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AMC by Jenn

Ryan finally gets through the Jonathan that he needs help. Jonathan agrees to move out of his and Maggie's apartment and stay at the Valley Inn while he gets therapy. But Maggie cannot accept that and blames Bianca. Knowing that Ryan is aware that she's investigating his brother for drugging her, Greenlee admits to Aiden that she has a dilemma but ultimately wants to know the truth about Jonathan. Edmund is investigation Slater. Anita is also suspicious. But Maria does not distrust him. Kendall reveals to Ethan that she is not completely over Ryan, assuming Ethan will dump her after hearing that. But he surprises her by revealing that he's ok with it and wants to be with her.

ATWT by Nikki

Kim visits Barbara at the police station to end their friendship. James tells Rosanna that Cabot is alive and well. He will let her see Cabot if she makes sure that all charges against Barbara are dropped. James hides under a blanket in the back seat as the police pull her over.

Lucinda interviews Dusty for a job. Dusty accepts Lucinda's offer. Sierra offers Craig a job. Tyson and Will have a fight and Tyson gets escorted away by Margo. Rosanna tells Paul the reason she wasn't at the party was because of a flat tire and a dead cell-phone.

B&B by Leigh

Eric scrambles to get ready for the challenge against Spectra. Eric goes it alone and never even tells Ridge about it. Sally makes up gift bags for the press and included cash in the gift bags!

Amber slept in Sally's office, she tells Clarke about the whole scene with Ridge and Thomas, and that Ridge took Thomas away from her it's only fair that he loses Brooke. Amber arrives at Big Bear and spies on Ridge and Bridget with a telescope from a cabin nearby.

Days by Danielle

Belle’s attempt to tell Philip about her and Shawn is interrupted again by a phone call that tells him that he has to leave right now. Philip gives Belle his will and death benefits information just in case. Philip leaves before Belle can tell him the news. Rex mistakes Jan’s sinister attempt to mean that Mimi is currently pregnant. Mimi insists that she isn’t pregnant. Rex asks Mimi for a way to trust her again. Mimi confesses to Rex about her abortion while he’s in the bathtub and takes his non-reply as his way of telling her to leave. Jan pretends that the doll is a real baby as she and Shawn talk about Jan being dumped for Belle. Shawn demands that Jan tell him what happened this past summer and Jan tries to guilt him at first but then begs him to love her and not make her hate him. Jan promises the baby doll that if she can’t get Shawn back, then she will make sure that no one else can have him. Shawn rushes to the airport to tell Philip himself and Belle rushes after him.

Hope and Billie argue about Hope’s part in the search for Georgia. Hope suggests that Billie is also trying to get back with Bo. Bo accuses Hope of not wanting Georgia in their lives. Billie likens her situation to her early relationship with Kate and fears that she isn’t a good mother for not knowing her daughter was alive all these years. Patrick encourages Billie to believe in herself. Hope implores Bo to come back to Salem and help Shawn. Bo spots the picture of Patrick kissing Hope. Tony uses a deck of cards that are superimposed with pictures of Salemites to gloat to Bart about his plan for controlling their destinies. Bart bets all of his chips on the notion that Tony can’t break up Bo and Hope. Tony refers to Georgia as the wild card.

GH by Lisa

Sonny and Jason race to action after learning Kristina has been kidnapped. Alexis attacks Sonny, blaming him for Kristina's kidnapping. Ric agrees with Sonny not to involve the police at this time. Sam packs items for a little girl in a suitcase and is also in possession of the money she stole from the safe in Sonny's bedroom. Carly tells Sonny that Sam didn't leave Port Charles. Ric asks Alexis if she took Kristina. Courtney arranges a romantic surprise for Jax and tells him that she loves him. Happily, Jax and Courtney take their relationship to another level.

GL by Elizabeth

Harley turns down her father’s offer. Edmund realizes how much Jonathan bothers his wife. Blake talks to Michelle about her experience in Santo Domingo and vows to find out the truth. Reva defends Cassie. Buzz talks to Edmund about fatherhood while Holly talks to Michelle about motherhood. Cassie finds out whether or not she's expecting. Cassie, Blake and Harley have a girl’s night out. Holly thinks that she sees Sebastian everywhere.

OLTL by Janice

Dorian and Starr talk to the police about Margaret's visit to La Boulee. The police officer refuses to take Starr's claim seriously. Dorian and Starr are both upset that they are unable to get in touch with Blair. At the cabin, Blair tries to fight the fire with snow. She suddenly hits her head and is unconscious. She eventually wakes up and is able to find a fire extinguisher. She puts out the fire and as she kisses Todd Margaret whacks her on the head with the fire extinguisher. Antonio is arrested for killing Tico and put in jail. JOhn also found evidence in Antonio's apartment - latex gloves. Christian writes a note to his mother confessing that he killed Tico. He crumples up the note saying that he can't leave Natalie. He gets a phone call; it's from the man whose voice he hears when he dreams. He tells Christian that it's time. Rex professes his love for Jenn. He tells her that he loves her no matter what and that Riley is just in love with the good Jenn. She tells him that she is with Riley. Rex gives her a passionate kiss saying that she's just trying to be good - but she really wants what he offers her. Paige and Nora discuss Bo. Paige is afraid that Nora will never believe anyone is right for Bo. Nora is a little perturbed that Paige likes to dance.

Passions by Shirley

Pilar wants Martin to tell her his secret, but Luis just wants him to go and take his mistress with him, never to return. Katherine keeps telling Martin not to tell Pilar the secret, which makes Pilar even angrier at her. Alistair is in the background, smirking at the way he manipulates them all. Meanwhile, the hospital is trying in vain to get ahold of Luis or Pilar and tell them about Paloma. She is barely hanging on, but only Sam shows up to sit with her. In other parts of the hospital, Gwen is merrily chasing a wheelchair bound and very frightened Theresa around the halls, trying to stab her with scissors and finish the job of killing her that she started before. Ethan, Rebecca, Sam, and two officers are searching for them, once they realize Gwen is missing and so is Theresa.

Julian thinks he can force his father to reveal the name of the person who tried to poison him, figuring that since he knew his drink had been poisoned and tried to name that person before he went into his coma, he must know the name and can help clear Eve. She isn't sure the old man will want to help her, but tries to trust Julian's judgment.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Devon refused to listen to Sierra and tell the Winters it was his birthday. Malcolm wouldn't answer Lily's questions about his argument with Dru. Lily told Devon and Sierra that her Mother had swabbed her mouth while she slept. Phyllis suggested Dru was worried about a DNA connection between Lily and Malcolm, then refused to buy Dru's story that Lily was working on a genetics project at school. Damon told Adrienne he wanted to be with her. Malcolm and Adrienne pretended not to know each other when Damon introduced them. Damon went to Jabot to see if he still had a job. Malcolm chastised Adrienne for playing the two of them, and told her he was backing off so she could be with Damon, regardless of what she wanted. John and Victor struck up a shaky alliance, for the good of Jabot. Gloria told Jack that Victor wasn't as awful as he made him out to be. Jack accused her of wanting to allign with the winner of the Jabot/NE war. She warned him not to make an enemy of her, while he warned her she would never be a true Abbott. Following the funeral ceremony in Cleveland for Joshua (to which Nikki sent flowers), Bobby was horrified when Brittany collapsed.

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