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AMC by Jenn

Kendall and Greenlee are trying unsuccessfully to find out whether Jonathan drugged Greenlee. And neither has told Ryan of their suspicion about that. Bobbie Warner still gives nobody any information about his secret of who shot Ryan or who assaulted him. Ryan and Aiden still believe Zach was guilty of both crimes. Even Maria is beginning to doubt Zach.

Tad and Liza are protecting Babe and Jamie. But Adam and JR are on the warpath to get them. Tad tells them when they get to Argentina, Juan Pablo will be there to harbor them.

ATWT by Linda

Craig makes in roads with Sierra; Lucy tells her father that she feels like she’s being torn in half and when he suggests that he could call Williams College to make arrangements for the part of the semester she’s missed, she tells him to make the call. Lucinda talks with Dusty and tells him he needs to be with Lucy while Rafi is getting the same advice from Alison. Jack fights with Carly over JJ as Holden shows up at the hospital to see Aaron and Julia appraises him of the fact that Emma has gone to stay at Iva’s for awhile. In the meantime, Luke has ditched school to talk with Aaron and when Holden and Julia come in he leaves. Lily comes and ends up waiting for Aaron’s paperwork, talking with Luke about missing school and wondering about Holden and Julia out loud, Luke replying she doesn’t want to know. After making Jack take JJ for the evening, Julia gets ready to spend the evening with Holden.

B&B by Leigh

Bridget tells Nick that because of him Stephanie and Eric are much less worried about her. She tells Nick that hanging out with him as taught her much about herself. They play and Nick pretends he's a monkey, he ends up on top of her but they quickly part before kissing. Amber tells Stephanie that she went to see Ridge to reason with him, and to get him to admit that he too had made mistakes in his life. Stephanie sees the picture that she took of Ridge and Bridget in an awkward situation, and tells Amber that she's not concerned about the picture because it just depicts Ridge and Bridget standing there. Stephanie can't believe that Amber took and showed the picture to Brooke.

Ridge swears to Brooke that nothing happened. He tells her what was going on was … Bridget was telling him how happy she was and that she was finally over Ridge and moving on with her life. Bridget walks in on the middle of their conversation and Brooke shows her the picture. Bridget confirms to Brooke that what Ridge told her where indeed the reasons they were talking. Brooke tells Ridge that she can't put all of this behind her. She asks them to reevaluate their feelings for each other, Brooke tells them she needs to know right now if there's more to it than friendship.

Days by Danielle

Marlena is upset that Tony will only let them see glimpses of their families. Roman and Marlena talk about how they are getting closer just as John and Kate are getting closer. Marlena insists that kissing Roman was a mistake but Roman wants to think the worst. John pulls Kate close as he suffers through withdrawal to try and get her to give him one more dose. Instead, Kate brings John sleeping pills. John agrees to take them after some prodding by Kate. John begins to shiver so Kate cuddles in bed with him for warmth. Marlena and Roman are allowed the image of John and Kate in bed together until they can hear John say that Kate has helped him the way Marlena only could. Marlena takes it as a sign that John and Kate have given up on them. Marlena and Roman admit to each other that they never stopped loving the other.

Jan interrupts to try and get Shawn away from Belle before Belle can answer. Philip tells Belle that he has to ship out sooner than they thought. Shawn refuses to leave until Belle gives him an answer. Angered by Shawn’s ill remarks about Philip’s call to duty, Belle declares that she loves and wants to be with Philip. Shawn refuses to believe that and begs Mimi to help him but Mimi refuses. Alone in their bedroom, Philip questions Belle as to why she met Shawn on the roof. Philip and Belle decide to make the most of their last night together. Lucas and Rex overhear Sami and Mimi arguing. Sami is offended that Lucas questions her motives. In the heat of the argument, Sami gloats about knowing things about Mimi in front of Rex and Lucas. Rex demands to know what Sami knows about Mimi. Lucas criticizes Sami for her bad behavior so Sami recants her threat. Sami whispers her threat to Mimi again before leaving. Sami tells Lucas about Mimi’s abortion and argues with Lucas about whether to tell Rex. Sami agrees to stay out of it as long as no one messes with her.

