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AMC by Jenn

Jonathan terrorizes Bianca in a storage room until Lily leads Babe to find her and rescue her. Lily also knows she needs to find Ryan and get him save Bianca from his brother, as Jonathan is still lurking and spying upon Bianca and Babe when they believe they are safe. Ryan is still upset and not ready to deal with discovering that he is not Chris' son. Jack overhears Kendall and Greenlee talking about their belief that Jonathan drugged Greenlee and he is ready to intervene. But Ryan still does not believe his brother did that. Krystal is ready to turn herself in in order to save Babe from prison. But Tad and David urge her not to. Jamie goes to ask Maggie to help Babe. But she refuses because she knows what Bianca went through due to Babe's actions and she says she could care less about Babe and owes Bianca better than that.

ATWT by Eva

Aaron and Alison discover they forgot the keys to their apartmet so they go back to Metro to get them. The INS agent arrives to interview Rafael and Rafael doesn't want the agent to discover Celia arrived in the USA without a passport so he asks Aaron and Alison to hide Celia in their apartment untill he can get in touch with Sierra so she can provide a passport for Celia to return home. Aaron and Alison agree to help Rafael hide Celia but they are upset because it means they can't make love. Mike Helps Henry with some last minute preperations to help make Katie's wedding day special. Barbara and Rosanna are worried because they are unsure their plan to hypnotize Emily worked. Holden is angry because Lily can't accept that he is with Julia. Holden informs Lily he is only going to go to marriage counseling to help the kids adjust to their upcomming divorce. Lily vows not to let Julia hurt Holden no matter what happens with their marriage. Julia asks her brother Keith not to tell anyone what happened in El Paso. Emily hestitates when Tom asks her who gave her the drugs because she can remember a woman gave her the drugs but she can't remember the woman's face.

B&B by Leigh

Ridge and Bridget are lying in the mineshaft, and they realize that they've spent the entire night down there. Brooke is frantic and calls Hector to get people he knows to help with a search. Clarke tries to reason with Amber and tells her that they're dying because of the cold. Nick finds their skis and is closer to finding them. Bridget drifts into unconsciousness and Amber finally has evidence of Ridge giving Bridget a kiss.

Days by Danielle

Bo surprises Hope by blindfolding her and carrying her upstairs where, together with Maggie, he has organized an early romantic Valentine’s Day celebration. Billie continues to drink several beers. In her inebriated state, she kisses Patrick. Billie gets angry when Patrick tries to cut off Billie’s alcohol intake so she turns to Mace who is more than willing to take advantage of the situation. When Mace gets too forward, Billie throws him over a table, which sparks a fight between Mace and the guy sitting at the table. Mace then turns on Patrick and they fight. Billie takes a swing at Mace while he’s being held but accidentally hits one of the other guys. The guy turns out to be a police officer that arrests Billie for assaulting him. Patrick steps in to defend Billie so the cop arrests him too. Billie mentions Bo’s name to try and get out of it so the cop calls Bo. The cop threatens to file a formal complaint if Bo pulls rank and insists on taking Billie to the drunk tank. Bo agrees to meet them at the station and sneaks out on a sleeping Hope.

Brady confronts John, as he is about to inject himself with the medication. Brady struggles with John to keep him from injecting himself. John tells Brady about Marlena’s visit but Brady makes John see that he was only hallucinating. John lunges for the drugs out of Brady’s hand but Brady knocks him out. Lucas speeds on his way to the Jetway Inn and is stopped by a cop. The cop runs a background check on Lucas and makes him step out of the car for a sobriety test. Lucas passes the sobriety test but still is made to wait as the cop writes out the speeding ticket. Sami and Brandon wake up, realize who they are in bed with, but then pass out again. Eugenia watches from around the corner as Lucas knocks on Brandon’s hotel room door. Shawn and Rex come running upon hearing Belle’s scream and together they get Mimi to the hospital. Rex tells them about Jan’s doll gift and Belle lets it slip that Jan must have found out about Mimi’s secret. Belle covers by claiming that she was talking about keeping the news of Mimi being in the hospital from Bonnie. The doctor diagnoses Mimi as septic and deduces that Mimi had an abortion based on Mimi’s medical files and an ultrasound. When asked by the doctor who they can talk to about the abortion, Mimi calls out Rex’s name. Belle makes Shawn promise not to contact Philip until she does.

GH by Amanda

When Sonny finds Jason and Sam, the agent follows him, but lets them go. Alan lambasts Courtney over AJ's death; Jax steps in to defend her. Steve keeps a close eye on Monica, suspecting she helped Jason. Brooke and Diego plot to be together while Lorenzo urges his mother not to return to Mexico. Maria agrees to move to Port Charles. Liz assures Ric that karma is not punishing him by taking Kristina. Alexis makes a televised appeal to the kidnapper to consider the child's health. Sam was able to reach Monica and get Jason's meds, but Alexis did see her. The Quartermaines sit around and hash out their grief until Courtney shows up to tell them about the night AJ died. Faith finds a wounded, sleeping Jason and threatens him.

