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AMC by Jenn

Jonathan is spying upon Bianca as she goes to the foundation party. He is ready to get revenge on her, believing she motivated Maggie to break up with him. Aiden talks to Maggie and develops a friendship with her. Ryan and Zach get into a bar fight. Ryan is not ready to talk about what is going on for him, knowing he's a real Lavery, although it's obvious that it devastates him. Babe is scheming to see her son. Tad and Jamie are worried she could get in trouble with her methods. Kelly Buchanan wants to help Babe get her baby back.

ATWT by Eva

Aaron gets a clean bill of health from Ben, which means he and Alison can make love. Aaron and Alison go back to their apartment for a romantic day, but things keep interrupting their plans. At Metro, Rafael is surprised when a crate full of oranges arrives for him. Rafael is even more surprised when his sister Celia arrives in Oakdale inside the crate full of oranges. At Java, Holden agrees to consider marriage counseling with Lily in order to please Luke. Holden makes it clear to Luke that marriage counseling doesn't mean that he will get back together with Lily and leave Julia. At Fairwinds, Rosanna drugs Emily's water so she can plant thoughts in Emily's head that she (Rosanna) ordered her to hang Cabot's Christmas stocking and put the doll in Will's hands. Paul arrives before Rosanna can finish with Emily and wonders what Rosanna is doing to Emily. At the Lakeview, Julia meets with Keith and asks for his help to stop Carly and Lily. Keith agrees to help Julia with Carly and Lily. Later, Lily gives Holden the key to Keith's room and tells him Julia is inside the room with another man. Holden is shocked to find Julia is with Keith and the two men almost fight with each other. Holden, Carly and Lily are shocked to learn Keith is Julia's brother.

B&B by Leigh

Amber watches Ridge and Bridget spend an entire night in the mineshaft. Brooke realizes they've not come home and sends Nick to Big Bear to look for them. When he gets there, he sees the note Ridge left for Bridget, indicating the direction he was going. Thomas and Brooke call the Ranger to let him know that Ridge and Bridget are missing. Clarke threatens Amber, telling her if she doesn't stop this now, he will. She tells him that he's an accomplice and if she goes down, he goes down with her. Amber is still convinced that the two of them will act on their hidden feelings for each other.

Days by Danielle

John dreams about Marlena, who promises to stay with him and urges him to be strong. John searches the nurse’s bag for drugs while she sleeps. Not finding any, he sneaks out of the penthouse and buys more pain medication from a drug dealer at the pier. John comes close to being caught by a cop. John sees another vision of Marlena as he prepares to inject himself with the drugs. The vision of Marlena urges John to stop taking the drugs. The vision of Marlena mentions how the kids have lost their mother and fades away as John wakes up on the pier and realizes that Marlena was never really there with him. John starts to fill the syringe when someone surprises him. Belle deletes the email and refuses to break up with Philip. Shawn worries that Belle is beginning to believe that she could have a future with Philip. Belle worries that the truth will put Philip in danger and thus the guilt would come between her and Shawn. Belle decides to seek Mimi’s advice but screams at what she sees upon entering Mimi’s loft.

Eugenia anxiously awaits Lucas’ arrival at the hotel. Lucas accuses Kate of lying about Sami being with Brandon. Despite Kate’s persistence, Lucas decides to trust Sami. Kate pretends to be the caring mother and supportive of the impending marriage. Lucas threatens to cut Kate out of his and Will’s life if he ever finds out that she has been trying to break up him and Sami. Lucas insists that if Sami messes up again, he’s gone for good. Lucas calls Brandon’s room at the hotel to prove to Kate that Sami isn’t fooling around. When there is no answer, because Brandon and Sami are still asleep, Lucas deduces that no one is in the room. Kate suggests that Brandon came back to Salem to try and talk Sami out of marrying Lucas. Lucas decides to go down to the hotel in an effort to prove to Kate that Sami isn’t there. Kate asks Lucas not to tell Sami about her hiring a private investigator.

