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AMC by Jenn

Babe's and Jamie's trial starts. Livia is able to get them out on bail. Bianca has a real dilemma about whether she wants to help JR take the baby from Babe or not and admits she does not hate Babe. Tad admits to her that neither does he. Jonathan is behaving strange, stalling about seeing the shrink Ryan asked him to see and looking like he has "plans" with a bottle of prescription medication. Greenlee tells Kendall she still wants them to work together to get the truth from Jonathan, although Ryan has a real problem with that.

ATWT by Eva

Luke skips school to follow Holden to Julia's new apartment. After Holden leaves to get breakfast, Luke blasts Julia for taking his father away from his family. Luke overhears a phone call between Julia and Keith Morrisey. Julia tells Keith to leave her alone but Keith is determined to see her and straighten things out. Jennifer refuses to work with Craig on street Jeans despite his repeated attempts to persuade her. He only wants what is best for her company. Aaron is excited about his new job as manager of Metro although he is a bit nervous about the job. Aaron gives Rafael a job at metro. Mike and Katie almost kiss after agreeing to be friends and put their past behind them. Dusty gets a wonderful idea for Worldwide after talking with Lucinda. Lily thinks her marriage is over despite Carly's encouragement to give their plan time to work. Luke tells Lily and Carly how Julia reacted when she got a phone call from someone from her past. Lily and Carly are thrilled their plan is starting to work . The ladies decide to follow Keith Morrisey

B&B by Leigh

Amber continues to spy on Ridge's cabin at Big Bear. She remembers all the romantic times she had with Thomas. Clarke arrives at Big Bear and Amber shows him that she's spying on him. Amber vows that this time Ridge won't get away with what he's done to her and Thomas. Ridge watches as Nick and Bridget get closer. Ridge doesn't hide his negative feelings for Nick, and questions Nick if he's using Bridget because of his loss over Brooke. Bridget eavesdrops as Ridge questions Nick about his intentions where she is concerned.

Days by Danielle

Jan kisses a marine to get him and two fellow marines to beat up Shawn to keep him from talking to Philip. Philip convinces a commanding officer to allow him to call Belle. Upon hearing from Philip that Belle’s love is the only thing that’s going to keep him safe, she proclaims her love to him instead. Shawn takes the phone from Belle and tells Philip that Belle loves him.

Celeste uses her tarot cards to confirm for Lexie that there is no healing in Abe’s future. Lexie and Celeste urge Brandon to go back to London but he refuses. Lexie and Celeste then urge Brandon to at least stay out of sight of Sami. Kate and Eugenia hack into credit card history, drug Sami and Brandon’s drinks, and pay off Marguerite to get her to send Sami to Brandon’s hotel. Kate dresses up as a maid to let Sami into Brandon’s room as the drugs begin to take effect.

GH by Lisa

Jason insists to Sonny and Alexis that Sam didn't kidnap Kristina. Sam hangs up on Jason before telling him what kind of trouble she is in. After sensing that Alexis is innocent, Ric reports the kidnapping to the police. Steven uncovers DNA evidence placing Sam in Sonny's bedroom. Sam is arrested as she is about to leave town. While comatose, Lucky suffers a stroke and has to be placed on a respirator. Lucky has an out of body experience in which Elizabeth pleads with him not to die. Emily refuses to admit to Elizabeth that Connor raped her. Emily explains to a unconscious Lucky why she'll never tell anyone she was raped. Skye and Bobbie worry when they can't find Luke. Diego overhears Alcazar defend him to Sonny. Diego begins to thaw towards Alcazar. Georgie refuses to help Bridget find out when her baby's doctor's appointment is scheduled for.

