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AMC by Jenn

Bianca and Reggie are both very suspicious of Jonathan. Bianca reveals that although she's angry at Babe, she is worried about what will happen to Babe and Jamie when they get caught for kidnapping baby James. JR is able to scare David and Krystal by telling them what will happen to their daughter when she is caught. Babe reveals to Jamie that she is in love with him. He proposes to her and she says yes. Greenlee tries but is unable to admit to Ryan that she believes Jonathan drugged her. Maggie is still determined to stay with Jonathan and put up with his abuse.

ATWT by Linda

Casey is urged by Roseanna and Margo to convince Will to have a party at Fairwinds, which Will goes along with. Henry hooks Katie up with an interview with the owner of the Downtown Gym and while she’s negotiating with the owner about working for him, Mike comes in and tries to talk her out of it. She presses onward and Mike wishes her good luck before taking breakfast home to Jennifer. Barbara visits Jennifer, appraising her of how she’s being tormented, Jennifer not buying into her story until Barbara tells her she intends to return to the penthouse. When Mike returns with breakfast, Jennifer is looking for apartments and he asks if she’d move in with him. Paul posts Emily’s bail, returning to her house to look for clues. When Emily remembers how insistent Barbara was that she drink the tea, Paul insists that they take all of the dishes to the crime lab to see if any traces of drugs are left behind. Just as they begin to leave, Barbara returns and is horrified that they’ve accused her of drugging Emily.

B&B by Leigh

Ridge talks to Nick about the tension between them. Nick tells him if he really wants what is best for Bridget he should leave her alone. Ridge tells Nick he shouldn't be involved at all and questions whom he really cares about Brooke or Bridget. Nick tells Ridge that if he crosses the line with Bridget and it blows up in his face he'll be there to pick up the pieces.

The picture Amber shows her of Bridget and Ridge stuns Brooke. She admits to Brooke that she took the picture herself. An angry Brooke tells Amber that she's crossed the line by sneaking in to their home and taking pictures. Amber promises that she's not trying to use this to get them to accept her and Thomas's relationship. Brooke is crushed; she tells Amber that she told Ridge to never touch her. Ridge walks in and sees Brooke's face she shows him the picture. Ridge asks where she got the picture, and Brooke asks him how he could do this to them. Just as Eric and Stephanie are discussing her Bridget shows up to swim in their pool. Eric tells Bridget that they know why she left Copenhagen. Stephanie makes her feelings clear and tells Bridget that she should not be living with Ridge when she still has feelings for him. Bridget tells them that Nick is a good teacher and he's the reason she's feeling so much better. She invited Nick to Eric's telling him she's fixing him up on a blind date; it's Sasha an orangutan!

Days by Danielle

Chloe refuses to call Brady for fear of being a burden to him. Nancy reluctantly agrees to let Chloe handle this on her own. Chloe sneaks out of the hospital and into the Kiriakis mansion. Chloe decides that she does need to let Brady know that she is alive. Chloe imagines that Brady’s kiss heals her scars. Nicole desperately tries to convince Brady to do something about John’s addiction. Brady refuses to believe Nicole. Nicole worries that Brady will listen to John’s warning and leave her. John rouses Kate after she is knocked to the ground. Kate uses how Belle and Brady would feel to lose their father and how Marlena would feel to convince John to give up the drugs. John lets Kate take away the drugs but refuses to let her call Lexie, making Kate realize that John is the one who stole the drugs. John suggests undergoing treatment through the ISA instead of through University Hospital. Kate calls Brady with the news of John’s admission. Brady apologizes to Nicole for doubting her. Nicole spots Chloe hiding in the closet.

Sami announces to Rex and Jan that Mimi is intentionally trying to destroy Philip and Belle’s wedding night. Mimi denies it but Sami gladly fills Rex and Jan in on how Mimi arranged it for Shawn and Belle to meet on the roof. Sami witnesses Jan threaten Mimi. Philip and Shawn fight on the roof. Belle breaks up the fight and defends Shawn to Philip. Philip wants to call the cops on Shawn but Belle stops him. Shawn refuses to leave Belle alone until she tells him whether she would have called off the wedding had he gotten there in time. Belle yells at Sami for ratting her out. Belle tells Shawn that they are through and heads back down to her loft to talk with Philip. Sami eavesdrops on Jan threatening to tell Rex about Mimi’s abortion.

