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AMC by Jenn

Erica and JR both urge Bianca to help JR get custody of his baby and get Babe, Krystal and David in trouble. She tells them she refuses and wants to wash her hands of helping JR or hurting Babe. Adam Chandler attempts to drug and kidnap David, then later attempts to "strike a deal" with David and Krystal if they help him get his grandson. Kevin Buchanan offers to help Babe get out of prison if she gives up the fight to take her baby from him. She refuses his offer.

Ryan tells Kendall she needs to leave his brother alone. She reveals to him that Greenlee suspects Jonathan as much as she does and they both hired Aiden to investigate him. Ryan demands to know if Greenlee intended to help Kendall investigate Jonathan. Jonathan goes to "confess" his evil doings to Greenlee and asks her if she believes he's drugged her.

ATWT by Camille

Alison and Aaron into Raffi at Al’s. He tells them that INS has told him to leave the US since he no longer has a sponsor. Aaron decides to go to Metro to get his old job back. Dusty tells Craig that he’s giving up Metro, he has a new job. Craig doesn’t want the responsibility either, he has a new business venture. The decide to sell Metro, but they will hire a manager to run it until it is sold. Dusty and Craig then run into each other at Worldwide, where they find out from Sierra and Lucinda that they’ve both been hired for the same job. They agree to work independently of each other, together at Worldwide. Julia asks Jack to take JJ for a few days as she’s been kicked out of Emma’s. Holden shows up and has found an apartment for her. He takes her to see it and she signs the lease. Ben and Jessica’s divorce is final, they meet over coffee to discuss it and they each enjoy the time they’ve spent together. They agree to do it again. Carly and Lily go to Keith’s apartment where Carly meets his landlady Mrs. Grace. She tells Carly that Keith is a nice guy. Carly leaves her with enough information to pass on to Keith on how to find Julia. When Carly and Lily return to Carly’s house Jack comes in and tells them that Holden has found an apartment for Julia and that he wouldn’t be surprised if they were living together.

B&B by Leigh

The fashion challenge between Thorne (Spectra) and Eric (Forrester) goes on. To a very excited press corps along with a group of cheerleaders that Sally arranged to be there for the show. Eric is frantic because the press's reactions to his designs aren't at all enthusiastic, until his wedding dress and the crowd loves it. Spectra's wedding design gets an even larger applause. Eric tells Brooke that they have their answer. Thorne introduces Sally as the woman who made their win possible. Thomas consoles Caitlin and they kiss. Eric congratulated Thorne and tells him that he's arrived, they hug and Eric tells him that he'll miss him.

Days by Danielle

Rex had fallen asleep while listening to music in the bath and never heard Mimi’s confession. Mimi tries to tell Rex again but Rex would rather leave it all in the past and blame it on Jan’s attempt to destroy them. Jan tries to stop Belle from heading to the airport but it doesn’t work. Philip checks in at the airport. Shawn has a guard page Philip. Belle rushes to the checkpoint upon hearing the page to try and beat Shawn to Philip. Jan turns off the power to the airport to create a diversion. Shawn spots Philip and calls out to him. Bo takes the picture of Hope and Patrick to mean that Patrick was trying to get together with Hope but Hope assures him that it was only a cover. Hope is taken aback when Bo spots Patrick hugging Billie and vows to keep them apart. Hope and Bo argue about whether Billie is trying to get back with Bo. Hope urges Bo to wait to look for Georgia until they have solid proof but Bo refuses to wait. Patrick tells Billie that to get Georgia back, she must give up Bo and let him go home to his sons. Billie counters by accusing Patrick of having a thing for Hope. Patrick defends Billie to Hope, insisting that Billie can prove that she isn’t after Bo. Billie urges Bo to go home with Hope but Hope and Patrick walk in on them hugging afterwards.

Kate hires a nurse to look after John while she tends to Sami and Lucas’ non-wedding plans. Kate wants Eugenia to hack into an online horoscope site that Sami checks regularly to plant a fake horoscope that says that a man from Sami’s past will ruin her day of happiness. Eugenia refuses for fear of going to jail. Kate convinces Eugenia to go ahead with the plan. Sami accuses Lucas of not wanting to give up his apartment because he’s afraid that they won’t get married. Lucas insists that he’s only keeping his apartment due to Sami’s superstitions. Sami reads the horoscope but quickly hides the screen when Lucas walks up. Sami makes up a lie about the groom not being able to read the bride’s horoscope. Sami reads her wedding day horoscope that warns that she won’t ever make it down the aisle but is interrupted by Lucas’ insistence that Sami trust in their love and not horoscopes. Sami promises to not look at her horoscope. Sami calls Brandon’s office and screams when she is told that Brandon is back in Salem. Kate and Eugenia eavesdrop on Sami’s reaction from outside her door.

