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AMC by Jenn

Bianca discovers that Marion left Miranda with Jonathan and asks her never to do it again. Marion has no clue "who" Jonathan really is and Miranda is ok for now. First Maggie confronts Aiden and Anita that their plans to break up her and Jonathan are unsuccessful. Later Jonathan tells them he's getting therapy, stopping drinking and harbors no "ill feelings" toward them. But Aiden has informed Maggie that Jonathan got charged with domestic violence before. She confronts Jonathan about that and he gets very upset. She is upset with him for harassing Bianca and not trusting that she loves him. Babe and Jamie are fighting the Chandlers as well as Kevin Buchanan for custody of their baby boy. Jamie goes to ask Bianca to help them get custody. But she tells him she doesn't want to get involved.

ATWT by Linda

Aaron and Alison are excited about his new job and Rafi is proving to be a great employee – but Alison discovers that he’s ashamed to return home and desperate to stay in the country because the shame he feels he’s brought to his family. She helps him write a letter to his family but he can’t bring himself to mail it. Aaron is also unsuccessful in his attempt to help Luc come to grips with Holden’s obvious defection, Luc leaving Metro believing that Holden has recruited Aaron to his side. After seeing Lily in Julia’s apartment’s parking lot, Keith reunites with Julia and also spills the beans as to who has brought him all the way from Chicago to see her. He swears that he still loves her and JJ, Carly and Lily witnessing Keith and Julia embracing from outside her window. JJ and Parker battle and just when Jack thinks the war is irreconcilable, Holden comes to the rescue. Holden and Jack apologize to each other and Jack promises that he and Carly will stay out of Holden’s personal life. Barbara doesn’t buy Roseanna’s sudden burst of generosity but is put straight when James calls her and tells her to allow Roseanna’s lawyers to set her free. Barbara is suspicious and greatly concerned – if she signs the plea bargain, she regains Will’s trust and if she doesn’t she gains her freedom. Paul and Will show up to make sure that she signs and buy Roseanna’s excuse that she’s there to make sure Barbara pays for her crimes. Tom is also there and questions why she hasn't signed the papers, Barbara picking up the pen and searching everyone’s eyes as she trembles.

B&B by Leigh

Clarke asks Amber to tell him exactly what she has planned with the mine and the little black box she put down it, but Amber refuses to tell him. Nick and Bridget agree that they shouldn't continue their romantic relationship and agree to remain friends. Brooke questions Nick about kissing Bridget and tells him she wants whatever is going on between them to end immediately. Ridge scolds Thomas for calling Amber and tells him not to fall into her trap. Amber lures Bridget toward the mine hole that is covered with pine branches, and then watches as she is close to falling into the mine.

Days by Danielle

Nicole plans a scary movie night but Brady is too preoccupied with the news that the daughter of the family they donated to at Christmas in Chloe’s name was in a car accident and is having reconstructive surgery at a nearby clinic. The daughter’s singing voice and hopes of becoming a professional singer remind Brady of Chloe. Nicole decides to offer to donate the cost of the girl’s surgery in memory of Chloe to endear herself to Brady. They head to the clinic to present the check. Chloe wakes up from her reconstructive surgery, confident that she will soon be able to be with Brady. The doctor warns Nancy that Chloe may still have some scarring. Mimi dreams of being pregnant and imagines seeing a baby boy just out of her reach while hearing Jan’s taunts. Mimi talks in her sleep about losing her baby but Rex blames it on Mimi being ill. Mimi chases the vision out into the living room where she suddenly feels stomach pains and collapses. Belle refuses to send Philip the breakup e-mail and asks for time alone to think. Jan yells at Shawn for running after Belle but Shawn vows to find out how Jan got so involved in his life. Shawn returns to Belle’s loft to apologize for arguing with her and Jan walks in on them kissing.

Lucas teaches Will how to properly shine his shoes for the wedding as they talk about Kate being for or against the marriage. Kate calls Lucas and coaxes Lucas through seemingly innocent conversation to realize that Sami may be up to no good. Kate arrives at Lucas’ door, pretending to be upset. Eugenia sneaks an occasional peek in on Sami and Brandon while waiting on Lucas to show up. Sami kisses Brandon while dreaming that she is in bed with Lucas. When Brandon, still half asleep, refers to Sami as Samantha, Sami wakes up and realizes that she is in bed with Brandon. Sami looks around at the set up romantic atmosphere and wonders whether she got drunk and married Brandon instead. Sami tries to convince herself to go back to sleep because being in bed with Brandon must be a dream.

