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AMC by Jenn

Babe is ready to go to trial. Krystal, David and Tad plan to help her get a reduced sentence for keeping Miranda from Bianca. Bianca is considering helping her. But as soon as Kendall walks in and reminds her sister what all of these people have done to her, she tells them no deal. Bianca and Maggie go to Maggie's apartment and Bianca announces that she plans to go to Paris and invites Maggie to come with her. Maggie wants to stay behind but tells Bianca how grateful she is to have her as a friend. Kendall tells Babe taht if she really cares about her baby boy, she will set an example by turning herself in. But David tells Kendall that his daughter cares about her child and so she will not do to him what Erica did to Kendall, and Babe does not want her child to end up as sick as Kendall is. At that point, Kendall walks away but is determined to not let them win.

Ryan tells Greenlee he needs to leave their home for a while and live with Jonathan and the Valley Inn. She's a little upset and tells him he has to let Jonathan see a shrink and not have his brother taking care of him and feeling responsible for everything that happens to Jonathan. Jack tells Ryan and Greenlee that he knows that Jonathan is lying about everything, they must realize he drugged Greenlee and beware of him.

ATWT by Eva

Will interrupts Aaron and Alison's romantic day because he needs to talk to a friend. Will tells Alison how hurt and confused he feels about Barbara. Will is so touched when Alison understands how he feels about his mother and because of this he gives Alison a kiss. Keith is fed up with Carly and Lily's tricks to get back at Julia so he tells Carly Jack isn't allowed to see J.J anymore. Paul is shocked when Emily tells him it was Rosanna who drugged her and not Barbara. Paul thinks there must be some mistake and is determined to find out the truth. Lily is hopeful that she can save her marriage to Holden after Holden admits he still loves her and agrees to spend more time at home. Carly thinks that Julia is hiding a big secret about El Paso when Keith has a strange reaction when she tells him she knows what happened there. Carly tries to persuade Lily to find out Julia's secret but Lily refuses because she doesn't want to impede the progress she has made with Holden. Julia fears she may be losing Holden when he tells her he must spend more time with his family and less time with her.

B&B by Leigh

Amber imagines that she admits to Brooke that she took the picture in the mineshaft where she trapped them, and Brooke tells Amber that she's right about Ridge and has been right all along. She snaps out of it when Brooke really does walk in and eventually Ridge excuses Brooke and tries to get Amber to leave. Before she leaves she threatens him and tells him when his world comes crashing down to remember she came there to make peace.

Jackie questioned if Deacon had stopped at a bar since she couldn't get a hold of him. She finds a liquor bottle in his briefcase. Massimo tries to get Nick to tell him how things are working out between Deacon and Jackie now that he's drinking again. Nick wants to know why if he's done with Jackie he plays these games with Deacon. Nick tells him if he wants Jackie back he just has to tell her.

Days by Danielle

Belle visits Mimi in the hospital and urges her to talk to Rex. Mimi imagines seeing the baby and hearing Jan’s taunts. Rex and Shawn argue about Shawn and Belle getting together while Philip is overseas. Jan overhears Shawn remark that getting involved with her is the biggest mistake of his life and does her best to change Shawn’s mind. Rex suggests to Jan that she should take a break from Shawn but Jan suggests that Rex should ask Mimi what she did to him. Philip agrees to volunteer for a dangerous mission because it means a chance to come home on leave while reporting on the mission. He calls home but then calls Mimi’s loft when he gets the machine instead of Belle. Philip is surprised to hear Shawn answer the phone and ask if the caller is Belle. Kate sends Eugenia a gourmet gift basket to thank her for her help on their plan. Eugenia drinks the entire bottle of champagne included in the basket as she details the plan to Marguerite over the phone. Sami desperately tries to convince Lucas that she was set up but he doesn’t believe her. Sami realizes that Kate was the maid who let her into Brandon’s room but Kate denies it and sticks to her private investigator story. Sami finally admits that this all sounds like something she would do.

GH by Lisa

Reese urges Sonny to work with her in order to bring Kristina home safely. Disguising her voice, Faith contacts Sonny with her ransom demands. Carly warns Jason that Sonny is on the verge of a breakdown. Sonny gets proof that Kristina is alive when he sees her on the webcam Faith set up. Alexis agrees to two weeks of bed rest to avoid further risk to her pregnancy. While stuck in the stalled elevator, Carly learns that Alexis is pregnant.

