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AMC by Jenn

Right when Jonathan is spying upon Bianca and Babe and ready to get revenge, Ryan appears. He finds his brother and realizes how sick he is and that there is no excuse for his behavior. Jack and Reggie have Derek take Jonathan down to the station. Lily reveals to Danielle that she wouldn't mind being intimate with Aidan after all. Bianca has to cancel her surprise birthday party because of how upset she is not only about Jonathan, but also by Babe playing "hero". Seeing Babe holding Miranda makes her want to lash out at her because of what she's done. But she sounds like she might consider helping get Babe and Jamie off the hook and get their baby boy.

ATWT by Rosey

Its Katie and Henry's wedding day. Margo asks her if she's sure about marrying Henry, she insists she loves him. Henry worries that Mike will stop the wedding, he tells Mike that he will step aside for someone who Katie loves more. As the wedding begins, and the minister asks "Does anyone object to this marriage?". In the interrogation room, when Emily is asked who drugged her, she doesn't know what to say. She says its wasn't Barbara, it was Rosanna. Paul is furious, and thinks that Barbara threatened her.

Dusty and Sierra visit the spa that they hope to purchase. She persuades him to take a mud bath. When the owner of the spa is skeptical of their relationship and business practices, she tells him that they are married and World Wide is a family business.

B&B by Leigh

Just as Ridge thinks Bridget might have died, Nick saves them! They're rushed to the hospital and Ridge is in good physical shape, but Bridget had severe hypothermia and frostbite. Amber was freaked out that she almost killed Bridget but eventually decides that she'll use the tape of Ridge kissing Bridget in the mineshaft to get Thomas back.

Days by Danielle

Shawn comforts Belle as they wait to hear about Mimi’s condition. Rex questions Belle’s reaction to the news about the doctor wanting to know Mimi’s history but Belle covers by reminding Rex that Mimi was sick earlier with “female problems.” Belle promises Shawn that she will end her marriage to Philip so that they can be together. Bonnie accuses Rex of harming Mimi at first. Bonnie intercepts before the doctor can mention the abortion to Rex by insisting that she be the only one consulted about Mimi’s recent medical history. Bonnie admits to the doctor that Mimi had an abortion after the doctor tells her that Mimi has a pelvic infection. Bonnie blames herself for Mimi’s illness. Mimi asks the nurse to send Rex in. Mimi starts to tell Rex about the abortion but Rex vows that he will love Mimi no matter what. Bonnie overhears the conversation and promises to stay out of Mimi and Rex’s relationship if God will make Mimi healthy.

Brady punches John out during a struggle for the drugs and is caught by the police. John comes to and vouches for Brady but the cops find the drugs and almost arrest them both. John gets out of the arrest by claiming that he was working undercover on a drug bust. Brady yells at Kate, who claims to have been home all night, and fires the nurse after bringing John home. Brady wants to call Judge Fitzpatrick to force John into rehab but John refuses to go. Eugenia gives the play by play to of Lucas, Sami, and Brandon’s situation to Kate over the phone. Sami wakes up and knocks over a lamp in her attempt to get out of bed, alerting Lucas to the fact that someone is in the room. Sami tries to stop Brandon from answering the door to no avail. Sami hides under the covers but Lucas brushes past Brandon and finds Sami anyway. Sami desperately tries to convince Lucas that she loves him but can’t remember how she ended up in bed with Brandon. Lucas doesn’t believe her and calls off the wedding.

GH by Amanda

Of all the Quartermaines, Dillon is the least judgemental when Courtney makes a sympathy call. The rest, except for Monica, think she killed AJ; Monica just thinks she is thrilled AJ is dead. Jax arrives to get Courtney out of there and tell her that Mac is leaning towards suspecting her. The police's arrival stops Faith from killing Jason. Alexis falls and is knocked out when she chases Sam, who summons help. Brooklyn arrives and asks where she hid the baby. Sam insists that she knows nothing, and gets five minutes' head start. Agent Marshall tells Sonny she is sure a woman he hurt is the kidnapper. Carly is sure it's Faith, who drops a clue as she flees. Jason finds it and he and Sam go to check it out. Luke asks Justus to help him get Lucky taken off life support, but Justus won't do it. In Luke's dreams, Lucky urges him to believe he's alive and will make it. A woman shows up at Courtney's and informs her that she killed AJ for her, it's time to celebrate, and for Courtney to return the favor. Justus denies knowing where Faith could be. Faith sends Sonny a note demanding a meeting. Tony tells Alexis she is pregnant.

