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AMC by Jenn

Kendall and Greenlee confront Jonathan with their belief that he drugged Greenlee. He gets Ryan involved. Ryan doesn't believe for a minute that his brother would drug his wife or do what both women believe he is capable of doing. Bobbie leaves the hospital and writes Edmund a letter telling him he refuses to work with him. Derek says he cannot go after Zach without a testimony from Bobbie. Aiden tells Edmund that he knows Edmund and Bobbie have a secret going which they are not revealing to anybody and that Zach may not be guilty of shooting Ryan or having Bobbie assaulted after all. Adam and JR find Tad but Babe, Jamie, Liza and Colby have all escaped from them.

ATWT by Linda

Barbara is remanded into custody once the shards of Emily’s dishes were tested and found positive for the drug missing from her therapist’s office. Mike takes Katie’s offer after Jennifer convinces him to, Katie believing he did it because he still harbors feelings for her. Will moves back into Fairwinds but once Roseanna is alone, she hears Cabot crying again. Holden nearly tears into Jack, making Jack finally aware of how manipulative Julia is. While searching Julia’s room, Lily finds a letter from Keith but is interrupted by the sounds of Holden and Julia kissing at the door to Julia’s room.

Carly is surprised when she finds out from Lily that Luc saw Holden and Lily kissing which then made her realize why it was so important for JJ to spend time with Jack that night. Knowing that Emma was out of town, she encourages Lily to get to the farm immediately to try and stop whatever is about to happen. Unfortunately, Lily arrives while Holden and Julia are in the middle of their intimate liaison. Ben begins to talk to Jessica about reconciliation. Dusty forgoes asking Lucy to marry him when her plans to leave that evening so she can go to Williams – leaving Rafi upset, but Lucinda impressed with how much Dusty really loves Lucy. Despite their best efforts, Ali and Aaron succumb to their animal desires.

B&B by Leigh

Brooke questions Ridge and Bridget if they have feelings for each other that they're keeping inside and wants them to tell her if they do. Bridget tells Brooke that she'll always love Ridge but not in a sexual way. Ridge tells Brooke that he loves Bridget but when it comes to passion and desire that he only has those feelings for Brooke. Brooke believes what both of them told her about their feelings for each other and promises it'll never be brought up again.

Stephanie doesn't believe that Amber took the photo of Ridge and Bridget to save anyone but herself and tells her to leave the Forrester home and never come back. Bridget went to see Amber but first found Stephanie and Ridge went to see Amber. Ridge shuts her up, telling her that she's gone too far this time. Ridge threatens Amber to never tell Thomas about he and Bridget. Amber promises herself that she'll teach Ridge a lesson he'll remember for a very long time. Darla questions Thorne about his decision to possibly return to Forrester Creations. Darla tries to make Sally understand why Thorne wants a stake in Spectra. Thorne points out to Sally that the value of Spectra has increased in his six months since being there. Sally offers Thorne she'll split the company but that Thorne must buy in to the company and it'll cost him fifty million dollars.

Days by Amy

Sami talks to Father Jansen about all the secrets she knows about her enemies. He advises her to try to overcome the desire to hurt others and to be a better person. She admits that she’s trying, but if anyone tampers with her happiness, then everyone better watch out. Rex is still upset that Mimi lied to him about sending Belle up to meet Shawn. He tells her that they cannot go forward with their own relationship unless Mimi agrees to tell him everything from now on. Mimi agrees and assures him that there are no more secrets. Jan taunts Mimi that if she continues to help Belle and Shawn be together, she will be forced to tell Rex about the abortion.

Phillip and Belle have a lot to do since Phillip is leaving that night. Belle goes out to buy Phillip a gift. Phillip calls Rex to come over and once there, asks him to keep an eye out for Belle – making sure Shawn stays away from her. Rex agrees. Shawn and Belle run into each other and Shawn tries to get Belle to admit her feelings for him. Belle still stands by her claim that she loves Phillip. Shawn doesn’t believe her and pulls her into a kiss, Belle responds by kissing him back. Against John’s wishes, Kate calls Lexie and has her come over to help John with the withdrawals he’s experiencing. Lexie puts two and two together and realizes that John was the one stealing the medication from the hospital – John admits that she’s right. She gives Kate a pill to give John to help him sleep and warns that John will be in for trouble when the hospital board finds out. She leave after getting a call from Celeste saying that Abe fell down and hurt himself due to waning vision. Kate sees that Lexie left her PDA behind and sends Brandon an email from Lexie asking him to come home due to Abe’s vision taking a turn for the worse.

GH by Amanda

Sonny's kids are thrilled with the new house, and he is grateful for the help Carly gave in decorating it. Courtney accepts that she can't fix Bridget's life. Jason breaks the news to Sam that the baby won't be theirs; she is upset, insisting that he use his mob accrued skills to win back Hope. After the rape, Connor apologizes to Emily, claiming he just got caught up in the charade. Seeing her grandmother makes Bridget freak out and break down. Sonny takes pains to reassure Alexis of Kristina's safety. Diego's showing up unannounced at Sonny's is disconcerting. Connor pulls a gun on Emily, insisting that she wants him, not Nik. Bridget offers Courtney her baby, but is refused. Then, Bridget agrees to make a family with Hope and her granny. Sam and Jason say goodbye to Hope. Sam promises never to forgive him. Emily shoots Connor.