GH by  Amanda

Accusations and self recriminations fly as everyone involved tries to solve the kidnapping. As a sign of how bad things are, Carly is the most calm and sane person in the entire mess. Sonny's men find the surveillance bugs; he uses them to tell the kidnapper he'll give them any money they want. Meanwhile, Lady Jane and Mike join forces to prevent Jax from marrying Courtney. Mike is easier to dissuade than Lady Jane. Lorenzo and Carly have another heart to heart, which John sees and gets ticked off over. Sam calls Jason for help.

GL by Elizabeth

Gus quits his job with Spaulding Enterprises and Olivia sees her chance. Harley and Zach are questioned by the media. Lizzie shows her family the wounds that Gus gave her. Buzz pressures Harley to make the right choice about her future for herself. Cassie tells Edmund she is not pregnant. Edmund talks to a doctor about in vitro fertilization while Dinah overhears. Dinah gets close to her friend, Dr. Butler, the OBGYN. Jeffery goes to Cassie for help in getting Edmund off of his back. Edmund confesses to his wife that he would kill for her, which makes her rethink a decision. Beth warns Lizzie not to fight all of her father's battles. Alan wonders why all his children leave.

OLTL by Janice

Kevin gets Kelly over to the mansion by claiming that Ace is sick. He asks her to stay to help put Ace to bed. Asa insists to Bo that Ace will stay a Buchanan. Jessica insists to Antonio that she never stopped loving him that she isn't just getting revenge by claiming that he killed Tico. Jenn slaps Rex after he kisses her. Rex goes to the diner where Roxy insists that Jenn will realize that she does love Rex. Natalie asks John to stop the DNA testing. John tells her it's too late. She admits to him that Christian is distant and secretive. He wonders why she always comes to him when there's a problem. Nora overhears Daniel tell someone on the phone that he will be married just in time to have Nora on his arm to campaign for the special elections. She confronts him and he insists that he truly loves her. RJ tells Lindsay that he wants to start a relationship that's more than friends. She's not sure she wants to lose their friendship. He tells her that he'll just have to come up with excuses to kiss her. Christian is upset at the diner by the voice on the phone telling him it's time. He asks Carlotta to find Natalie for him, but then runs out of the diner. At the jail Chris visits Antonio in an interrogation room. Chris overpowers the guard and pulls out a gun and points it at Antonio telling him that he murdered Tico and now it's his turn.

Passions by Shirley

The Lopez-Fitzgerald family keeps vigil at the hospital while Paloma remains unconscious and may be getting worse. Luis vows to find the one who did it and make him pay. Theresa is finally rescued from the psycho Gwen, actually managing to not be killed by her. However, as Theresa and Ethan sign some papers, and Rebecca signs others, Gwen manages to take off with Jane and Ethan's car before anyone knows she's gone.

Katherine is feeling like she should have died all those years ago and a careless nurse may have given her the chance to rectify that. Julian has asked Alistair to tell him who tried to kill him so he can save Eve, but the old lizard says he has no real idea who is was, but he will lay his money on Julian. Julian convinces him he didn't do it, but the old man is still not help, saying he needs to change back to the old, evil Julian to save her.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Neil told Dru that Devon had skipped school again. They summoned him to NE. Lily was angry to learn Devon had skipped. Sierra realized he'd left school to go to the zoo (the bday tradition he'd shared with his grandmother), but she didn't tell Lily. Neil and Dru chastised Devon, who told them they didn't understand anything about him, and stormed out. Kevin told Daniel to let go of his infatuation with Mac since it was doomed. Daniel reminded him that too many people hated him for him to ever have a real chance with Mac. After Mac agreed to meet with Kevin for coffee, JT told her he needed to tell her the truth about what he'd done to Colleen. Jack told Jill to be patient so his plans for Victor and everyone else would work. He later got Nikki to admit she wished Victor wasn't involved with Jabot. Brad swallowed his pride and went to Victor with an olive branch, claiming he was putting Abby's & Jabot's future ahead of his hatred for Victor. Ash told Damon she wanted him to create a miracle fragrance for Jabot. Adrienne told Malcolm she would pursue him, since he wasn't comfortable pursuing her. When they passionately kissed, Damon spied them through the window at the coffeehouse. Bobby told Nikki about Brittany's collapse. Brittany learned from the doctor in Cleveland that she is pregnant. Victor found Jack in his old office at Jabot and said to leave, since from now on... it belonged to Victor.

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