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AMC by Jenn

At the custody hearing, Bianca is not certain what to say. She admits to JR that doctors would believe that after she fell, she might not remember that Babe told her, shortly beforehand about the DNA test that confirmed the baby boy is JR's. Babe surprises the courtroom by asking to testify and tells the truth about the DNA test. It looks like the Chandler's might get the baby after all, but there's still the battle between Babe and JR and between their respective fathers. Jonathan finds out that Bianca kissed Maggie and admitted she loves her, he goes to see Miranda and persuades Marion Chandler to go and leave Miranda with him.

ATWT by Eva

Henry walks into the gym before Mike and Katie can kiss each other. Henry is jealous and challenges Mike to a duel with the winner getting Katie. Mike and Katie nervously explain what happened and Henry tells them he wasn't jealous, it was just a joke. Henry's plan to persuade Margo to be Katie's matron of honor works and Katie is grateful to Henry. Jennifer decides to work with Craig on Street Jeans after Paul forbids her to have anything to do with Craig. Barbara refuses to take the plea bargain because she insists she is innocent. James blackmails Rosanna telling her she will never see Cabot again unless she gets all the charges against Barbara dropped. Later Rosanna stops Barbara from signing the plea agreement insisting she tell the police she is innocent.

B&B by Leigh

Amber includes Clarke in her "plan" to get even with Ridge, but doesn't tell him what her plan is. She takes Clarke to a mine, which she opens up. Clarke helps her to climb into the mine with a box that her whole plan hinges on. Thomas is missing Amber and calls her from the cabin. Ridge questions Brooke about Nick and Bridget's relationship, and she tells him they're just friends but Ridge is picking up on more between them. Nick and Bridget sit alone and gaze at the fire, and Nick holds her. Brooke sees Nick kissing Bridget.

Days by Danielle

Mimi imagines that the baby doll turns into Jan and taunts her. Rex takes some of the responsibility for Mimi lying to him. Mimi feels uncomfortable and undeserving as Rex gushes about how great a mother she would make. Mimi decides against repeating her abortion confession to Rex until she can decide how to break the news. Power is restored to the airport. Philip was unable to hear Shawn’s confession because his plane took off which messed up the cell phone connection. Shawn tries to convince a commanding officer to let Belle get in contact with Philip on the plane but it doesn’t work. Shawn asks Belle to e-mail Philip instead. Jan tries to make Belle feel guilty about dumping Philip. Jan decides that if Belle emails Philip, she’ll rat out Mimi to Rex.

Kate heads back to the penthouse to set up her alibi, leaving Eugenia to finish the plan. Kate calls Lucas and pretends to confess that she hired a private investigator to follow Sami but that the private investigator didn’t find anything. John dreams about losing Marlena in the tidal wave and imagines seeing her in the nurse’s place. John knocks over Philip and Belle’s picture as he writhes in pain. John begs Kate for a small dose of the drugs but she will only try to help get his mind off the pain by talking about their children. Sami begs an already asleep Brandon to leave town. Sami slips up and tells sleeping Brandon about Mimi’s abortion, about Jan holding Shawn hostage, about how Belle still loves Shawn, and about John’s addiction. Sami tries to fight the effects of the drug. Sami realizes that Brandon has been asleep through her whole confession. Sami passes out next to Brandon on the bed while she’s trying to wake him. Eugenia sneaks into the hotel room and sets it up so that it looks like Sami and Brandon spent a romantic night together.

GH by Amanda

Courtney tells a less than totally thrilled Carly about her engagement. Steve tries to prepare Liz for the worst possible outcomes with Lucky, and Emily wrestles with her inner demons. Sam admits to stealing money, but not to kidnapping. AJ calls Skye with a message for Courtney, their divorce was not valid. Luke returns.

