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AMC by Jenn

Aiden and Anita invite Jonathan's ex-girlfriend, Lorraine to talk to Maggie about her experience with Jonathan. She reveals to Maggie that Jonathan pulled all the same stunts with her that he is now pulling with Maggie. And it finally wakes Maggie up to the reality that she needs to get Jonathan out of her life, forever. Bianca concludes that maybe she should leave Maggie alone and stay out of her situation with Jonathan. Erica shows Ryan a personal diary of his father Chris. And he discovers something shocking written in the diary.

ATWT by Linda

Barbara goes along with Roseanna despite her instinct not to trust James and the risk of further alienating Will. Roseanna also reveals that there are no lawyers, but her plan to make it look like she was haunting herself. Keith remains a mystery and Lily is stunned that he crawls out the window when Holden arrives. She takes his picture as he crawls out. Jack and Carly run damage control with Parker, Carly hinting that she may be up to something to Jack, who somewhat disapproves. The minister comes to interview Henry and Katie and when Mike comes in, he seems to push Katie toward Henry. When Henry asks Katie what would be so bad about being married to him, she tells him she only did any of this to get Mike back which devastates Henry but finally makes Katie realize how selfish she’s being.

ATWT by Rosey (bonus)

As Katie hopes that her wedding won't happen, the minister and his wife stop to visit the "happy" couple. Barbara refused to sign the plea bargain papers. Hal promised that she will be found guilty and spend the rest of her life in prison. Carly and Lily sit outside Julia's apartment and watch her with Keith. Carly calls Holden and convinces him to bring J.J. home, hoping he'll find Keith there. Rosanna tells Barbara that she will admit to drugging Emily, so that she can get Cabot back from James.

B&B by Leigh

Jackie meets Sally, Thorne, and Darla for dinner to talk about a media blitz for the Jackie M. boutique and Spectra Couture line. Massimo and Nick watch as a tipsy Deacon arrives at the restaurant. Deacon greets Jackie and the Spectra gang and starts yelling for a waiter to bring him Vodka now! Deacon admits that he's had a couple drinks before arriving there. Massimo stops by Jackie's table and Deacon goes to attack him but falls to the ground. Massimo holds Deacon down with his foot on his chest.

Amber watches Bridget fall into the mineshaft. Bridge lays unconscious at the bottom of the mine. Brooke leaves to head home and Ridge stays behind to wait for Bridget to return. Amber watches on a closed circuit TV she set up in the mine, and she looks at Bridget lying at the bottom, before long Bridget begins to move. Worried, Ridge goes searching for Bridget. Amber tells Clarke that her plan is to get Ridge into the mine with Bridget. Ridge follows her ski trail and yells for Bridget. Bridge yells from the mine for help.

Days by Danielle

Clara’s doctor shows Nicole and Brady before and after photos of Clara’s accident after they present the doctor with the check. The doctor brings Clara to meet Brady and Nicole. Brady tells Clara that he’d love to talk to her about a career in music after college. Brady’s interest is piqued when the doctor mentions that his other patient is also a once beautiful singer and accepts the doctor’s offer to meet the other patient. Nancy lies to Chloe about the doctor’s warning; instead she implores Chloe to call Brady now instead of waiting. Chloe refuses to let Brady know she is alive until she completely heals which prompts Nancy to be truthful about the doctor’s warning. Chloe questions whether Brady would dump Nicole upon hearing that she is alive. Clara rushes into Chloe’s room to tell her the news about Nicole’s donation. Eugenia keeps an eye on Sami and Brandon while she anxiously waits for Kate to get Lucas to the hotel. Eugenia is caught loitering by a bellman. Eugenia pretends to have been waiting to meet with Brandon but the bellman refuses to leave her alone until Eugenia agrees to wait for Brandon in the lobby. Lucas questions Kate’s attitude turnaround since she now claims to be okay with Lucas marrying Sami. Kate tells Lucas that the private investigator she claims to have hired found out that Sami is not at home tonight.

Hope, Bo, Billie, and Patrick return to Salem and stop in at Jennifer’s house where they fill her in on what happened in Europe. Hope and Billie argue about whether Georgia is really alive and Bo accuses Patrick of still working for DiMera. Patrick promises to help Billie find Georgia while Jennifer looks on uncomfortably. Bo and Patrick argue about who was at fault in their quest and Hope and Billie join the argument when Bo proclaims that Hope and Patrick never should have come to Europe. Jennifer cries as she holds Jack’s picture and thinks about how she and Jack used to fight like Hope and Bo. Belle pulls the plug on her and Shawn’s romantic reunion when Shawn begins to carry Belle upstairs. Belle refuses to be with Shawn until she’s no longer married to Philip. Shawn urges Belle to let Philip know that it’s over so they can move on. Shawn asks Belle whom she loves more, him or Philip and Belle insists that she loves Shawn. Shawn convinces Belle to email Philip.