GH by Amanda

Carly and John fight over his machinations against Lorenzo and Stephen. When he declares that they are the same, two parents who will do anything for their kids, he exacerbates things. Liz and Lucky bring Emily and Connor news of Luke's latest dangerous plan to trap Helena.After they leave, Connor first comes onto Emily, then attacks her. Courtney's testimony is a mixed bag, Jason is a good father, but dangerous. Therefore, Briget wins the baby, but Courtney is not happy with the idea of both of them moving in. Meanwhile, Briget's grandmother shows up at Jason's, wanting the baby. The watcher plunges Jordan and Carly into the dark. Skye tells Liz and Lucky that Luke has found Helena.

GL by Sarah

OLTL by Janice

Daniel accuses Bo of favoring the Buchanan family over the Chandlers when it comes to finding Ace. Bo tells him that he has always been able to draw the line between family and his job. He gets a call from New Orleans that they've found Ace, but refuses to share the info with Daniel. At the Palace Kevin is holding a constituent's baby as Kelly comes in. He and Kelly go outside and he asks her to help him find Ace and be a family again. Kelly accuses him of trying to manipulate her. He gets a call from Bo telling him where Ace it. At the cabin, Todd is trapped by debris that fell after the avalanche. He tries to find some boards to pry himself out. Margaret tries to dig him out from outside, but decides to go get help. She goes to a construction site and begs a worker for help. He goes out to get some equipment, but before he comes back Margaret spies a cabinet full of dynamite. She steals some and returns to the cabin where she plans to blast Todd out of the cabin. The worker comes back, sees the open cabinet, and calls the police. Christian decides that he has to take back his life. He tears pages out of his book and prepares to destroy it, but Natalie comes home. He grabs the pages and runs out of Llanfair through the back door, but Natalie finds a page on the floor. She reads the page and knows that Chris is in trouble and calls John. He comes over and they determine that Chris has gone to Asa' Lodge and John goes after him. At the lodge, Christian is burning his book. Blair goes to Bo for help in finding Todd. Since Bo is busy, Nora takes Blair aside and after hearing Blair's story, decides to help investigate Margaret. She finds out that Margaret rented a room at The Palace the night of the wedding. Then Nora finds an APB for someone matching Margaret's description who just stole dynamite from a construction site. Blair goes to track down Todd.

Passions by Shirley

Theresa and the baby are finally ready to go home, but a confrontation with Ethan might threaten their health. The doctor has to lecture both of them before he would let them go, but they left a happy group, for the most part. Gwen is a raging bull, then becomes a motionless statue right before Rebecca's eyes, making her desperate for Ethan to succeed in getting the charges dropped. It became even more imperative when she suddenly found herself at her daughter's mercy due to her own insistence on ignoring doctor's orders.

Martin is trying to tell Pilar why he really left, but Luis steps in and shoves his mouth in the way. Meanwhile, back home, his beloved has sleepwalked out into the snowy night, slipperless and in her 'jammies, while her Daddy Dearest aims to put a bullseye on her back to keep her quiet. Her memories from childhood threaten his dynasty. It seems to be race between her and Martin as to who will blow the lid off it first. On the wharf, Katherine has a near-miss with the truth as Whitney finally tries to unburden herself only to find her father isn't the only one who really doesn't know as much as he is sure he does.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Bobby told Nikki that, whether she liked it or not, he was going to the police to claim his brother's remains. Brittany had the same idea and met up with him at the station. But when Bobby began explaining his story to the police, wanting to protect those involved, Brittany blurted out that she didn't understand why he was protecting Nikki Newman. Brad told Victor he would never stop fighting him at Jabot. Victor later told Ash they had no choice but to fire Brad. Meanwhile, Brad told Nikki that he would do whatever it took to stop Victor from taking over Jabot. Malcolm and Neil had a heart to heart, and Neil swore nothing had ever happened between him and Alex Perez. Malcolm admitted he was worried that his search for his place in the family would rip him and Neil apart. Lily left pictures of the family all over the coffeehouse for Malcolm to find. When he did, he confronted her and demanded she give him the personal space he'd asked for. Devastated, Lily went home and yelled at Neil and Dru to give her time alone. When she fell asleep, Dru swabbed the inside of her mouth, collecting her DNA. Weber interrupted Christine's interview with 'Sandra', and grilled her about her background and other info. Michael convinced Glenn to bring him face to face with Dominic, then demanded he start telling the truth about what happened in the motel. Damon and Adrienne dined together, while he worried he would soon go to prison. Phyllis visited Jack in her disguise, and was trailed there by Dt. Weber, who arrived and asked Jack if he could have a look around.

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