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AMC by Jenn

Everybody is suspicious of Jonathan. Bianca goes to urge Ryan to prevent his brother from hurting Maggie. Ryan still does not believe that his brother is a danger to anybody. Kendall and Greenlee brainstorm together and hire Aiden to investigate Jonathan for them. He's able to unlock a code with Lily's help about Jonathan's history of domestic violence. Hearing that she is a great "detective", Lily goes to talk to Jonathan, revealing to him that she believes he hurts Maggie. Erica reveals to Jack that she trusts Zach Slater more than Ethan Ramsay. Jack reveals to Erica that he trusts Ethan more than he trusts Zach.

ATWT by Linda

Barbara is remanded into custody once the shards of Emily’s dishes were tested and found positive for the drug missing from her therapist’s office. Mike takes Katie’s offer after Jennifer convinces him to, Katie believing he did it because he still harbors feelings for her. Will moves back into Fairwinds but once Roseanna is alone, she hears Cabot crying again. Holden nearly tears into Jack, making Jack finally aware of how manipulative Julia is. While searching Julia’s room, Lily finds a letter from Keith but is interrupted by the sounds of Holden and Julia kissing at the door to Julia’s room.

B&B by Leigh

Ridge calls a family meeting with Thomas to tell him what's gone on with Amber. Ridge tells Thomas about Amber taking pictures of Bridget and Ridge and shows him the picture. Brooke tells Thomas that there was a time when Ridge and Bridget had feelings for each other. Amber comes in while they're talking to Thomas and tells them that they're wrong and she was trying to help not hurt. Ridge tells Thomas that it's time to tell Amber their relationship has ended.

Throne tells Sally and Eric that he needs to decide which company has the better business prospects for him. Thorne proposes a challenge between Spectra and Forrester; if Forrester wins he'll come back and work for Eric, but if Spectra wins Eric will buy his holdings in Forrester Creations. Both Eric and Thorne vow to win the competition.

Days by Danielle

Sami receives the wedding invitations and now looks forward to her wedding. Lucas and Will surprise Sami with a bridal shower. Lucas gives Sami her own set of pearls. Kate and Eugenia gloat about how their plan to break up Lucas and Sami is working. Philip visits Kate to say goodbye and also asks Kate to keep Shawn away from Belle. Brandon flies back to Salem. Brandon dreams about making love to Sami. A fellow passenger sparks a conversation about whether Brandon is really over Sami when she hears Brandon saying Sami’s name in his sleep.

Mimi sets it up so that Shawn and Belle can meet. Mimi prevents Jan from breaking up Belle and Shawn’s meeting by locking her in a closet. Shawn uses a digital scrapbook of his past with Belle to get through to her. They declare their love for each other and kiss just as Philip returns home. Hope warns Bo that Georgia could be working for the DiMera's and doesn’t believe that Georgia is really Bo and Billie’s daughter. Bo and Billie meet Georgia’s adoptive parents but they refuse to allow Georgia to return to Salem with Bo and Billie.

GH by Amanda

Jason and Sam talk on the phone and make progress towards reconciliation. In a struggle, Helena shoots Lucky. Helena's flair for drama allows Skye to arrive and save Emily, but Helena escapes. Bobbie takes note when Carly shows interest in Alcazar. Steve is worried about Liz's preoccupation with Lucky and Emily's problems as it has already garnered her problems on the job. Where Alcazar is concerned, Carly may be wavering, but Diego is not. Kristina's evening at Sonny's offers Ric and Alexis a chance to reconnect. When Jason reports to Sonny that Carly is drifting back towards Alcazar, Sonny appears unconcerned. Emily lies to Lucky, telling him everything succeeded, and he blacks out; then Steve checks him, only to come out and say he's sorry, they did all they could. Jason sees Sam arranging to buy a baby.

