

Passions by Shirley

Rebecca gets Gwen to the airport and on the plane, but it won't take off until Alistair says so. Rebecca gets to work at her specialty, and has the pilot eating out of her hands in no time. Meanwhile, Theresa, Ethan, and Pilar are on their way to stop the plane after he finds out the plane is ready to leave. Martin is on his way to help his family, if they will let him, while Katherine is on her way to leave him forever, with Alistair's help.

Sheridan talks Luis into visiting Marty again, and while she's in the kitchen telling the boy she's his mother and will prove it one day and get him back, Beth puts her plan to get rid of her in motion in the living room, making Luis believe his beloved might be suicidal. Edna and Precious are torn up about it, but as usual do nothing but drink and cry.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Malcolm, Dru and Olivia couldn't understand why they hadn't received the paternity test results. Malcolm checked in with Lily, who said she'd received no package. Lily confided in Daniel that she felt Dru and Malcolm were hiding something about their past. He suggested she talk to Phyllis. At the hospital, Phyllis visited Neil and - while he talked about loving his daughter more than anything - she toyed with the test results that sat in her coat pocket. When Malcolm and Dru phoned the courier company, they were stunned to learn that 'Dr. Olivia Winters' had signed for the package. Victor told Nick he was angry he'd forced him to buy Jabot's debt. After Jack kicked Gloria out of the meeting at the Abbott Estate, she went to Victor and told him what was going on, and about Jack's plans for Jabot. Victor wondered if it was all for the best. Jack was able to convince the reluctant shareholders to accept his offer to buy 51% of Jabot with Chancellor Industries. Nick told Nikki he'd tried to force Victor out of Jabot for her sake. She told him about Jack's bold move. Victor arrived to tell John that Jack had pulled the wool over everyone's eyes. Jill told Kay what Jack had done, and Kay blew a gasket, insisting he had no right, and she would stop him.

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