GL by Elizabeth

Reva ruins a business deal for Lewis Construction because she has only one thing on her mind. Josh gets close to having Jonathan admit some feelings and is interrupted by his wife. The two argue over what is best for Jonathan. Jonathan apologizes to his mother for ruining her car. The Coopers throw a party for Harley. Coop locks Lizzie into a florist shop and she has flashbacks of blood & a gun. Gus argues with his father about turning his back on Harley. He (Gus) then receives help from a member of his family that he didn’t anticipate. After a conversation with Jeffery O’Neill, Alan is arrested and taken to the police station.

OLTL by Janice

Over the walkie-talkie, Blair tells Todd to do whatever is necessary to save them from Margaret. Margaret is thrilled to hear that and tells Todd that she would keep it a secret. Blair would never have to know that Todd impregnated her. TOdd is repulsed. He tells Margaret that he can't give her a baby because he's had a vasectomy. Margaret checks him for scars and realizes he's lying. Todd thinks about giving himself a vasectomy just to keep her away. Roxy's car gets towed to the garage where Blair is held in the trunk of a car. Roxy finds herself on the wrong floor and hears voices coming from the direction of the car, but she thinks she's hearing spooks. She gets the attendant to come up, but he refuses to open the car trunk. BLair is now quiet because she's fallen asleep from the cold. Marcie goes into cardiac arrest and Michael tries to help. Dr. Miller comes in just as Michael is about to stick a needle into Marcie. Michael is incensed that she won't let him treat Marcie. Marcie's Dad doesn't want Michael around because Hayes told him that the accident was Michael's fault. Ron tells his father that Michael and Marcie still care about each other. John finds out that the DNA sample proves that "Christian" really is Christian. Christian begs him not to tell Natalie because she will never leave his side and he's been sentenced to life in prison. He tells John he wants her to get on with her life and forget about him. John thinks Natalie should know the truth and sends her down to talk to Christian in his cell. Christian refuses to tell her, but he has begun remembering his past. He mistakenly calls Natalie by a pet name and she is surprised that he would know that phrase. Evangeline is upset that once again John is comforting Natalie. She's not sure that he should be helping his friend. She asks Antonio to talk to Natalie since they were the people closest to CHristian. Antonio tells her that if the relationship is meant to work out nothing can come between them.

Passions by Shirley

Martin is still waiting outside in the snow for news of his granddaughter, and Pilar sees him and takes pity, carrying out some coffee for him. She tries to tell him she no longer blames him for leaving, it was all Katherine's fault, but when he says it isn't, she gets mad, and Theresa comes out to investigate. She tells her father to go away, turns in a huff to go back inside and rolls herself off the ramp, ending up dumped out of the chair into the snow. Sheridan is thrilled with her new discovery, holding Marty and reading to him over and over. Beth is beside herself and decides to kill her rival and bury her in the basement, covering her with a new layer of cement so no one will ever know she was there. She manages to get Sheridan into the basement but Edna foils her plans and saves the day. However, Beth is determined to get rid of the woman so she chases her upstairs with the shovel still in hand, only to find Luis has arrived, looking for his true love. He is amazed at Sheridan's news, however, and begins to wonder about her sanity again.

Alistair finally agrees to help Katherine disappear on her terms. Fox and Julian have a father/son chat while Eve and Whitney mend some bridges, finally. Gwen is waiting for Ethan to come get her and the baby so they can go to New Zealand when the cabin door opens and someone comes to visit.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Michael and Lauren wished Kevin well on his date, and told him to take things slowly. Mac got JT to agree to meet her a bit later, giving her time to see Kevin first. At the club, Lauren and Michael told her to have a good time. Kevin was sad she wasn't wearing the dress he bought her. She explained that he needed to focus on his therapy, promised to be there for him, but said the timing wasn't right for them to be involved romantically. Kevin held JT accountable for blabbing about the fire, then stormed off. JT arrived and thanked Mac for spending the evening with him. As he kissed her, Kevin observed from the shadows. Nikki failed to get Victor to blow off work to have dinner with her. Nick told Victor he was neglecting Nikki, then reminded him it was Valentine's Day. At the ranch, Victor surprised Nikki with a romantic, candle-lit dinner. At Memorial Hospital, Malcolm comforted Lily and Dru - who both blamed Devon a bit for Neil's accident. Devon and Lily argued about the misunderstandings that day. Devon met with Lorena Davis and begged her to take him out of the Winters home to spare them more pain. Dru had a heart to heart with him, and insisted he was part of their family now and would not leave... ever. Olivia told the whole family that she had bad news... there was a problem with Neil's surgery.

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