Thursday 1/20/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 1/20/05 Short Recaps



AMC by Jenn

Will not air today

ATWT by Linda

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B&B by Leigh

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Days by Danielle

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GH by Lisa

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GL by Elizabeth

Will not air today

OLTL by Janice

Christian finds Natalie reading his journal and freaks out. She tries to get him to talk to her, but he refuses. She leaves and he flings his journal across the room. Evangeline finds her coming down the stairs at the hotel and assumes she's been looking for John and lays into her. Natalie is quick to inform her that she's there to see Roxy. Evangeline feels like an idiot and notices that Natalie is upset. Natalie confides about Christian's journal and that she's sure his secret is written in the journal. Evangeline then tells her to find the journal and give it to John. At the hospital Dr. McBain is suspended when a front page article in the journal accuses him of being Dr. Death. He runs into Marcie and as they are about to share a kiss, her publicist interrupts with a newspaper article about Marcie. Jess works on a newspaper article about the elevator accident. She tells Viki that she's anxious to share it with Antonio, but she's sure it was Christian that caused the accident. Viki, having talked to Christian about her own demons, tells Jess that she's sure Chris is not at fault. She tells Jess that she's worried that she's been too gullible in the past and is trying to make up for it now by only seeing bad in people. Bo overhears Daniel tell Paige about the wedding date of May 1 that he and Nora have set. Bo tells Nora that he thinks Daniel is setting up the wedding as a campaign for a Senate seat. In the outer office Adam is on the phone with Daniel telling him to feed him some information in exchange for help with the Senate seat. Dorian and David come along and grab the phone out of Daniel's ear and realize that he is leaking police information to Adam to help him find Ace.

Passions by Shirley

Will not air today

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Sierra felt Malcolm owed Lily an explanation, while Devon insisted Lily keep her distance from the man. Nonetheless, they agreed to help Lily with yet another scheme. When Malcolm demanded quick results from Dru, then said he was planning to talk to Neil soon, Dru ordered him to keep his distance for fear he'd say the wrong thing. Olivia told Dru that Malcolm had a right to know the truth, and that she believed he'd do the right thing once he did. Malcolm ordered Neil to sit and listen as he finally prepared to open up about his time in Africa. Victor informed the legal department of Jabot that he would be cutting them completely to save money. Brad and Ash agreed they had to put Abby first and not let their business stress come down on her shoulders. In a confrontation with Victor, Brad insisted he would never be able to work 'with' him at Jabot. Victor told him to take the chance to say everything he wanted to. Phyllis told Jack about her latest scheme and he chastised her for putting herself in harm's way for Damon. Speaking in metaphors, they admitted it was 'never too late' in life (for their relationship). Christine blasted Paul and Michael for going along with Phyllis' scheme. Dominic told Weber he wasn't backing down from his version of events. Phyllis - disguised as Sandra - forced a public meeting with Christine, hoping Weber and Glenn Richards would see it and be worried. It worked, until Weber told Michael there was something he didn't trust about 'Sandra'.

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