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AMC by Boo

Tad and Krystal try to talk the D.A. into letting her plead guilty and go to jail in return for letting Babe and David get off with just probation. The D.A. decides to leave the decision up to Bianca. Bianca’s statement isn’t enough to get Jonathan arrested, so Jack and Derek try to get Maggie to press charges against him for the assault. Ryan talks Maggie out of pressing charges though and Jonathan is free to go home. Ryan promises everyone that he will not let Jonathan hurt anyone else. Later, Ryan tells Greenlee that he is leaving her. Jamie tries to talk J.R. into working with him and Babe to keep the Buchanan’s from retaining custody of the baby. J.R. thinks about it, but in the end refuses to work with them.

ATWT by Leigh

Mike comes to terms with his feelings for Katie. He tells Jennifer that she is the woman he loves. Henry and Katie relax after their wedding and decide that he'll just hold her on their honeymoon night. Celia and Rafael head toward Lucinda's, where they'll be staying in the pool house. Holden tells Julia that he'll need to put some distance between her and his family while he and Lily are in marriage counseling. Jack puts a stop to Keith threatening Carly to leave his sister (Julia) alone. Allison and Aaron are finally alone and begin to make love.

B&B by Leigh

Brooke gets defensive when Stephanie tells her that she should be happy if Bridget is interested in Nick. Clarke tries to tell Amber that showing the picture of Ridge and Bridget in the mineshaft will bring huge consequences. Amber goes to see Ridge and tries to give him the photo album of the Christmas that almost never happened. Ridge throws the photo album and tells her to get out. Amber then shows the picture of Ridge and Bridget kissing in the mineshaft. Eric tells Stephanie that he's decided to retire. Stephanie gets angry and tells him he's running away.

Days by Danielle

Maggie surprises Mickey with a romantic Valentine surprise including wearing a sexy bright red Vegas style dress but Bonnie interrupts them. Bonnie overdoes her emotions as she tells Mickey about Mimi’s illness to evoke extra sympathy so Maggie decides to give Bonnie a taste of her own medicine. Brady agrees to stay with John while Kate heads to the wedding. Brady asks John to hit him so they’ll be even again. John refuses but Brady won’t let it go so John lightly taps Brady’s face with his fist. Later, they talk about whether John could ever move on with Kate. Kate pretends that the wedding is still on as she heads over to be shocked at the news of the cancelled wedding from Lucas. Sami dresses up in her wedding dress to try and convince Lucas to marry her after all. Brandon argues with Lexie about whether it was Kate or Sami that set them up before heading over to Lucas’ apartment to try and convince him that it was Kate. Kate eavesdrops on the entire conversation and then makes herself known to everyone.

GH by  Amanda

The Quartermaines continue to recriminate each other over AJ up to the memorial service. Sonny blames Ric and Alexis for siccing the FBI onto his meet with the kidnapper. The woman who killed AJ continues to hound Courtney. Jason is a difficult patient. Faith sends Sonny a message in the paper.

GH by Rosie (bonus) 

The Quartermaine's prepare for A.J.'s memorial service. Alan gets upset by everyone being sympathetic, he calls them fake and says if it weren't for all of them, his son would be alive. Everyone attends the memorial service, including Courtney, Jax, Jason, and Sam. Alan still believes that Courtney killed A.J. and didn't think she belonged there. Skye spoke a few words about the person A.J. really was. Dr. Meadows tells Alexis that she must take care of herself, or she could miscarry. She tells Rick she has to go and find Kristina. Rick warns her she needs to calm down. As she prepares to leave she starts having severe stomach pains.

Rachel continues to taunt Courtney. She says if Courtney doesn't take care of Steven, she will be forced to turn A.J.'s murder weapon into the police. Courtney placed a loaded gun into her purse. John Durant told Agent Marshall that she should build a case against Sonny. She told him that is not her job, she was told to find Kristina. Durant threatened that he could have her badge taken away if she crosses

GL by Elizabeth

Holly receives another gift from Sebastian. Ross wonders if perhaps Holly might need some professional help. Marina and Danny exchange interesting Valentine’s Day cards. Coop takes Lizzie to Harley’s house that is being built to teach her a lesson. Lizzie finds herself in a sticky situation. Dinah shares the story of the fire with Jonathan. Reva and Josh find an unwelcome guest in their bedroom. Reva finds out that Edmund may have hurt Jonathan. Dinah assure her father that she is on the right track with her life. Ross isn’t sure whether he should believe his daughter or not. Holly runs into a person from her past. The DNA lab calls Coop with the results from the test her ordered and leaves a message with Lizzie.

OLTL by Janice

Marcie makes a surprise appearance at her book signing party. Hayes is not happy because he was hoping for the sympathy vote. Hayes has pressed charges against Michael for assault and is upset that the police have not arrested Michael yet. Rex lies and tells the officer that Michael was with him the whole time and never assaulted anyone. The policeman leaves. Marcie fires Hayes. Margaret takes an early pregnancy test to see if she's pregnant. Blair tries to kick her way out of the trunk of the car. Dorian brings Jack and Starr to Llanfair while she will be at the courthouse. Starr overhears Dorian tell Viki that Starr has what it takes to be a Cramer woman. While Viki is out of the room, Dorian forges Viki's name on a Llanview University check to make it appear that Viki is using University money inappropriately. Kevin is interviewed by the Banner. He is upset when Kelly barges in asking why he has subpoenaed her. She insists that she will only tell the truth on the stand. She knows Kevin is a great father, but Babe is James' mother.

Passions by Shirley

Ethan and Theresa figure out Rebecca has lied to them after he calls the woman and hears Gwen's voice. He figures out she is at the cabin and goes to find her and see if Gwen is with her. Theresa waits at home, urging him to find the baby and bring her home. Pilar and Luis cross swords over Martin, with Pilar winning out and sending Luis on his way. She hears the words she wants to hear from Martin, but he insists on making additions she isn't thrilled with. Katherine and Sheridan bond in the park, but Luis makes sure that doesn't last long.

Rebecca seems to understand she's bitten off more than she can chew, but she won't let go of it. She is used to having things go her way and figures this time is not different. Too bad her daughter isn't in the giving mood these days. Fox is thrilled to hear the baby's heartbeat, but Whitney isn't happy at all with the news she finds, while Beth and Edna continue to spar over whether Sheridan will ever be able to take Marty back or not.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Neil told Lily not to blame herself for her accident. Lily was suspicious of Malcolm and Dru's continued fighting. Dru blasted Malcolm for opening up to Phyllis, and warned him not to destroy her family. Dru, Malcolm, and Neil shared a tender moment when Neil vowed to devote his second chance to bringing peace to their family. Nikki admitted to Bobby that she envied his relationship with Brittany, and the simplicity of their love. John demanded that Jack stop harping about Victor and let Jabot try to save itself. Gloria met with Victor and warned him to beware of Jack. Brad refused to go along with Jack's plan to use CI to buy 51% of Jabot, worried it would simply put Jack in charge of everything. Nikki begged Victor, once and for all, to leave Jabot. He refused. Nick offered the banks 100 cents on the dollar to buy Jabot's debt, thus owning the company, so he could foreclose. They agreed, and Frederick Hodges later warned Jack of Nick's plan. Jack told Jill that 'it' was about to begin. Nick took great pleasure in telling Victor that he was using NE to buy Jabot, and that Victor would soon be out of a job.

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