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AMC by Jenn

Maggie finally realizes that she never loved Jonathan. She was only lonely and empty and needed something or somebody to fill the empty void. She realizes she did not know him, saw him the way she wanted to see him and that was not love. He tells her that it must be Bianca who has convinced her to dump him. But she tells him it has nothing to do with Bianca. Bianca and Greenlee compare notes about Jonathan's behaviors and discover that he manipulates both Maggie and Ryan into blaming themselves for his sickness. Ryan discovers that Chris Stamp lied about being his real father and that abusive Patrick Lavery was Ryan's real father. Erica is concerned about how Ryan is taking the news. Greenlee asks Ethan to help her husband telling him he owes Ryan. Zach urges Ethan not to follow in the footsteps of the greedy Cambias'. Ethan is forming an alliance with JR where each will help the other with their legal battles. Babe goes to see her son and tries to convince Kevin Buchanan that no child can be without his mother. But Kevin still will not give him up.

ATWT by Rosey

Dusty tells Sierra about a plan he has to open a family spa in California. She says she likes the idea, but she needs to go with him to check it out. He gets defensive and says he doesn’t need her to hold his hand. She insists that is not the case, this is just a business risk and she would like to be involved. Katie and Margo look outside to see Henry sobbing on the porch. Katie realizes that she is breaking his heart, as he’s obviously much more attached to her than she realized. Margo warns she should break it off. When she tries to do so, Henry insists he knows that this is all for Mike and he doesn’t care. He continues to make wedding plans. Katie begins to cry when she sees how much Henry cares for her.

Rosanna and Barbara continue to talk about how to get Barbara freed. She tells Rosanna the drug she used on Emily and how to use it. Rosanna called Dr. Silverman for a very big discreet favor. He warns her that too much of the drug could be very harmful to a person. She receives another taunting call from James. He’s pleased with her work so far. Mike arrives at Katie’s house to find her crying, he tells her if those tears are for his benefit, she might as wells stop. Angrily, she tells him it has nothing to do with him. She finally realized that the person she was looking for all her life is right in front of her face. She tells him Henry loves her no matter what and would do anything for her. She only hopes she can make him happy for the rest of his life. She thanks Mike for being Henry’s best man and such a good friend. He leaves looking a little confused about their conversation. Craig tell Jennifer about his plan for street jeans. He thinks she should incorporate country music and put ads on TV. She wonders if the plan will involve Mike, and Craig warns that if it doesn’t it could affect their personal relationship.

B&B by Leigh

Bridget yells for help from the bottom of the mine while Ridge searches for her. Clarke and Amber watch her on closed circuit TV, but as Ridge gets closer to the mine Amber tells Clarke they need to hurry. Ridge finds Bridget and she begs him to get her out of the mineshaft. He finds a rope and goes into the mine to bring her out. Once he's suspended down the shaft by the rope, Amber takes the axe and cuts the rope. Ridge falls the rest of the way down.

Massimo holds Deacon down with his foot. Massimo asks him if he's man enough to hit rock bottom and stand back up again like he did. Outside the restaurant Nick asks Massimo if he found a way to get Deacon back on booze. Massimo admits to Nick that he did.

Days by Danielle

Chloe helps Clara with a vocal exercise. Brady believes that he recognizes Chloe’s voice as she is singing but Nicole convinces him otherwise. Dr. Weiss convinces Chloe to meet Brady and Nicole but Chloe backs out when Clara finally remembers Brady’s name. Kate tells Lucas that a private investigator followed Sami to the Jetway Inn and witnessed Sami enter Brandon’s room. Kate claims that the private investigator said to come down and see for themselves as proof but Lucas accuses Kate of trying to break up him and Sami.

Bo helps soften Hope’s anger for him by preparing a romantic scene with a blazing fire and candlelight. Jennifer senses Jack’s love close to her. Julie stops by with an offer to watch Jack Patrick but Jennifer would rather enjoy the routine of having to take care of the baby. Jack is now close enough to Salem that he can tune in a Salem radio station and the captain promises that the Statue of Liberty is one port away. Billie and Patrick spend the evening at the Cheatin’ Heart. Patrick secretly meets with someone outside to make a shady deal while a very amorous man hits on Billie. Abby and Chelsea use fake ID’s to get into the bar and witness Billie and Patrick. Abby drags Chelsea back home before they can be caught.

