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AMC by Jenn

Ryan asks Jack to be Bianca's and Miranda's legal counsel after he signs over Cambias to them. He and Jack and Erica and many others are still suspicious of Ethan however. Erica confronts Zach about how he and his son are liars and how she does not trust them around her daughters. Bobbie Warner tells Maria, Edmund and Ryan that he believes Zach got him assaulted and tried to shoot Ryan. Ryan believes him and implicates Zach. But Maria tells Ryan she does not believe that Zach is guilty of any of this. Edmund has a private conversation with Bobbie, revealing that they have a little private secret together.

ATWT by Linda

Emily moves to her mother’s when she feels that Hal doesn’t believe that she couldn’t have done the things that happened to Roseanna. Hal brings the dishes in for testing and then leaves a message for Paul to tell Emily to come home when he sees her. Jennifer reluctantly accepts Mike’s offer to move in as Katie schemes to have him help her renovate the gym before her wedding. Dusty tells Lucy to go but after speaking with Lucinda, he decides that he should pursue their relationship and buys her a ring. Despite Sierra’s warnings, Rafi tells Lucy he just wants to prove himself to her, Lucy hesitant to lead him on.

B&B by Leigh

Nick plays along with Sasha (the orangutan) as his date; he invites her to the pool, hugs her, puckers his lips to kiss her, and gives her a flower (all to the background music "Loving You"). Bridget tells Nick that she's impressed that he took the joke and went with it. Eric and Stephanie notice how happy Bridget is and are glad that Nick is bringing that out in her.

Brooke is furious with Ridge and tells him that she warned him to never touch Bridget again. Ridge begs her to believe him when he tells her that nothing happened and the picture that Amber took is not at all what it seems to be. Ridge throws Amber out of the house after she tells him that she took that picture of he and Bridget for his own good, and the good of his family.

Days by Danielle

Mimi slaps Jan and threatens to harm her more if she tells Rex about her abortion. Sami continues to eavesdrop on their conversation, hopeful that she’ll be able to gather secrets on all her enemies. Jan and Mimi realize that they were being listened to when Sami falls while trying to reach for her phone. Sami hides until Jan and Mimi leave the roof. Jan taunts Mimi by talking about how great a father Rex would be in front of him. Sami warns Mimi to treat her nicely. Philip wants Belle to declare to everyone who she truly loves. Shawn insists on seeing Belle until she tells him whether she still loves him.

Nicole faints at the sight of Chloe in the closet. Nicole comes to and tells Brady that she saw Chloe. Brady checks the closet and believes that Nicole only saw a hooded jacket of Brady’s that Chloe used to borrow. Nicole runs off hurt upon hearing Brady gush about how beautiful Chloe is. Chloe considers showing herself to Brady until she spots her scars in the mirror and decides to leave unseen instead. Brady apologizes to Nicole and insists that she is the only woman he wants to be with. Chloe returns to the hospital, deciding to wait to see Brady until after her surgery. Maggie and Bonnie argue about who would be better for Mickey. Bonnie refuses Maggie’s request to step aside. Maggie offers Bonnie a large check to change her mind but Bonnie turns down the offer and threatens to keep the check to show Mickey how Maggie tried to bribe her. Bonnie sends Max chasing after Maggie.

GH by  Amanda

When Jordan shows up on the Island to inform Sonny that Ric and Alexis' sham marriage is over, he tries and fails to seduce her. Lorenzo, as requested by Carly, tries to persuade Briget to let Sam adopt her child. Jason is less than thrilled with the idea when Carly tells him. Then, Courtney undoes all his good by badmouthing Lorenzo. Lucky and Liz bring Emily and Connor hopeful news, and let Emily get a break from being alone with him. When she gets back from an outing with Liz, Connor has replicated a romantic scene Nik described in his letter to her. Ric asks Sonny to let Alexis keep Kristina.

GL by Elizabeth

Danny visits Marina at work and gets a lecture from Buzz. Michelle decides that she doesn’t want to share Tony with the whole world just yet. Coop tells Lizzie that he’s already planned their date and convinces her to take part in the Annual Cooper Football game. Alex reminds Buzz that the only thing that should matter to him about Danny is how happy he obviously makes Marina. Blake lifts the restraining order against Dinah and tells her and Ross that she no longer wants to fight. Cassie gets flowers from Dinah, but thinks they are from Jonathan. She lies to Tammy and tells her that they’re from Edmund. Edmund thinks something is up when Tammy mentions that he’s been buying a lot of flowers lately. Buzz apologizes to Danny and invites him to the football game along with Alexandra. They both agree to go. Dinah says something that makes Edmund think.

OLTL by Janice

Todd is trapped by the avalanche while Margaret is out of the cabin. She goes to the hospital to kill Mrs. Bigelow. Blair and Dorian are waiting to trap her, but the man they hired to grab Margaret shows up late and Margaret gets away. Margaret goes to the police station and files a restraint order against Blair charging her with harassment. Blair tries to convince Bo that Margaret has Todd, but Bo has no evidence. Margaret goes back to the cabin and finds Todd trapped. She is thrilled that he needs her help to escape and he promises to do anything for her if she'll get him out. At Capricorn, RJ gives Lindsay a passionate kiss telling her he's just trying to irritate Nora. RJ approaches Chris and mentions Natalie. Chris grabs RJ by the neck and threatens him. RJ asks who he really is because he's not the Christian Vega that he knows. Lindsay tries to calm Chris down assuring him that it will take time, but he'll be okay - she knows from experience. It's obvious that Chris has no idea that Lindsay murdered Sam and spent time at St. Anne's. John gives Evangeline a string of his mother's pearls for her birthday. Evangeline tells him that she can't accept them unless he's willing to take their relationship to the next level. He puts the pearls around her neck. Rex confesses to Daniel that he planted the gun in Dorian's office because he received $10,000 to do it. Daniel thinks it's a con job, but Bo finds evidence in Rex's loft that backs up his story. Daniel and Bo argue and Daniel tells Bo he's upset only because Nora is going to marry him. Daniel gets upset with Nora that they haven't set a date for their wedding. Nora overhears Bo arrange to take Paige dancing and she tells Daniel she'll marry him in May. Natalie finds Chris's journal under their mattress and is sitting on the bed about to open it as Chris's hand is on the doorknob.

Passions by Shirley

Fox, Chad, and Katherine are worried about Whitney and what's causing her so much stress. Katherine offers to talk to her and the men gladly accept. She talks to her, telling her all mothers make mistakes, and Whitney starts to break under the weight of her secret. Katherine offers to hear her out. Julian has finally gone back to Eve, arriving after Liz's staged scene making Eve look as though she attacked her and then gloating about her success. Eve wants to hear Julian's news, however, and sets her problems on the back burner. They both realize Sheridan needs to talk to her mother of her own safey, but the problem is getting them together.

Pilar finally breaks down Martin's reserve against telling her the real reason he left all those years ago. He seems ready to let her know it all. Sheridan talks Luis into getting married right away, then goes to sleep, to dream of her life as a child. Being a nightmare life, it stirs up her sleepwalking motor and she goes out into the night, danger awaiting her, as Luis has left to see about setting up their next attempt at a wedding.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Y&R may not air today

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