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AMC by Jenn

Babe, Jamie and Tad go to jail for the kidnapping of the baby while the Buchanans take him back to Llanview. JR tells Babe that if she helps him get the DNA test so he can have his son, he will be willing and able to get her charges reduced since she can't technically get charged with kidnapping her own son. She refuses to cooperate and says she won't do anything to help him ever know his child. OLTL's DA Daniel Colson tells David Hayward that he can cut a deal for Babe if she implicates Jamie Martin for kidnapping. David says he will hand over to him Jamie's murder charge on Paul Kramer. Bianca is very worried about the big mistake Maggie is about to make with her plans to marry Jonathan and can clearly tells that he is abusing her.

ATWT by Linda

When Will disappears, Alison finds him and reminds him that she will always be his friend no matter what. She then convinces him to let everyone know he’s safe. Susan finds out for Emily that when Barbara’s therapist did his monthly check on his medicine cabinet, the drug that helps make a patient suggestible was missing. Roseanna reminds Paul that the world doesn’t revolver around making Barbara pay for her crimes. When Barbara comes stomping out of the interrogation room howling about the fact no one is searching for her son, Paul tells her that it’s ultimately her fault. Barbara vows that she’d go back to prison if it only made Will happy.

B&B by Leigh

Eric and Stephanie review Forrester's "holding steady," sales numbers, and Spectra's ever climbing numbers. Thorne tells Sally that he's made a decision about her offer to buy into Spectra. He tells her that he's prepared to sacrifice his Forrester holdings to buy into Spectra. Thorne tells Eric and Stephanie of his intentions to use his Forrester holdings to purchase half of Spectra. Eric and Stephanie are devastated and both try to reason with him and get him to change his mind.

Deacon is struggling terribly because he wants a drink. Heather fills Massimo in on Deacon's erratic behavior. Jackie tries to calm Deacon, but Deacon is on the edge. Massimo had Heather arrange for a fully stocked bar to be inside the boutique for the customers and for Deacon who happens to find the liquor. He takes out a bottle and stares at it, Massimo watches him from a window as he opens the bottle and smells it. Massimo counts down, three … two … one … and Deacon proceeds to drink it! Massimo says, "Mission accomplished."

Days by Danielle

Belle can’t stop thinking about kissing Shawn. Belle gives Philip the medal and they spend a romantic moment drinking a toast to their future and enjoying bites from the wedding cake. Shawn tells Mimi about the kiss and begs her to help him talk to Belle again. Mimi refuses. Belle asks Mimi to help her talk to Shawn again. Kate denies conspiring with Eugenia to Lucas. Lucas questions Kate’s impatience in getting Sami to leave while Eugenia shivers on the balcony. Sami is outraged that John gave Belle Marlena’s pearls. John refuses to get them back but offers to pay for another set. Sami refuses the offer. Sami intercepts a fax from Lexie to John that included information about John’s addiction.

Bo twists out of the guard’s grasp and knocks him out only to be knocked out by another guard. Billie rushes up to the room indicated by the guard only to find that it was only a mannequin. Another guard surprises Billie and she and Bo end up tied together again. Billie reveals the kitchen knife that she picked up on the way upstairs and cuts them loose. Hope shades over the pad indentation in Bo and Billie’s hotel room to uncover the address of Georgia’s house. They rush there and double-team a set of guards to get inside where they run into Bo and Billie. Hope slaps Bo for leaving her to run after Billie. Billie hears a noise upstairs as a young girl is shown sitting in a rocking chair and reading a book.

GH by  Amanda

Sonny and Carly respectively question Jason and Courtney about their feelings for each other and their ostensible significant others. When Lucky and Liz recognize what happened to Emily, she denies the rape. Angel bear remains a bone of contention in relation to security at Sonny's. Sam asks Sonny to help her get Hope back, and he agrees, but she balks when he tells her he'll have to get rough. Steve tries to romance Carly. Helena confronts Emily again, who tells her the truth. Courtney is angry when Briget gets drunk. Diego still wants nothing to do with his father.

GL by Elizabeth

Lizzie and Coop keep up their act of liking each other until they can't take it anymore. They both admit they were playing the other. After some name calling, Coop kisses Lizzie. They end up going to Towers to have dinner together anyway while enjoying not having to "act" anymore. Lillian gives Buzz some special attention and flirts with him. Harley's court appearance didn't go too well. She asks Gus to help get Company back in Buzz's name, but to be nice to Lizzie in the process. He mentioned how upset she was the night before. Together, they figure out that Lizzie was lying about the night Phillip was murdered. They know that she was there alone with her father. Ray talks to Danny & Michelle separately and tries to convince them to hold off on the divorce. Danny insists he's moving on. Michelle is affected by what Ray said, and is worried that she's not doing the right thing. Tony tries to reassure her that they belong together. Later, Danny tells Marina that he is filing for full custody of Robbie.