GL by Leigh

Tammy notices and surmises that Cassie is pregnant. Cassie; worried that the baby might not be Edmund's tries to schedule a pregnancy test without him knowing, but he finds out. Billy and Josh try to convince Bill to come back to Lewis Construction, but Bill declines. Josh and Reva agree that Jonathan will get his own apartment once his leg has healed. Jonathan hearing this convinces Reva to go with him to a music store and tells her he's friends with the owner and has a key. They both get busted for breaking into the store.

OLTL by Janice

Jessica is in the hospital surrounded by Marcie, Michael, Antonio, and Viki. She tells everyone that she remembers but that the face is a stranger. They go back to Llanfair where she is questioned by a police officer, but then John appears. With Natalie and Chris now there, Jessica finally blurts out that it was Antonio who pulled the plug. At LaBoulee, Adriana decides to spy on Kevin by telling him that she supports his custody of Ace. Dorian thinks it's wonderful that she's scheming just like her own mother. Duke isn't so sure of the whole plan. As they talk, a reporter from the TV station comes to interview Kelly. Dorian decides to take the limelight and give a heartfelt sob story about how Kelly came to have Baby Ace and then gave Ace back to his real mother as soon as she was aware. Jack and Starr, who are staying at Dorian's, decide to go on camera to plead with their father to come home. Todd, who Margaret has left alone at the cabin while she goes to track down Blair, sees them on TV. He tries even harder to untie his hands from the bed post. In flailing around he kicks over a chair which hits the kerosene heater and starts a fire. At the diner, Natalie hands over a razor of Chris's so that John can have the DNA necessary to prove who Chris really is. He gives that to Evangeline along with a mug that Carlotta drank from and she arranges the DNA testing. Natalie asks John why he's doing this. He tells her it's to keep her safe. She's not sure she believes him. Blair is getting closer. She finds the gas station that Margaret stopped at. She tracks down the clinic that Todd visited. She brings the map back to the station attendant after deciding which way Margaret was traveling. He tells her the only thing in that general direction is vacation cottages. Blair heads off to find Todd.

Passions by Shirley

As Kay, Jessica, and Simone face the betrayal of Ivy and the wrath of Sam after failing to sneak Jessica into the house, an unconscious Paloma is finally found in the back room of the club, but she may not make it to the hospital. Luis and Pilar are still trying to calm Sheridan and get Martin to tell his secret, while Alistair works on Katherine to convince her to stop Martin from talking for Sheridan's well being.

Theresa makes it to the hospital and the nurse whisks the baby away to be checked out as Ethan shows up. Theresa rakes him over the coals for leaving her alone, even though she is the one who told him to leave. In her jail cell, Gwen comes up with a way to get another shot at killing Theresa, and it works like a charm. The freshly released Dr. Eve comes to her rescue and orders a trip to the very hospital Theresa is waiting in, not at all realizing how Gwen is scheming.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Malcolm assured Lily that, despite needing time, he loved her. Adrienne realized that Malcolm and Damon knew each other. Damon told Adrienne about his visit from Elias' ghost, and she admitted she, too, had seen their son. They kissed. Kay told Nikki to let Brittany support Bobby during his grief period and questioned her feelings for the man. Brittany and Bobby agreed to talk about finding a place the moment he returned from Cleveland. Nikki stunned Brittany by revealing that she'd arranged the whole funeral, but wanted Brittany to take credit for it with Bobby, then demand to go with him. When Brad admitted he'd organized a coup to effectively lock Victor out of Jabot and force him to leave or watch the company die, Jack and Jill convinced him to play nice a bit longer till Jack could turn the tables. They insisted Brad had no choice but to convince Victor he was ready to be a team player. Jack convinced Sharon that it was better to anger Victor, then to lose Nick. When John learned that Ashley had allowed Victor to fire the lawyers and consider cutting marketing entirely, he fired her as C.E.O. and said he was stepping back up to the plate. Gloria later worried when all the excitement caused him to experience chest pains.

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