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AMC by Jenn

Ryan promises Greenlee he will find out who drugged her and make sure she is safe but she will never convince him that his brother did it. Kendall asks Aiden to investigate Jonathan Lavery. He agrees. Babe and Jamie get caught. JR and Adam are confident that they will get the baby boy back. But At that moment, Bo and Kevin Buchanan appear and tell the Chandlers that the baby is theirs' and they will not take him. Jonathan proposes to Maggie. She accepts. But Bianca is right at the door ready to ask Jonathan some questions.

ATWT by Linda

When Lily catches Holden and Julia together, Julia leaves and runs to Jack’s house saying she’s come to pick up JJ and take him to the Lakeview with her. She also proves that Carly has been right to Jack by admitting that she and Holden were caught in a compromising position. At the Lakeview Julia is shocked when Lisa won’t condone her and Holden’s relationship but her grief soon turns to comfort when Holden advises her that he told Lily that he wants a divorce. Lily is devastated and mourns her marriage. Jack is mystified at the revelation Julia made but adamant about keeping his relationship with JJ. Carly is also determined to make sure that Julia can’t fool around in their lives anymore. Barbara tells Will that Paul is supporting Emily and isn’t the brother Will believes him to be, encouraging him to move back to Hal’s. Will tells her to take a hike but confronts Paul – he then storms off when Paul admits that he believes Barbara is behind Emily’s behavior. Emily confides in Susan about everything, receiving not only a scolding for being involved with Paul but also information about the type of drug that Barbara used to hypnotize her. Alison enlists Nancy’s help to keep her and Aaron from making love by agreeing to baking lessons. Nancy also advises her that waiting is a virtue and that she and Aaron can grow much closer by abstaining, giving them a great foundation for a beautiful relationship.

B&B by Leigh

Bridget tells Stephanie that she believes Stephanie was hoping that the situation between her and Ridge would come between he and Brooke's marriage. Bridget tries to convince Stephanie that she shouldn't continue to talk with Brooke about it. Stephanie tells Bridget that she and Nick were flirting with each other, but Bridget insists that they are just friends. Brooke invited Nick to thank him for helping Bridget. She tells him that she is eternally grateful to him for being a friend to her and Bridget. Bridget runs into Nick when she arrives home and she too thanks him for being such a good friend.

Sally tells Thorne that she thinks of him as family and that's why she's offering him a stake in Spectra for fifty million dollars. Thorne ponders what he calls a good offer and tells Sally that he's going to have to consult with his financial advisors. Thorne tells Darla that the only way he could buy into Spectra would be to have his family buy him out of Forrester Creations, and asks her what she thinks they should do. Darla gives her opinion, which clearly falls to the Spectra side.

Days by Danielle

Sami insists on wearing Marlena’s pearls on her wedding day, convinced that the pearls will serve as a good luck charm. Lucas is upset with Sami for telling Father Jansen about John’s addiction. Kate and Eugenia talk about their plot to break up Sami and Lucas. Kate has Eugenia hide before letting Sami and Lucas in. Kate is shocked when Lucas tells her that he and Sami plan to elope if Sami can’t get the pearls. Eugenia, behind Lucas’ back, alerts Kate to the fact that Sami snuck upstairs to see John. Kate has told everyone that John is suffering from the flu. John recalls making love to Marlena and mistakes Kate for her. John finds Marlena’s emergency medical bag but throws it at the door when he finds it empty. Sami is shocked when John has no idea what she is talking about when she mentions the pearls.

Billie dreams of seeing Georgia standing before her. Bo unties himself and then Billie. Bo has to convince Billie to leave the house without Georgia. Billie makes a distraction so Bo can knock out the one guard outside. Billie holds the guard at gunpoint and demands that he reveal where Georgia is but the guard holds another gun on Bo and makes Billie choose between Georgia and Bo. The guard tells Billie that the shadowy figure in the upstairs window is Georgia. Patrick and Hope pretend to be engaged to obtain a room at the same hotel as Bo and Billie. Patrick pretends to look at a map to distract the security camera while Hope finds a torn page with half of Billie’s last name written on it in the registry. They head up to Bo and Billie’s room but find it empty.