GL by Elizabeth

Harley promises Gus that she won't take Jeffery's deal. Danny quits the lighthouse project and then is hired back on. Michelle goes to her brother for help with Danny and is surprised that he's not willing to help. Mel tells her husband that she's willing to fight for him. Marina's date with Danny is ruined by Tony & Michelle. Tammy sees Sandy in nothing but a towel and the two kiss. Josh thanks Jonathan for taking care of Reva. Harley goes to Danny for help. Jonathan realizes that his mother may be getting to him.

OLTL by Janice

At the Palace, Marcie meets her new stylist. She is thoroughly disappointed in his plans for her. SHe tells them that the book should sell itself and it doesn't matter what she looks like. She decides to go to Michael's party at Rodi's. At Rodi's Michael has just been told that a female employee is interested in him. He tells her that he still loves Marcie, but he agrees to dance with her. As they are dancing, the woman kisses Michael just as Marcie walks in. At the Palace, Dorian takes the phone away from Starr as she's trying to listen to Todd on the other end. Dorian blasts Todd for hurting Blair. She can't hear him at all and eventually hangs up. Dorian sees Viki across the room. She goes over and accuses Viki of knowing where Todd is. Viki denies any knowledge of Todd's whereabouts and she and Dorian drive off toward the construction site where Blair first looked. Dorian and Viki are arguing the whole way and eventually Dorian pulls the steering wheel out of Viki's hands and almost directly into the path of another vehicle. Meanwhile, Margaret has Blair tied up in the backseat of her car as she tries to find a place to dispose of Blair. Blair manages to get herself untied and attempts to grab Margaret. A struggle ensues and the car goes out of control and is aiming right for Marcie as she comes out of Rodi's crying. In the visitation room at the police station, Chris confesses to all of them that he's been lying. He told about Tico's murder and his attempt on Antonio and how he has been brainwashed. Natalie is in denial about the whole thing. He tells her that his love for her is all the matters. He tells her that he's an imposter - he's only known her for three months.

Passions by Shirley

The Lopez-Fitzgeralds are still having a bad day. Theresa finally convinces Sam and everyone that Gwen stole her baby now that they are up in the Crane cabin, miles away from Harmony, and Sam puts up roadblocks and watches on all trains and airplanes. Meanwhile, Paloma finally tells everyone she wasn't raped and the man who attacked her is taken away to jail for assault and battery and attempted rape. And the strange thing is, Theresa doesn't know the others are at the hospital, and they have no idea she is there, either. Pilar is heartbroken by Paloma's insistence on telling Katherine she loves her, then pushing her mother away. Pilar lashes out at Katherine, blaming her influence for turning the girl into a common tramp. Even Sheridan gets in on the act.

Kay and the girls are relieved to know Paloma is OK and wasn't raped, but Jessica sneaks out of the house again, much to Tabitha's delight. Gwen is happy to be alone with the baby she claims is hers, and is sure no one will ever find them. Never say never, they always say.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Mackenzie brought Kevin to a psychiatrist's office and forced him to either have a counseling session or lose her forever. After she opened up about her own troubled past, Kevin went in for a meeting. Michael showed up and thanked Mac for getting Kevin there, then told her about the abuse he'd faced as a child. He then asked how much Kevin had told her about his crimes. Inside the office, Kevin began opening up. With some help from Sierra, Dru realized that it was Devon's birthday, and that he may have gone to the zoo. She, Malcolm, Lily and Sierra rushed off to find him. At the zoo, Devon was chased by a security guard and leapt into a cage, coming face to face with a lion. Nikki begged Victor to leave Jabot before things got more violent between him and Jack. Victor let it slip to Sharon that Nick had been paying her salary all along. Nikki chastised Victor for telling Sharon the truth, begged him to quit the job at Jabot, and insisted she didn't understand why he would sacrifice everything for the place. Sharon blasted Nick for his betrayal and told him she wasn't sure she ever wanted to work for a Newman man again. Colleen and JT realized that, despite their love, they couldn't promise forever. With a tearful good-bye, she decided to leave GC for Europe.

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