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AMC by Jenn

David tries to get Babe to help him implicate Jamie for kidnapping the baby and for murdering Paul Kramer, in order to save her from charges against her. She refuses to betray Jamie. Ethan tries unsuccessfully to convince Ryan that Jonathan drugged Greenlee. Bianca intervenes in Maggie's and Jonathan's abusive relationship. When Maggie refuses to listen, she goes to Ryan and tells him he needs to stop his brother from what he could do to Maggie before it's too late. Erica urges Zach Slater to stay in town and stop running away from everything and perhaps attempt to bond with his son.

ATWT by Linda

Jordan tells Jennifer that he’s leaving Oakdale as Katie is asking Mike to be the contractor for the gym. Mike turns Katie down flat but Jennifer surprisingly advises him to take the job. Even though Henry is happy Mike won’t do the work at the gym, when Katie cries, he offers to convince Mike to do the job. Despite Paul’s advice, Will decides he can’t put his mother back in jail and agrees to move back to Hal’s house even though she’s still there. When they go to tell Hal the good news, Paul and Emily show up with a bag full of the dishes Barbara had dumped – Emily having gained the information from her ankle bracelet’s tracking system which was given to her by Tom. Lily tells Julia about the heartache her relationship with Holden is causing her family, Julia not at all sympathetic to her pleas. Meanwhile, Holden is trying to explain things to a stubborn Luc who points out that Julia may not have broken up the marriage but she made it easier for his dad not to care about it. He runs away when Julia shows up. As Julia and Holden are kissing, Jack comes in and reads Julia the riot act about using him so that she could make time with Holden, which of course Julia denies, Julia accusing Jack of being jealous. Carly finds a picture with Julia, JJ and a strange man that falls out of JJ’s book. She calls Lily and when they ask JJ about it, he tells them that his name is Keith and he’s his best friend. Once JJ leaves, Carly begins to track down the mysterious Keith.

B&B by Leigh

Eric and Stephanie beg Thorne to reconsider his decision to use his holdings in Forrester to buy into Spectra. Eric tells Thorne that he needs him at Forrester. Sally tells Stephanie and Eric that they turned their backs on Thorne when he needed them most and now he has a new family at Spectra that won't take him for granted. Thorne tells them he knows what he has to do.

Jackie questions Deacon if he's been drinking when he arrives home on top of the world. Deacon admits that he had one drink and is thinking he might not be an alcoholic at all, and began groping at Jackie who shoved him away. Alone, Deacon drank again. Massimo and Heather toast to Deacon's relapse. Massimo fills her in on the terrible things Deacon did and said to him while he was unable to speak.

Days by Danielle

Jan tries to convince Shawn to forget about Belle by seducing him upon hearing that Shawn and Belle kissed. Philip wants Belle to promise to stay away from Shawn while he’s gone. Mimi decides to stand up to Jan and set it up so that Shawn and Belle can talk again. Eugenia hacks into the airport’s computer after confirming that Brandon picked up Kate’s e-mail. Eugenia sets it up so Kate can wait around for an alert when Brandon makes plane reservations and meets with Marguerite to coach her on how to talk to Sami. Marguerite tells Sami that the only way her wedding will be ruined is if Brandon comes back to town. Sami believes that that will never happen and is assured that her wedding will go off as planned. Brandon decides to ignore Celeste’s warnings and makes a plane reservation to return to Salem. Billie heads upstairs and finds the young girl in her room that identifies herself as Georgia. Billie tells Georgia that she is her birth mother and then introduces her to Bo.

GH by Lisa

GL by Sarah

Michelle wants to take Robbie to see the crane at the lighthouse. Danny stops her since it would interrupt Robbie's routine. She is upset when Danny tells her that he wants Robbie to live with him since he's more stable than her. She is very upset at the thought of loosing Robbie, but Tony assures her that he will help her have him and Robbie in her life. Ray tells Tony that he doesn't trust Michelle and is afraid she will break his heart. Meanwhile, Danny breaks a date with Marina. She is very upset about it. Frank had warned her to pull back from Danny so that she won't get hurt. Alan tells Lizzie not to talk to Gus or Harley. Gus and Harley figure out that Lizzie was lying. Gus wants to go after her, but Harley tells him that he has to go easy on her since she's been through so much. Frank shows up and reluctantly takes Harley to the station for jumping bail. Alan shows up and tells Harley it was him that turned her in. She asks him to let her go so that he can keep Gus in line and looking for the truth. Meanwhile, Gus questions Lizzie and nearly gets her to crack when Ray comes in. Lizzie rushes to him to get away from Gus. Gus is more certain then ever that Lizzie knows something else about that night. Lizzie goes to Alan and tells him that she wants Gus & Harley to suffer just like she has suffered. Alan promises to make them pay for this. Back at the station, Harley is taken into lock-up.