GH by Lisa

Emily makes it clear to Connor that she would never turn to him even if Nikolas spends the rest of his life in prison. Skye brings Emily a romantic letter from Nikolas. Connor reads Nikolas' letter and imagines himself as Nikolas. Connor hovers over Emily as she sleeps. Courtney is shocked to learn Jason proposed to Sam. Courtney defends herself to Sam, denying that she's responsible for Bridget wanting her baby back. Jason arrives to hear Courtney unleashing her hurt and anger on Sam. After speaking with Jordan, Jason tells Sam they will need Courtney's help in their fight to keep Hope. Steven is undeterred in his quest to win Carly even after she admits that she kissed him to get her mind off Alcazar. Alcazar agrees to Carly's request to speak to Bridget on Jason and Sam's behalf.

Brook Lynn becomes angry when Alcazar thinks she should avoid getting involved with Diego. Georgie pretends to be Brook Lynn during the college interview that Brook Lynn tried to cancel. Dillon comes to Georgie's rescue when the interviewer wants to hear "Brook Lynn" sing. Brook Lynn tells Georgie and Dillon that she isn't interested in going to the prestigious school as she plans on going to Mexico to be with Diego.

GL by Elizabeth

Gus gets back some important evidence from the DC lab. Harley realizes that Gus may be right in thinking Beth is hiding something. Tammy gets Sandy his old job back. Jeffery goes to Frank for help in trying to get Harley to take a deal. Reva tells Tammy that she has room in her heart for both Sandy and Jonathan.

OLTL by Janice

Dorian and Blair remove Mrs. Bigelow's body from the funeral parlor. They bring her to the hospital and hook her up to IV's. The front page of the Sun, along with the local TV stations, announce that Mrs. Bigelow is alive. Margaret leaves Todd to take care of Mrs. Bigelow once and for all. Blair hides behind a curtain as Margaret enters the room. At the cabin Todd unties himself. He finds a flare gun in a cupboard. He fires the gun and starts an avalanche. He is trapped in the cabin with snow coming in from doors, windows and the chimney. Kevin invites Asa, Duke and Adriana to breakfast. Asa insults Adriana and Duke stands up for her. Asa is not happy the his great grandson is not respectful. Kevin later tells Duke that not many people can stand up to Asa. Jen and Riley try to get Marcie and Michael to talk to each other, but Marcie gets a phone call from her agent and Michael has to leave. Marcie is disappointed and orders comfort food. Jessica and Antonio agree to work together to find her stalker. Jessica asks Kevin to run some articles that she is going to write in hopes that her stalker will be forced to show himself. Jessica is happy that Antonio is not treating her like a child.

Passions by Shirley

Julian is thrilled to have his mother home, but tries to talk her out of leaving again. He thinks he can make Sheridan see the light and keep Luis happy, too. Katherine says no. A chance meeting with Chad, Fox, and Whitney on the wharf leaves all of them in shock. Sheridan and Ethan talk after Gwen's attack on her and he tries to make her see she needs her mother. Beth, on the other hand, has latched on to Luis and is filling his head with all kinds of evil thoughts.

Pilar is trying to get Martin to tell her why he really left her, knowing that if he loved her as he says he would never have left her to be Katherine's Knight in Shining Armor. He resists, however, and keeps doing the Texas Two Step all around the church and the grounds.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Phyllis, still disguised as 'Ms. Sandra King', planted seeds of doubt in Glenn Richards mind, pointing out the negative fallout that could result from him trying a case on the word of a convicted killer. Dt. Weber rejected Paul's request that he convince Glenn to stall the proceedings, then failed to recognize Phyllis when she stopped by 'looking' for Christine. Paul assured Phyllis that Weber hadn't recognized her, and they agreed the plan had to work since it was Damon's last hope. Glenn Richards told Weber to question Dominic again, so they could be sure he wasn't lying. He insisted he didn't want to try another case against an innocent person. JT left Colleen alone with Zach, after the boy asked JT to help him convince Colleen to go away with him. Kevin visited the loft to cheer Mac up, and told her about seeing Colleen kiss another boy. When JT came home and found them together, he angrily ordered Kevin out. Mac said that if Kevin went, so did she, then left. Colleen went to the loft and told JT she was staying. They admitted they wanted to get back together, and kissed. Michael and Lauren made love in the hay in the stable, then hid when they heard someone coming. Damon and Adrienne returned from their ride, and shared a passionate kiss after admitting to still having feelings for one another. As they moved to the hay to make love, Michael and Lauren revealed themselves and the four had a good laugh. Brad insisted that bankruptcy was better than trusting Victor, and argued with Ash. They stopped fighting when John brought Abby in, sick.

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