GL by Sarah

Jonathan gives his mother a fancy new present that she loves. Edmund plans a romantic night for his wife, complete with a syringe. Dinah tries to get into Cedars medication cabinet at all costs. Alan hires Olivia to work as Spaulding president. They both convince themselves that it is for Emma and the future of the company. Bill turns down his uncle's job offer yet again, claiming that Slingshot Enterprises is enough for him. Cassie and Edmund agree to cut fear out of their lives. Dinah gives Jonathan a clue that could help him destroy Edmund. Josh finds out about his wife's run in with the police. Jonathan gets in a fight defending his mother.

OLTL by Janice

At The Palace Marcie and Michael are there separately but unable to keep their eyes off each other. John sees this and tries to arrange for them to spend time together. Marcie has to say no because she is meeting with her agent to arrange her publicity for the new book. Michael is disappointed. She continues to glance toward Michael and finally tells her agent that Michael is more important than the book. As she leaves to go to the ladies room, the agent tells Michael that if he cares about Marcie he will realize how important her book it to her. Michael tells Marcie that she should not cancel her meeting and if what they really had is true love it will last through the book publishing. Marcie is disappointed. Starr and Dorian try to convince Bo that Blair needs help and protection from Margaret. At the cabin, Margaret has tied up Blair and told Todd that she will let Blair go if he makes her a baby. Blair regains consciousness and bites Margaret in the leg only further infuriating her. As Margaret goes in the other room, Blair throws her phone over to Todd. Margaret comes back and injects Blair with a drug and Blair is again unconscious. Margaret drags Blair's body out of the cabin. Todd is able to fumble with the phone (with his hands still tied) and presses Starr's number. Christian has Antonio at gunpoint. He keeps hearing "it's time" in his mind and hold the gun on Antonio. Antonio keeps talking to him about Natalie and how much she loves him. Upstairs in the station, John is with Natalie and Jessica and they hear a gunshot. John races down to find Christian sitting in a chair and Antonio grabbing the gun out of his hand. John orders Antonio to put the gun down. Christian admits that he pulled the trigger and John orders Antonio to handcuff him. Christian then admits - in front of Natalie and Jessica - that he was the one that killed Tico. That he has killed before.

Passions by Shirley

Sam, Theresa, Ethan, and the police officers scour the hospital, looking for Baby Jane, but there is no sign of her. Hmmmm. Whatever happened to Baby Jane? Meanwhile, Rebecca discovers her own baby is missing, and it takes a while and a lot of flirting with the guard to make her realize Gwen may have absconded with the baby. She says nothing of her suspicions, however, and it takes the guard to figure it out before the others are aware of the possibility. Luis is on the trail of the man who attacked his baby sister, and Luis always gets his man. Paloma verifies he got the right guy. She has awakened and managed to push her mother away and break her heart yet again in record time.

Kay, Simone, Jessica, and Ivy talk about what happened to Paloma and the younger women realize how much trouble they could have been in. They vow never to repeat their mistake, but......time will tell. Eve gets a visit from her eldest daughter and despite the girl's determination to insult her mother as much as possible, Eve figures out her daughter is starving herself in hopes of losing the baby. She is called away on business before they can really work it out, tho.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Adrienne and Damon remembered the time they'd first met, and Damon kept quiet about having witnessed the kiss between her and Malcolm, even as Adrienne requested they take things slowly. Drucilla received support from an unlikely source in Malcolm, as he comforted her during her increasing panic that Devon had run away again and that it was her fault. Michael warned Gloria not to play both sides in the Jabot/NE war, while Gloria let it slip to Kevin that Mac was the Chancellor heiress. JT told Mac that Kevin had tried to murder Colleen, had burned Gina's, and terrorized Lauren. Because he had no proof, Mac told him where to go, then went to meet Kevin. When he couldn't deny JT's accusations outright, but insisted he was a different person, Mac told him to follow her and they left together. In Cleveland, Brittany faced the reality she was indeed pregnant, but used the doctor to keep the truth from Bobby until she'd had time to process it. At Jabot, Jack lost his cool arguing with Victor and - when Victor demanded he vacate his old chair and give it to him - he threw the chair through the window of the top floor office.

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