GH by Amanda

Emily has a flashback that makes her yell at Steve not to touch her, but denies still being raped. Courtney asks Skye not to tell Jax about AJ's news. A tough as nails FBI female agent finds evidence tying Sam to the kidnapping. AJ prepares for a reunion. Luke, Liz and Emily wrestle with the choice to disconnect Lucky's life support, then Luke says goodbye to his son. Ric and Alexis beg Sam to tell them where Christina is despite her denials. AJ refuses to divorce Courtney. Jason helps Sam escape, until Sonny stops them with a gun.

GL by Elizabeth

Marina and Danny talk about their relationship and make a decision. Coop stops Gus from bothering Lizzie and she is grateful. Cassie lies to Edmund and tells him that she needs some time for her and Reva to work things out. Reva asks Edmund to help her get Cassie off of Jonathan’s back. Lizzie catches Coop sneaking into her room and the two exchange an intimate moment (or two). Cassie watches the unedited video tape of the night before her wedding. Jonathan becomes interested when she mentions the fire in the barn. Harley tries to fire Gus and the two end up kissing one another. Coop finds some evidence that looks like it incriminates Lizzie.

OLTL by Janice

Christian confesses to killing Tico, but Jessica insists that Antonio’s the one that she saw pull the plug. Antonio tells Jessica that he loves her, but until she believes that he’s innocent they can’t be together. Natalie is devastated that Christian is an imposter. He insists that all of his feelings of love for her were real. Natalie feels like a fool for letting the fake Christian into her life. John offers support. Evangeline worries what that means for her relationship with John. Marcie is struck by a car driven by Margaret and is left in a coma. She has multiple injuries and head trauma and is in critical condition. Her brother and Michael wait for news. Hayes shows up blaming Michael for dragging Marcie away from her appointments and causing the accident to happen. Margaret puts Blair in the trunk of her car and leaves it in a parking garage on a deserted level. She tells the parking attendant that she’s leaving it there for the long term.

Passions by Shirley

Gwen is happy with her safe haven in the Crane cabin, loving being with "Ashley". She realizes she needs to get more supplies for her, tho, and they head to the local General Store. However, and Amber alert came over the radio and made the clerk suspicious. Back in Harmony, everyone is anxiously awaiting word of her capture and the safe return of Jane, but it doesn't seem to be in the cards, since Gwen was out of town before the roadblocks were even thought of.

Katherine decides to leave town alone, thinking that will make it better for everyone else. Father Lonigan wonders if it wouldn't be better to stay, but she says no. The only priest in the world that seems to condone a double-adulterous relationship, and she isn't in the mood to accept it. Sheridan is upset over the kidnapping since it reminds her too much of her own baby, but she finds solace in the nursery, helping with the newborns, although Luis is wary of the situation. And Whitney finally blurts out her true feelings about her baby to Eve just as Fox and Chad walk up behind her and hear.

Y&R By Christopher

Michael told Mackenzie the story of Kevin's false arrest and near-death beating. She vowed not to abandon him. Kevin thanked Michael and Mac for forcing him to undergo therapy and admitted he felt it would be good for him. He told Mac they should take a break while he got help, but she insisted she'd stand by him. He kissed her. Jack and Nikki agreed they both wanted to see Victor leave Jabot for very different reasons. Ashley was skeptical of Brad's sudden attitude change where Victor was concerned. Bobby thanked Brittany for arranging the funeral, but later found a notepad with the plans in Nikki's handwriting. JT told Brittany that he and Colleen had broken up, and nearly admitted he'd been in love with her. Brittany, in turn, told him she was pregnant and had yet to admit it to Bobby. Nikki welcomed Bobby home and confided in him about her problems with Victor. Bobby gave her the ruby earrings and said Joshua forgave her. They hugged, and he asked if she was the one who had planned the funeral. Neil, Drucilla, Malcolm and Lily arrived at the zoo and heard Devon's quiet pleas for help as he faced the lion in the den.

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