GH by  Amanda

Skye learns of AJ's death. She suspects Courtney, who denies it. Her alibi is true. When the cops and Steve search Carly's house, she is upset with them for disturbing her kids and then telling her Jason has been shot. Steve's defense of the shooting gets him kicked out. Faith rocks Kristina, explaining why she has been kidnapped, promising her a good life. Monica saves Jason's life. Carly gets Sonny freed from jail.

GL by Elizabeth

Gus moves out of the hotel. Alan and Ross discuss disbarring Gus. Lizzie manipulates a scene so that it looks as though Gus attacked her. She calls Coop for help in convincing her uncle that she is being honest. Bill and Olivia stage a fight for Alan’s benefit. Dinah gets flowers from Cassie and then goes to meet with her. The two women get in both a verbal and physical fight. Ross walks in on Cassie and Dinah and is surprised at what he sees. Coop assures his sister that there could be more evidence out there that will prove her innocent. Harley undergoes hypnosis which is cut short. She realizes something startling about Gus.

OLTL by Janice

Antonio pays "Christian" a visit in jail to find out where the real Christian is. A jail guard stands by while Antonio reaches through and smashes Christian's head against the bars after Antonio hears that his real brother is dead. Chris does not protest. Carlotta is devastated to hear the news that Christian is really gone. Antonio, Carlotta, Natalie, VIki, Jessica, JOhn and Evangeline all go to the courtroom to hear word of Christian's verdict. Outside of the courtroom, John asks Evangeline to be patient with him. After the death of Caitlyn, he just needs time to profess his love. Evangeline walks away. Jessica finds a note in her bag from the stalker telling her that Christian wasn't the one. Inside the courtroom, Christian is given life without parole. The courtroom empties and John is there alone. He opens the DNA results and is perplexed. Blair communicates with Todd through a two way radio that Margaret left for her. She tells Todd how cold she is and she wonders if she'll ever get out. Todd tells her that he's glad she never gave up on him. Blair responds that she'll do anything to get them both free. Margaret changes into a black negligee. Todd looks like he may give in to Margaret's demands for a baby.

Passions by Shirley

Whitney is still trying to get away from everyone, but Fox manages to follow her everywhere. She finally manages to get him to stay at Theresa's, and then decides she has to go tell Chad the truth so he can help her. She walks into a scene she never bargained for, however. Meanwhile, the search continues for Gwen and Baby Jane, although Alistair is well aware of their whereabouts and the others know it but can't prove it. Katherine makes a strange request of him, and he seems intrigued by it.

Eve can't take it anymore and tells Julian Whitney's secret. He is stunned, but realizes the predicament the two women are in and why they lied about it to everyone. At Beth's house, Sheridan's visit has unnerved the psycho, but she still believes her secrets are safe, although Edna doesn't agree. As they go upstairs to get Marty, Sheridan finds his picture and looks at it, bringing back memories that make her realize she is looking at her own son. When the women come back downstairs, they realize she now knows the truth.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

JT told Mac that if Valentine's Day was a choice between him or Kevin, she was definitely going out with him. Michael and Lauren urged Kevin not to rush things with Mac, and not to surprise her with a Valentine's date. They worried he was obsessing over yet another girl. Nick refused to back down from Victor. Sharon interrupted them and told Victor that - regardless of how he felt - she was leaving Jabot and going to work with Nick at NE. Later, she warned Nick never to manipulate her again, never to turn into his Father, and never to leave a room without kissing her. Malcolm and Devon tried to comfort Drucilla and Lily at Memorial Hospital. Olivia brought bad news that Neil might not live and wanted to see everyone. Neil had emotional words for each family member, telling Devon he was a son who was now in charge of the house, and telling Lily not to blame herself for the accident. Brittany blew up on Nikki, accusing her of sabotaging her marriage and wanting Bobby for herself. She then revealed her pregnancy to a stunned Nikki and Bobby. Later, she apologized to Bobby for her behaviour. He promised her everything would work out for them in the end.

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