OLTL by Sarah (bonus)

Kevin brings Ace home to Asa's mansion. Unable to get a hold of Kevin, Blair and Kelly go there to talk to Asa, when Nigel tells them no one is home, Blair insists on waiting, coming face to face with Kevin and Ace. Kelly is shocked with what Kevin has done, and is even more upset when Kevin asks her to unite with him to keep Ace from The Chandler's. She tells him that she can't help keep Ace away from his family, he's not their baby. Kevin gives her Ace and tells her to hold hi close and then tell him he's not theirs. Kelly puts him down, and tells Kevin she won't let her feelings stray her from what is right. Kevin tells her not to even thinks about helping Babe, Kelly leaves in tears. Jen goes to the Police Station to talk to Rex, who is getting released. Rex confesses his love for her. Jen goes to the Gallery where she's supposed to meet Riley, who is now visiting Rex. While waiting to speak to Rex, Daniel tells Riley that because four people have been arrested and released for Paul's murder, the next suspect, they will be coming down on her. It is then that Riley relalizes Jen is the next suspect. He goes to the Gallery and vows to protect her. Margaret, in Blair drag, continues her seduction of Todd, and in the end gets frustrated and threatens to choke the life out of him if he doesn't comply with her baby making request.
John and Evangeline have a quiet dinner in his office, where they are not allowed to discuss Tico's case or the people involved in it.

OLTL by Janice

Jenn visits Rex at the police station. He tells her he still loves her and would do anything for her. Riley is upset that Jenn lied to him about going to see Rex and wonders what else she would like about. Daniel seems to tell Riley that Jenn may be arrested for Paul's murder. Daniel lets Rex go. Margaret puts on a wig and sings to a tape of Blair's New Year's Eve song trying to convince Todd that she's as good as Blair. She gets upset and threatens to choke him when he refuses to cooperate in making a baby. At the Buchanan Mansion, Kevin returns from New Orleans with Ace. Kelly goes to the mansion to try to get Asa to talk, but instead finds Kevin. She is distraught that he took Ace away from Babe. She tries to convince him that Babe needs her baby. Kevin refuses to listen and promises to fight for custody. Blair puts a "Wanted" picture of Margaret on the front page of The Sun. John and Evangeline have dinner at the police station.

Passions by Shirley

Theresa is home with the baby, Little Ethan and Ethan. They make the perfect family, at least in Theresa's mind, and she doesn't want to lose that. She and Ethan name the baby Jane, after Jane Eyre, Theresa's favorite book in high school, and she finds a way to get Ethan to see her in a favorable light, she hopes. But, he still goes to see Gwen, leaving our Theresa in a snit. Later, the baby presents a crisis for her. Luis finally gets Sheridan to calm down and go to sleep so he can take her home, then he demands Martin tell him the secret, not giving a second thought to the fact Alistair is right there with them. Will Martin spill the beans?

The girls fun night at the club turns into a trip to the horror zone, thanks to Jessica and Paloma's inability to act like ladies. They soon find that clothes do make the woman, and trashy clothes make men believe them to be trashy. After a fight breaks out from Kay defending her little sister, they all manage to make it out except for Paloma, who is given a detour to the back room by the man she was teasing all night. Poor little dove, she hasn't got a clue.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Lauren and Michael spent a romantic morning together. Paul and Michael advised Nikki that she would likely not get into legal trouble for killing Joshua. Paul, Bobby, Brittany and Nikki met with Weber, who was unconvinced of the connection between the skeleton and their story. After watching the tape and seeing the recovered ruby earring, Weber agreed not to press charges on anyone involved and closed the case. Phyllis and Daniel bonded about her new status as a free woman. Damon and Adrienne agreed to a date. Elias' ghost told a sleeping Damon to love Adrienne and forget the past. Malcolm stuck by Dru's side and waited until the courier service showed up to claim his and Lily's DNA samples for testing. Lily watched the package leave the apartment. Ash warned Brad that she'd be forced to fire him if he continued to oppose her and Victor. Sharon told Victor she hadn't signed a contract with Jabot and was therefore free to leave. He warned that he would not let her do so.

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