Courtney insists to Rachel that she is going to turn her over to the police. Rachel maintains her cool while pointing out how she can successfully frame Courtney for AJ's murder. Rachel again demands that Courtney kill Steven for her. Elizabeth questions Steven about his past with Rachel. Courtney sees Rachel talking to Ric. Alan is furious when Jason refuses to track down AJ's killer.

GL by Ashley 

Harley pays a visit to Bill at Spaulding, and Olivia is annoyed by her presence. Bill says he will do anything to help Harley at her trial, even suggesting that he will lie. Olivia is upset by this, and she calls Jeffrey to offer her services in testifying against Harley. Dinah learns that Reva knows about Edmund attacking Jonathan. She is pleased to know that this may cause a rift between Cassie and Edmund. She has a date with Cory, the obstetrician, but is insulted when his mother shows up with him and knows all about her past. Cassie and Reva argue again over Edmund’s behavior with Jonathan. Reva tries to get her to believe that Edmund hasn’t changed. She proclaims “Big Bad Edmund is back!” Blake and Ross plan a romantic trip to New York, but not before he discloses his worries about Dinah and her old tricks. Holly encounters a very alive Sebastian. He tells her he is moving to Springfield, and as a gift, will steer clear of her. Blake realizes Sebastian is alive. Billy agrees to help Bill finish Harley’s house. Edmund and Cassie meet for lunch, and Edmund vows that he will “destroy anything that gets in Cassie’s way.”

OLTL by Janice

Blair changes radio frequence on the walkie talkie and Bo hears her call out. She can only tell him that she's locked in a trunk and that Todd's stuck in a cabin, but she can't give him their exact location. Marcie and Michael overhear Blair tell Bo that the car she is in struck someone. They wonder if it's the same car that hit Marcie. Margaret finds out that she's not pregnant. She leaves Todd tied to the bed with a bomb ticking at his feet. She goes to the garage where Blair is held, opens the trunk, and points a gun at Blair. Duke testifies for Kevin at Ace's custody hearing. Kelly tells the court that Ace belongs with his mother. Kevin admits that he knew Ace wasn't his, but didn't tell anyone.

Passions by Shirley

Ethan searches high and low but doesn't find Gwen and his daughter. He does find his car and a baby blanket, but Rebecca does her best to throw him off course, and it works. He leaves to get help and gives them enough time to get away. Martin and Pilar seem to have an uneasy truce, but Theresa and Luis want no part of it. Theresa lectures her mother about thinking the way she does. Too bad she never took her own advice.

Katherine watches helplessly as Sheridan and Luis fight about her, with Luis attacking her and Sheridan defending her. The woman finally comes up with a plan to attack Luis in a very rude way and Sheridan takes the bait, turning on her and finally leaving, confused at the way she had changed. As Katherine and Alistair discuss her prowess at turning Sheridan away, Martin comes up behind them at just the wrong minute, overhearing her plans for life without him.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

While discussing their date, JT passionate kissed a responsive Mackenzie. Lily told Devon that, regardless of his doubts, he was a part of their family. She later found an old newspaper article about the brief romance of Dru and Malcolm in Paris. Malcolm worried when Phyllis and Dru met at the hospital. Dru appealed to Phyllis, Mother to Mother, and begged her not to make trouble for her family. Malcolm admitted to Olivia that he wished there was no paternity test, so he wouldn't hurt anyone, especially Neil. Phyllis posed as Olivia, and signed for the package from DMS Labs. Victor was stunned by Nick's underhanded actions and summoned the bankers to try to undo Nick's deal. Jack and Jill met with the shareholders and told them Victor and Nick had joined forces to destroy Jabot. Though they doubted it, Nikki learned her husband and son were in a secret meeting. Jack urged them to let him use CI's funds to buy 51% of Jabot. When Victor offered to use his personal funds to match Nick's offer, the bankers - out of loyalty - agreed. Nick, convinced Victor had set out to humiliate him, resigned as CEO of NE, while Victor worried that everyone would think he'd planned this from the beginning.

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