GL by Elizabeth

Harley has two men proposing a deal to her, she denies both of them. Reva, Cassie and Jonathan team up to outsmart the media & help Harley. Coop calls the DNA lab and insists that he get that results back ASAP. Alex and Lizzie get into an argument about what Phillip would want. Dinah tells Edmund that Cassie was with Jonathan on the night before their wedding and he doesn’t take the news well. Jonathan opts to stay in a hotel to give Reva an argument free day. Reva is paid a visit by a police officer who tells her he has news about her husband. A psychiatrist makes a house call to Lizzie. Jonathan is paid a visit by an angry member of his family. Someone in Springfield confesses to ‘not meaning for the gun to go off.’

OLTL by Janice

It's Valentine's Day in Llanview. Viki visits Ben's gravesite. She professes her love for him, but tells him she must move on and find love. She hears the music of windchimes and knows that Ben is talking to her. RJ dares Lindsay and she sings him a song from atop the piano. Jen and Riley come in and Jen feels the attraction between her mother and RJ. Lindsay goes home for the night with RJ. At the hospital, Michael is by Marcie's bedside and remembers that it was one year ago when he first kissed Marcie. He keeps telling her that he loves her. He's at the window looking out, when Marcie opens her eyes. Margaret convinces Todd to have sex with her so that Blair can be set free. Todd dreams of Blair as Margaret lays beside him. At Rodi's Roxy does a rousing rendition of "Heartbreaker" karaoke-style. Natalie is embarrassed, but it leads Evangeline to get up and sing a song to John. After the song, John tells her that the barrier in his heart is breaking. Natalie is upset to see them kissing. At the jail, Chris asks Antonio to take care of Natalie. Then Christian is taken to Statesville Prison. He is given an art set and paints a beautiful portrait of Natalie as a bride. He is content that Natalie can now move on with her life.

Passions by Shirley

Several couples showed up at the Seascape for Valentine's dinner, with varying results. Chad and Valerie had a nice dinner and dance, but his mind was on Whitney, while Martin and Katherine were on two different pages. Eve and Julian were given a table next to TC and Liz and sparks flew immediately, forcing the maitre d' to find the better couple a new table. Fox and Whitney show up in time to keep them company as they waited. Luis talked Sheridan into not believing her son is hers, but only because she loves him so much. Someone get these two a brain to share, ok? Beth is relieved, but Edna knows the day will come when the truth will out - just hopefully not before she finishes her box of chocolates.

Rebecca fends off the snoopy cop who came to the cabin looking for Gwen and the baby, and just in time to keep Gwen from shedding more blood. Rebecca knows Gwen needs help but does nothing to find it for her.

Y&R By Christopher  **One Day Ahead

Michael and Lauren danced and dined, pausing to talk to Nick and Sharon, where Michael revealed he'd given Sharon advice about NE and Jabot. Nick told Sharon he'd begged Ashley to fire Victor, but wouldn't tell her what his plans are to have Victor removed from Jabot. Kevin told Gloria about his failed date, blamed her for the problems he'd had, and stormed off without word about where he was headed. Mac revealed to Michael that she had never been set to go out with Kevin, but insisted he'd taken it well. JT gave Mac a Valentine's gift. Gloria told Michael that Kevin had disappeared, so Michael told Lauren, JT and Mac that they may have a problem. Kevin went to Dr. Woods' office, intent on getting help, rather than going off the deep end again. Victor and Nikki shared a romantic dinner, and walked the grounds of the ranch. She admitted she wished for more special times together. Lily didn't understand Dru, Malcolm and Olivia's refusal to let her donate blood for Neil, who needed a transfusion. Devon made Lily accept the decision, and realized he's part of the family now. Malcolm gave blood, and ran into Phyllis who revealed her belief that he - not Neil - is really Lily's Father.

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