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AMC by Jenn

Lily goes to confront Jonathan with her mistaken idea that she should be a detective partner of Aiden and help him in his investigation. But she discloses confidential information to Jonathan about the investigation of whether he drugged Greenlee. Ryan finds out that Aiden has been hired to investigate his brother. Bianca is about to get through to Maggie about how Jonathan is abusing her. But she also reveals she may still be in love with Maggie. Ryan gets the truth from Jonathan that he hit Maggie. Erica tells Kendall she realizes that Kendall may still be in love with Ryan.

ATWT by Nikki

Rosanna thinks that she hears a baby cry. Emily tells Hal she is not ready to go home. Carly tries to call Lily but can't reach her. Lily hears the doorknob turn and hides under Julia's bed and sends Carly an S.O.S text message. Casey and Will get ready for the big bash at Fairwinds. Emma demands to talk to Carly delaying her from leaving to help Lily.

Carly calls Holden just as Julia was reaching under the bed to get her memory box. Carly comes to Emma's to distract Holden and Julia so Lily can escape. Rosanna fears someone is watching her. Emma tells Julia she has to leave. Lily shows Carly the letter she found at Emma's. Alison kisses Will. James Stenbeck jumps in Rosanna's car.

B&B by Leigh

Bridget tells Nick about the picture Amber took. Nick has no sympathy for Ridge and maintains that Ridge's behavior is inappropriate. Nick tells Bridget that Ridge's over-inflated ego left the two of them in the position they're in. Bridget buys Nick skis and invites him to Big Bear for the family weekend.

Ridge directs Thomas to tell Amber that their relationship is over. Amber begs Brooke to tell Thomas that she wasn't trying to hurt her and Ridge. Alone with Amber, Thomas tells her that he's beginning to think Ridge might have been right about her. Thomas tells her he wants to take a break from each other, and asks Amber if it's him she can't live without or his family. He apologizes to her but tells her this is the way it has to be. Ridge shows Amber the door; she tells him that one day he'll get what he deserves and one day someone will bring him down. Driving away from Ridge's, Amber hears a weather report for Big Bear and tells herself that Ridge should prepare himself for his cold day in hell.

Days by Danielle

Sami breaks the lovebird figurine wedding gift when she hears that it was a gift from Brandon. Lucas assures her that their love will survive despite her breaking the gift. Celeste and Brandon use Celeste’s powers to make Sami and Lucas’ wedding announcement burst into flames as a sign of how their marriage will end up. Shawn returns to the loft and lets Jan out of the closet. Jan is so hurt by the news of Shawn and Belle getting back together that she leaves to purchase a lifelike baby doll to taunt Mimi. Belle has a hard time breaking the news to Philip after Philip gets the news that a fellow marine isn’t expected to live after a car accident that might have been caused by the marine’s wife sending him a “Dear John” letter. Hope uses blood type as a way to prove that Georgia is not really Bo and Billie’s daughter. Mrs. Lamarque shows Bo and Billie a letter left for them in case someone came claiming to be Georgia’s birth parents. It turns out to be a letter from Tony in which he laughs and jokes about how they’ve found the wrong girl. Georgia gives Billie a lock of her hair so she can test it for DNA without having to take Georgia with them.

GH by Amanda

Because she loves her kids, Carly refuses to give in to her feelings for Lorenzo, despite his urging. While Lucky lies in a coma, his friends encourage him to wake up. The watcher keeps tabs on Sonny and his kids, plotting to attack while the security is off line. Ric assures everyone Emily will not be charged with killing Connor, but Lucky, if he wakes might be in trouble; and though an APB is out on Helena, she is legally dead, so Nik can't go free yet. Carly urges Diego to get to know his dad, then follows her own advice. Flashbacks haunt Emily. Kristina vanishes and Ric can't find Alexis.

GL by Sarah

Harley asks Coop for help, while their father goes to Beth for help. Ross catches Blake eavesdropping on her mother. Edmund confronts Cassie about the pregnancy test as well as what is going on with her and Reva. Beth makes it possible for Harley to be freed from jail and urges her to find Phillip's true killer. Coop vows to find the identity of Phillip murderer. Holly realizes that she may be the sole victim who misses Sebastian. Reva gets her and Jonathan out of a jam. Holly thinks she sees Sebastian and then finds an object from her past. Blake goes to Michelle for insight on her mother and Sebastian. Lizzie tells Coop that she’s afraid of Gus setting her up. Jonathan lies to Edmund to satisfy his mother. Edmund and Cassie anxiously await some test results. Harley finds out that not everyone believes that she is innocent.

OLTL by Janice

Passions by Shirley

Theresa is still waiting for word on her daughter's condition and Ethan is keeping her company, giving her a chance to whine some more about how he left her to go see Gwen and she couldn't do anything. Meanwhile, Gwen has put her plan to get to the hospital to finish killing Theresa into motion and is happily carrying through with it. Eve saved her life after being bailed out of jail by Julian, and now has to wonder how she can prove she didn't kill Liz.

Katherine continues to pressure Martin not to tell his secret to Pilar and Luis, thanks to Alistair's machinations. Of course, knowing which side his bread is buttered on, he bows to her wishes, throwing Pilar and Luis into fits of rage. Sheridan whines about hearing bad things about the mother who abandoned her to her monster father all those years, however. At the Bennett house, Sam is chasitsing the girls for their wild ways, while Jessica let's him and Ivy have it for their bad example to them. They find out what happened to Paloma, and they all feel guilty as she lies comatose in the E.R. No one has let her family know yet, tho.

Y&R By Christopher

Victor wished Bobby well on his trip to Cleveland, while Nikki urged Brittany to force Bobby to let her go with him. Nick told Sharon the timing was perfect to leave Jabot, and warned her that he'd arranged a staff meeting for her at NE in two weeks. Michael told Sharon to stay at Jabot for at least 6 months, and learned of their financial woes. Devon thought Drucilla's frantic attitude at breakfast was because of his birthday, and was disappointed to realize it was because she had a meeting at work. He later told Sierra how he used to spend birthdays with his Grandmother, but refused to tell the Winters it was his special day. Ashley told Jack that John had relieved her as CEO and intended to go back to work. Gloria chastised Jack for arguing with John, told the kids about his near collapse, and agreed he needed to go easy. Ash and Jack wondered how much influence Gloria had on their Father. Phyllis helped Drucilla prove to Nick that she was capable of handling the promotion, and Nick warned them to get sales up. Later, Phyllis told Dru that she expected the truth about what was in the package from DMS labs, and would find out one way or another. Gloria visited Victor again to tell him about John's plans. Victor suspected she was trying to align herself with the winning team. Brittany took credit for all the funeral plans Nikki had made. Bobby, moved, agreed to let her join him. Nikki, utterly alone, turned to Victor for comfort, as Bobby and Brittany left.

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