GL by Sarah

Gus keeps Harley captive at the hotel. After a few failed escape attempts, she finally gets away to go find Beth. Gus goes to Alan to find out where Beth is. Alan plays dumb and then fires Gus. Gus threatens that he is going to prove that Harley is innocent and then take the company, the property, and the big house with Alan's name on it from him. At the spa, Harley finds Beth. Beth is terrified that Harley wants to know more about the night Phillip died. She finally breaks down and tells Harley she did a terrible thing. Bill charges in on Alan, but Olivia breaks them up and sends Bill away. Olivia makes a deal with Alan-he backs off Slingshot and agrees not to pursue custody of Emma if Olivia doesn't let Bill adopt Emma. Alan is clearly intrigued by the deal. Later, we see Bill asking Olivia if Alan fell for their plan. Holly pulls Ross away from Blake to take her to an eye appointment which really turns out to be an AA meeting. Holly confesses that she almost took a drink, and that she has another addiction-men that are bad for her. Then she confesses to pushing Sebastian off of her and out of the plane. Ross tells her that she did what she had to in order to survive, and that she has nothing to feel guilty about. Back at company, Ross picks up Blake. She wants to stop by Holly's house, but Ross doesn't think it's a good idea. Holly is still being haunted by thoughts of Sebastian, and then we see him ALIVE (but it's not obvious where he is).

OLTL by Janice

Bo calls Kevin to tell him that Ace is in New Orleans. As Bo hurries out of the office he tells Nora about Ace and tells her that Daniel is on the phone to Adam Chandler with the same information. He tells her that everything Daniel does is about furthering his own career - even his marriage proposal. Nora is incensed that Bo thinks so little of her. Daniel assures her that he loves her. Kevin asks Kelly to go to New Orleans with him to get Ace so that they can come home and be a family. Kelly pleads with him to let Babe have her son. Kevin goes anyway and Kelly begs him to remember that Babe loves that baby too. At Llanfair Natalie tells Viki that even though she loves her husband she is ashamed that she still has feelings for John. Viki tells her that that is nothing to be ashamed of; you can't just turn your emotions on and off. Natalie gets a call from John who has gone to Asa's Lodge to track down Christian. He demands that she come up to the lodge because he has important information for her. She shows up and John shows her Chris' journal which he tried to burn in the fireplace. In the journal it mentions Tico, but it also states that he is living Chris' life and that Natalie doesn't know who he is, and furthermore, he doesn't know who he really is either. John asks Natalie to get some of Christian's DNA so that they can figure out who he really is. At the hotel, Chris goes to see John, but Roxy informs him that JOhn is out. He sees the front page of the Sun with Michael on the cover. He insists to Roxy that Michael did not murder Tico. At the cabin, Margaret ignites the dynamite. Luckily, she and Todd survive. She again ties Todd to the bedposts so that he won't escape. He tries to convince her that she cannot make him perform because he loves Blair. At the construction site, Blair gets confirmation that Margaret was the one who stole the dynamite. She vows to search the whole mountain if she has to in order to find Todd.

Passions by Shirley

Theresa and the baby come home from the hospital and find the house has been modified so she can get around on her own. Little Ethan is there to greet them and the four of them have a wonderful time together. Theresa figures this is how it will be forever. Meanwhile, in her jail cell, Gwen first turns against her own mother, scaring the bejeebers out of her, and then fights of non-existent people who want to keep her from seeing her baby.

Martin wants to tell his secret, but Luis wants to hear none of it. Father Lonigan intercedes and listens to the story himself, then tells Martin he has to respect Luis and Pilar enough to tell them. Pilar is willing to hear it, but Luis is still fighting against it. Martin finally tells them he is going to tell all and they are going to listen. Whitney tries to explain what Fox overheard her saying to Katherine, and while Fox seems to buy her story, Chad knows there is more to it than she is saying.

Y&R By Christopher

Drucilla had a nightmare that Malcolm was Lily’s Father, and took her away from GC after learning the truth. When she woke, Lily comforted her and admitted Malcolm had again ordered her to stay away from him. Dru promised her daughter everything would be okay. Brad warned Nikki that he intended to lead a revolt against Victor at Jabot, then contacted Bill Mitchell, one of the lawyers Victor had recently fired. The detective heard the whole story of Joshua’s shooting, then told Bobby he’d have to speak to Nikki for corroboration before the remains could be released and the case closed. Bobby told Nikki she owed it to him and Joshua to talk to the police. She agreed, admitting that she was only afraid of public opinion because she was the wife of Victor Newman. Adrienne told Damon that - though she could not make any promises for the future - her feelings for him were still quite strong. Michael rocked Dominic to the core by bringing him face to face with his almost-robbery accomplice, ‘Fuzzy’. As the two men began blaming each other, Glenn realized he had no case with such a liar as his main witness. He agreed to drop the charges. Weber harassed Jack about knowing Phyllis was at the mansion, then became the one to give Phyllis the news that all charges against her and Damon had been dropped.

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