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AMC by Jenn

Derek takes Jonathan down to the station for questioning. Jack says he wants Jonathan locked up. Ryan defends his brother until he learns for the first time about the assault charge Jonathan's previous girlfriend filed against him and that he lied to Ryan. Erica discovers Babe in Bianca's apartment and demands that she gets out and that her daughter does not trust her. Bianca is ready to inform Erica that Babe heroically saved her and Miranda from Jonathan. Reggie and Greenlee go to Maggie's to find out what she might know about Jonathan drugging Greenlee. She tells them she cannot help them and wants nothing more to do with Jonathan. But they inform her that he went after Bianca only hours ago. Hearing that, Maggie rushes to Bianca's to see if she's ok. apologizes for shutting her out and for being stupid enough to love and trust Jonathan. Erica tells JR that she will help him get his son back and make sure Babe is out of his life for good.

ATWT by Leigh

Paul vows to figure out what happened that Emily didn't testify against Barbara. Sierra and Dusty seal the deal to buy the spa. Katie and Henry are married after Katie calls him her soul mate in her vows. Craig and Jennifer bet on a pool game to get Scott Reeves to promote "Street Jeans." Jennifer sees Mike looking extremely upset after Katie married Henry.

B&B by Leigh

Massimo, Nick, Eric and Stephanie visit Bridget and Ridge in the hospital. Bridget is doing well and Ridge sustained a concussion when he fell into the mineshaft. Thomas bought Caitlin a diamond pin to thank her for being there for him. As they were hugging Amber came into the office. She tells him that the two of them are meant to be together and kisses him. She pulls a photo of Ridge and Bridget kissing in the mineshaft telling herself that this is the key to getting Thomas back. Ridge tells Nick that he's had a change of heart about the relationship between he and Bridget and encourages him to go and see her. Eric gives Bridget his approval for a relationship with Nick. Dressed up like a sexy nurse, Brooke goes into Ridge's room but it's Stephanie under the covers not Ridge! Ridge comes into the room and Stephanie sits up laughing. Nick brings Bridget a Popsicle to remind her of what she almost became, and tanning lotion for the trip he's planning for the two of them. Bridget and Nick confess their feelings for each other and passionately kiss.

Days by Boo

Sami does her best, with a little help from Brandon, to convince Lucas that nothing happened between her and Brandon. Lucas doesn't believe anything she says and calls off the wedding. After he storms out, Brandon and Sami try to figure out what happened. They conclude that it had to have been Kate that set them up. Tony continues to manipulate the camera's to make Marlena and Roman believe that Kate and John are closer than they are. John spills water on Kate and she puts on some of Marlena's valentine pajamas. When Marlena sees this, it upsets her very much. Roman comforts her and the two end up kissing. Maggie and Hope discuss their love life, and compare notes. Bo and Jennifer arrive at the station to bail Patrick and Billie out. Bo and Patrick argue because of Billie drinking again. Hope catches Bo and Billie in another compromising situation as Bo comforts Billie about her upcoming trial.

GH by Lisa

Faith sends Sonny instructions to be in the park alone at midnight. Sonny realizes the kidnapper has a personal vendetta against him. Jason and Sam find the nursery where Kristina had been kept. Sam has Jason taken to the hospital after he collapses. Alexis overhears as Sonny explains to Ric why he is going to do exactly what the kidnapper demands. A hidden Reese watches Sonny in the park. Faith contacts Sonny, warning him he'll never see Kristina again because he didn't follow instructions. Carly apologizes to Sam and accepts that she is part of Jason's life. Ric is elated when Alexis tells him they're going to have a baby.

Courtney is horrified as Rachel explains how she murdered AJ and framed Courtney for the crime. Rachel claims she killed AJ as a favor to Courtney and now expects Courtney to kill Steven in return. Steven is unsettled when Rachel approaches him at the hospital. Luke is outraged to learn Skye obtained a restraining order keeping him away from Lucky.

GL by Elizabeth

Josh and Reva realize that some changes have been made to Cross Creek during a visit. Edmund attacks Jonathan. Dinah informs Cassie that she’d better watch out for Edmund, who seems to be on the warpath. Cassie stops Edmund before he really hurts Jonathan. Harley’s trial is interrupted by Cupid. Buzz and Alex get together while Cupid reminds Jeffery that being alone is no fun. Dinah and Jonathan spend the night with one another. Harley and Gus play matchmaker. Cassie comes clean to Edmund about everything that happened and begs him to forgive her.

OLTL by Janice

Michael overhears Marcie's agent tell her publicist that they can sell more books if Marcie stays in the hospital. Michael tries to convince her to make an appearance at the book party. Duke and Adriana go to Rodi's. Adriana is surprised when Duke sings a love song to her. Natalie goes back to Llanfair drunk. She can't understand what she ever did to deserve a life without love. She tries to phone John multiple times but only gets his voice mail. John meanwhile, is in bed with Evangeline. After noticing that the caller was Natalie he shut off the phone. He tells Evangeline that he can't help Natalie anymore, all the while he's thinking of Christian. Kevin goes to visit Kelly and admits that he misses her. Antonio goes to RJ's and Lindsay gets RJ to allow Antonio a few minutes to meet with Jamie. Antonio vows to get her back. RJ is opposed to giving up custody. Matthew is sick with a fever. Both Nora and Bo are at his bedside and let their respective partners go home without them. Jessica is supposed to meet Antonio at a bar, but instead we see her all dolled up and drinking alone at another bar.

Passions by Shirley

There is no word yet about Gwen and the baby and Theresa is beside herself. Pilar, Luis, and Ethan all try to calm her down, but it doesn't last for long. However, she is the only one that thinks Rebecca might know more than she's saying and urges Ethan to call her. She is at the cabin, getting Gwen to take the baby and go away with her, but Gwen almost ruins her plans when she picks up the ringing phone and sees it's Ethan calling. Luis is upset with Pilar because she made a cup of coffee for Martin, and when he actually shows up, it doesn't help Luis' attitude.

Katherine makes passionate love to Martin, knowing it's the last time, but unaware Alistair is watching and fuming. She finds out when she gets there and knocks him for a loop, but still wants his help in disappearing. However, on her way to the Crane jet she runs into Sheridan who is very upset and grabs her, asking her not to leave. She thinks she's going insane because she believes her baby is alive and Marty is him while Luis tells her she's wrong.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Kevin's therapist made him realize that violence would never solve his problems. Michael, Lauren and Gloria worried about his whereabouts. JT and Mac went to Michael's, where JT and Michael got into a screaming match about the pain Kevin had been through and the support he now needed. Kevin interrupted them all and revealed he'd been at therapy. Mac was proud, but JT rushed her out. Gloria - who had stayed hidden from Mac and JT - told Kevin she was proud of him. Jack and Jill felt good about receiving proxy votes from Billy and Traci to allow Jack to take over at least 50% of Jabot. When Kay and Jill fought, Jack later warned Jill that she'd need to make peace with her Mother in order for things to go smoothly. When Jill later begged Kay to put the incident with Arthur in the past and allow them to be close again, Kay wondered (to Esther) what exactly Jill was up to. Phyllis got Malcolm to admit that there was a chance Lily was his daughter. Dru ordered Phyllis to leave the hospital and leave her family alone. Phyllis eavesdropped on a call from DMS Labs to Dru. Nick offered words of support to the Winters family. Jack and Nick agreed that Victor needed to be removed from Jabot. Olivia brought news that Neil had made it through surgery and would recover.

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