GH by Lisa

Helena witnesses Emily shoot and kill Connor and mistakenly believes Emily killed Nikolas. Helena is about to kill Emily when Lucky and Elizabeth arrive. Lucky convinces Elizabeth and Emily to cover up Connor's death and they bury his body in the woods. Emily is traumatized by memories of the rape. Elizabeth asks Emily if Connor raped her.

Sam is angry at Jason for not fighting to keep Hope. Jason still wants to marry Sam but she walks out, claiming she never loved him. Sam accuses Courtney of wanting Jason back. Sam vows to have a daughter no one will ever take away from her. Michael's sudden arrival prevents the mystery person from kidnapping Kristina. Carly tells Courtney to decide if she wants to be with Jax or Jason. Sonny asks Jason if he wants to be Sam or Courtney.

GL by Elizabeth

Josh and Reva share a romantic dinner. Cassie spends some time with Jonathan in hopes of learning more about what happened the night before her wedding. Alan tells Gus that he is a bad Spaulding both professionally and personally. Harley finds Beth and questions her about the night of Phillip’s murder. Harley ends up finding out that Beth is not the killer and Beth realizes that Harley truly doesn’t know what happened that night. Gus talks to Lizzie and the viewer hers conflicting accounts of the night Phillip died. Reva accuses Cassie of trying to kill Jonathan. Josh hears about Cassie’s night with Jonathan. Cassie and Josh try to tell Reva that perhaps the problem is Jonathan and she dismisses the idea.

OLTL by Janice

Margaret puts on a blonde wig and fakes a southern accent to try to convince Todd to make love to her. Todd isn't persuaded. Blair is close to finding Todd but just manages to miss coming into contact with the mechanic that saw Margaret. Kevin and Bo confront Babe and the Chandler men in New Orleans. They argue over who the baby belongs to. Adam and JR want to take Adam III home with them, Babe wants to keep baby James - even though she and Jamie are in handcuffs. And Kevin wants to take little Ace home to Llanview with him. The FBI show up and Kevin takes the baby with him, but does allow Babe to say goodbye. John tries to convince Natalie that Christian may not really be Christian. He tries to get her to obtain some of "Chris's" DNA. Natalie refuses - adamant that she should know her husband. At Llanfair Jessica accuses Christian of still being in love with her and that is why he is stalking her. Christian insists that he loves Natalie. He leaves the house and goes to the shooting range to target practice with the gun he just bought.

Passions by Shirley

Kay, Simone, and Paloma go out for a night on the town, hoping to break some men's hearts while they are at it. Kay and Simone sit at the table and chat as Paloma starts her trashy dance again. Meanwhile, little sister Jessica shows she has a naughty side, too, when she shows up at the same club and disgusts her unsuspecting sister and friend with her trashy behavior and outfit. Ivy finds evidence that Sam's baby is not that innocent, but he refuses to believe it, stomping out of the house.

Sheridan seems to have turned into the Demon Seed, chasing her mother around the Crane grounds, choking her and telling her to die while Katherine tries to talk her out of it. Alistair watches from the bushes, egging his daughter on. Will Luis, Martin, and Pilar find them in time to stop the matricide? Her predicament certainly nipped Martin's plan to tell Luis and Pilar the true reason he left in the bud.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Bobby agreed to let Brittany make him a special dinner. Brad drummed up support in his efforts to see Victor removed from Jabot. Traci called from NY with news about Colleen. Nikki advised Victor not to fire Brad, while Victor advised her to seek legal advice before talking to the police about Bobby's brother. Victor told Brad that paper records going back 20 years proved he alone was responsible for Jabot's money woes and should step aside. Brad warned Victor that the fight had just begun, and he would lose. When Sharon admitted to Nick that Victor was working for Jabot, Nick successfully pleaded with her to leave Jabot and come work at NE. Despite Victor wanting to send her on a business trip, Sharon resigned and told him she was going to work with Nick. Colleen was annoyed to find Brittany discussing her cooking plans with JT. When she told JT she was considering school at GCU immediately, he told her to do what felt right, and said they'd take things as they came. Phyllis gave Damon the news that they were both free. To punish Daniel for staying out all night, they let him think things were grim, then the three celebrated when Daniel finally learned his Mother was free.

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