OLTL by Janice

Blair tells Starr that she believes Margaret kidnapped Todd. She shows her the front page of The Sun with Margaret's "wanted" picture on it. She makes Starr promise to stay out of the search for Todd. Starr crosses her fingers. Blair gets a call from someone who has seen Margaret and leaves breakfast abruptly. Kelly is supposed to meet Starr and Blair, but instead runs into Kevin and Ace. She sits down to eat with them, but is very uncomfortable with Ace there. She begs Kevin to be realistic and send Ace back to his mother. Kevin insists that he will fight and win custody. John goes to Llanfair and confront Chris in front of Natalie about buying a gun. Chris admits to buying it to protect the household from Jessica's stalker. When Chris goes to get his permit, John asks Natalie to get a DNA sample from Chris so that they can prove his identity. Natalie refuses, but later changes her mind after a strange conversation with her husband. She finds John at the diner. With Chris' DNA sample and a mug that Carlotta drank out of, John hopes to prove or disprove Chris' identity. Marcie is upset that Michael has left town after being suspended from the hospital. She asks Jess to try one more time to reconstruct what happened at the hospital that night. Jess, Antonio, and Marcie go to the hospital. Jessica walks through what happened that night and suddenly appears close to remembering. At the cabin, Margaret is still trying to get Todd to make a baby with her. She is not having any luck and decides to get to Todd by threatening Blair's life.

Passions by Shirley

Three girls made it out of the club when the fight started, but Paloma wasn't so lucky. For her, the fight had just begun, and the price she had to pay for her partying ways was far too harsh. She is lying unconscious in a back room, waiting for help that may never get there. The other girls go on with their lives, unaware of the consequences their fun night out had on their friend. Theresa realizes she isn't as self-sufficient as she thought when the baby gets sick and she can't do anything about it. Ethan is with Gwen, dismayed by her vicious outbursts and her gleeful litany of woes she wishes on her enemy. He gets the message Theresa needs him, but will he be able to tear himself away from his wife to save his baby?

Sheridan interrupts Martin's recitation of the Real Reason he left Harmony, stopping it cold, but she does remember her sleepwalking caper and that she is the one who left the bruises on her mother's throat. Everyone assures her she didn't know what she was doing and isn't to blame, but Alistair happily tells her they are wrong and she's a naughty girl. She decides if she stabbed her mother, she will have a scar on her back, then demands to see if it's there. Katherine is willing to let her look, even tho Alistair tries to stop her.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Brittany begged JT to let her use the loft to cook Bobby dinner. He agreed to talk to Mac on her behalf. Kevin helped Mac study mathematics for an upcoming exam. She kissed him on the cheek as thanks. JT witnessed the tender moment and told Mac that he needed to finally tell her all about Kevin's crimes. She refused to hear him out, and stormed off. Bobby told Nikki he planned to go to Cleveland to bury Joshua with their parents. He hurt Brittany by insisting that he intended to make the trip alone. Devon admitted to Sierra that his birthday was a day away, and he suspected the Winters family had nothing at all planned. Phyllis told Malcolm she and Damon were free of all charges, while he told her that he was no longer pursuiing Adrienne, so that she could explore a future with Damon. Neil and Lily decided to have a daddy/daughter day. They ran into Malcolm, and Neil chastised him for his harsh treatment of Lily. Malcolm told Lily they needed to clear a few things up between them. Nick gave Sharon keys to NE and was annoyed to learn Victor was insisting she stay at Jabot. He told her not to give in to her guilt. Victor chastised Brad for hiring Sharon without a contract, then learned that Nick had been paying her out of his pocket.

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