GH by Lisa

Sonny and Reese come to a new understanding. Alexis suffers a fall after trapping Sam in a stairwell at the hospital. Jason is in danger from Faith. Courtney insists to the Quartermaines that she didn't kill AJ. Courtney remains a suspect in AJ's murder. Brook Lynn and Diego are determined to see each other, despite their parents' objections

GL by Elizabeth

Michelle becomes mad when she sees a family painting that Robbie has done that doesn’t include her and she takes steps to change that. Marina has a small freak out in thinking about the future. Danny assures Marina that he will be there for her if she ends up having to care for Harley’s children. Edmund shows up at Reva’s house looking for Jonathan. Reva finds out that Josh went to Cassie in order to convince her to tell Edmund the truth. She leaves Jonathan and Josh alone to work out their problems and is surprised when she comes home to find the house empty. Jonathan calls Dinah and decides he’s done being a ‘nice guy’ and begins a fire in the barn. Josh plays fireman and then drags Jonathan off to teach him a lesson. Cassie asks Blake to lie for her. Edmund wrestles with his own demons. Holly tells Blake that Sebastian and she shared a ‘connection.’ Someone watches Holly from a distance. Edmund finds the remnants of a fire in the barn and wonders who set it.

OLTL by Suzanne

Kelly told Babe that she would help her win custody of Ace and get rid of the kidnapping charges. They watched a video of Ace's early days that Kelly had made. Todd told Blair via walkie-talkie that he has a way to save them. She told him to do whatever he has to. Margaret prepared to make a baby with Todd, now that they have Blair's blessing (but Blair doesn't really know what's going on). Jessica showed Antonio the stalker's new note and they figured out it probably wasn't Cristian.

Natalie was full of anger towards the fake Cristian. Viki, Jess, and Kevin tried to console her. Viki asked Kevin to help find Todd. John told Cristian that the DNA test shows that he really is Cristian Vega. Cris asked John not to tell Natalie because he doesn't want her waiting for him while he is in prison for life. Carlotta visited Cris in jail to yell at him but ended up feeling sympathy. Cristian finally remembered his past memories. Natalie shared her feelings with John; he told her that Cris wanted to see her, so she visited him. Evangeline was worried that Natalie will turn to John for help and that her relationship with him is in danger.

Passions by Shirley

Sheridan is positive Marty is her son, which seems to thrill Edna while scaring the bejeebers out of Beth. Even Beth's insistence that she is wrong and needs to stop thinking that way didn't make an impact on Sheridan. She has found her son and won't be talked out of it by anyone. Beth decides the woman needs another trip to the basement, with no exit this time. Luis and Martin make a small connection, but Martin holds out hope it will be the start of his reconciliation with his son. Sam tries to be supportive, while Ethan just tries to convince himself and everyone else Gwen won't harm his daughter.

Fox visits Father Lonigan and asks his advice, and while the priest knows what's at the root of his problems with Whitney, he can't tell him. Meanwhile, Eve makes Julian promise he won't tell Fox or Chad the truth, but leaves him a loophole he might just find a way through. Chad and Valerie make love while Whitney watches, jealous and upset at that fact. She runs to the one place she has been trying to avoid for the comfort she needs - her mother's open arms, while Chad finds evidence that his tryst was witnessed by his true love.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

JT told Mac they didn't have to go out for Valentine's if she didn't want to. She insisted they'd have a night to remember. Kevin told Gloria about his therapy, but she was more interested in him building a relationship with the well-to-do Mac. JT shopped for a gift for Mac with help from Lauren (who didn't realize who he'd be going out with). Kevin sent Mac a dress for their 'date' that night, making her realize she was in over her head. Nikki told Sharon she should stay at home, not go to work at NE. Nick comforted Nikki, who admitted she missed Victor and would not have him back until he was out of Jabot. Gloria interrupted a meeting between the big wigs at Jabot, annoying Ash, who announced plans to leave for France on business. Nick visited Ash and told her to tell Victor to leave Jabot so he could be with Nikki. Ash warned Nick not to go up against his Father, or he'd regret it. Drucilla, Malcolm, Devon and Lily all shared emotional mornings in the hospital as Olivia told them Neil would have to undergo surgery, and might not survive.

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