GH by Lisa

Durant tries to manipulate Sonny's situation to his advantage. At Sonny's request, Carly agrees to make a genuine effort to have a relationship with Durant, who then drops the charges against Sonny. Sonny is certain Sam didn't kidnap Kristina but Alexis is unconvinced. Alone, Alexis breaks down. Reese tells Sonny she needs to know everything about him in order to find the kidnapper.

Faith wants revenge against Sonny, Alexis and Ric. Monica tends to Jason's gunshot wound and warns Sam he could possibly develop a deadly infection. Jason is determined to find the kidnapper. Faith makes sure there is nothing to connect Rollo to her. Skye gets a call informing her that AJ has been murdered. Courtney convinces Skye and Jax that she didn't kill AJ. Justus informs most of the Quartermaines about AJ's death. Alan tells Monica that AJ is dead.

GL by Elizabeth

Cassie lies to Edmund about what is on the videotape. Reva tells Josh who really ruined her car and he’s worried. Coop makes it out of Lizzie’s room with the evidence in tow. Harley and Gus share some time together and are interrupted by news about her trial. Zach reminds Tammy that sometimes happy endings do happen. Coop shows his father the evidence and the two have to decide what to do with it. Edmund wrestles with demons from his past. Josh goes to Cassie for help. Alex tells both Alan and Lizzie that she’s sick of the family ‘taking sides.’ Coop breaks back into the Spaulding house to steal something else to help his sister. Buzz feels guilty about doubting his daughter’s innocence. Gus prepares for the trial. Alan tries to get Gus disbarred.

OLTL by Janice

Natalie asks to talk to Christian alone after finding out he's an imposter. He insists that he loves her, but she attacks him and pushes him on John's desk. John comes in and pulls Natalie off of "Christian". Evangeline watches. Natalie will not leave the polic station until the imposter is charged with murder and put in jail. The police are able to find the latex gloves at Llanfair and put "chris" in jail. Jessica tries to comfort Natalie. John tells Evangeline that Natalie will need all of her friends and family. Evangeline tells John that she's worried because she thinks she's falling in love with him. She walks out when he won't tell her that he loves her. He tells her that he's not sure he's capable of it. Viki and Dorian are stranded after Viki's car goes off the road. Dorian gets in touch with David and he comes to their rescue. Viki is upset to hear news on the radio of the suspect in Tico's murder. At the hospital, Marcie needs surgery to repair internal injuries. Hayes goads Michael into hitting him. Hayes then goes to Dr. Miller. She tells Michael that he better have a good explanation or he may be out of a job. Riley is convinced that Rex is just trying to con Jennifer when he shows up at Marcie's bedside. RJ tells Lindsay that he has feelings for her and pulls her into a kiss. Antonio pushes Jessica away because she still believes that he killed Tico.

Passions by Shirley

The hunt is still on for Gwen and Baby Jane, but they are no where in Harmony. However, Alistair knows where they are since he can see them on his monitor. Luis and the other searchers break into his hidden room and demand to know where she is. Will they see the monitor? Not likely. Paloma uses the occasion to try to make peace between her father and the rest of the family, with a little success. Meanwhile, Katherine is leaving Harmony alone.

Beth and Edna continue their combatant ways, with Edna telling her daughter Sheridan and Luis will find out Marty is theirs sooner or later. Just at the appropriate time, Sheridan shows up to talk about him. Gwen fears she has been found out when the clerk at the store tells her about the kidnapping and won't let her leave. It turns out he's just a gentleman, however, wanting to walk them safely to their car. Once back at the cabin, a picture in a drawer sends Gwen into a rage, and blood is shed.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Despite his personal feelings for her, JT advised Brittany to tell Bobby the truth of her pregnancy. She thanked him for his support, and admitted that she was insecure because of Nikki. Bobby was furious when Nikki admitted she'd planned the funeral, not Brittany. Nikki urged him to realize Brittany had meant well and not chastise her. Bobby thanked Nikki with a hug, which Brittany witnessed. Kevin told Michael he finally felt like his life was getting back on track, and gave him a lottery ticket gift. Michael admitted to Lauren that he was worried Kevin was seeking help for Mac's sake, rather than his own. JT told Mac that he and Colleen had broken up. Mac suggested they spend Valentine's Day together. Ashley learned about Jack throwing the chair through the window and confronted him about Brad's sudden attitude change. Jack warned that his love for Jabot would soon be proven. Nick blasted Victor for telling Sharon the truth about her pay. Victor told Nick to do the right thing and tell Sharon to stay at Jabot. Both men accused the other of being ruthless. Though Neil and Malcolm saved Devon from the lion at the zoo, Neil was struck down when Lily lost control of their car and hit him.

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