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AMC by Jenn

Adam and JR get a visit from OLTL's Kevin and Asa Buchanan. Kevin and Asa tell the Chandlers that they refuse to believe that Ace/James is JR's child and refuse to authorize a DNA test. Babe and Jamie are ready to flee to Argentina with the baby but Babe asks Tad to take Jamie back to Pine Valley with him so Jamie is not implicated for kidnapping James with her. But they both know that Jamie is determined to face the consequences with Babe and not abandon her. Bianca and Anita discuss what they should do to get Maggie to realize Jonathan is an abuser and leave him. But she refuses to listen. Greenlee breaks into Jonathan's apartment and he catches her. She's still determined to prove that he drugged her. Kendall urges Ethan to deal with his feelings about his parentage.

ATWT by Linda

Luc sees Holden and Julia kissing after his mom leaves the cabin from telling Holden about Aaron, asking his dad on the way home if he had “fun.” Margo begins to interrogate Will regarding the car but Roseanna comes to his defense and Margo excuses herself when she see Katie and Henry’s wedding announcement. Will and Roseanna bicker but by the time Paul arrives, everything is tenuously better. Margo refuses to be Katie’s maid of honor because she thinks it’s all a ploy to get Mike back, especially after Mike accepts (with Jennifer’s okay) to cancel their trip to New York and be Henry’s best man. Paul and Emily discuss her situation but Paul believes she needs to be home to spur her memory and arranges for her bail.

B&B by Leigh

Ridge tells Brooke that Amber's visit the night before makes him wonder what she'll pull next, and that he plans to warn Thomas. Thomas admires the costumes Caitlin is designing for their dance contest. Amber prints the romantic looking photos she took of Ridge and Bridget, took them to Brooke and showed them to her. Amber tells Brooke that she's trying to help her and that Ridge must be stopped before this goes too far.

Days by Danielle

Chelsea eavesdrops as Jennifer criticizes Patrick for the things he said to Hope. Jennifer questions Patrick about his feelings for Billie but Patrick denies it. Hope senses that Bo is in trouble and curses Billie for putting him at risk. Hope asks Jennifer to watch Zack as she plans to head to Europe to find Bo. Jennifer tries to talk her out of it but Hope is insistent. Hope agrees to let Patrick go with her. Chelsea is relieved when Jennifer tells her that Hope isn’t falling for Patrick. Bo and Billie argue about who is at fault for their predicament as they try to work their way out of the ropes. They also argue about whether Georgia was ever at the house. Bo realizes that Hope would do something impulsive like come to Europe to look for him. Shawn asks Belle if she would have called off the wedding had he gotten to the church on time. Belle insists that it wouldn’t have made a difference but Shawn doesn’t believe her. Shawn kisses Belle as a way to show her what it would have been like had he got there in time. Mimi stops Sami from seeing Belle. Sami claims that she is there to apologize to Belle but Mimi doesn’t believe her. Sami badmouths Shawn but Mimi defends him. Philip questions Sami and Mimi about Belle’s whereabouts. Sami suggests that Belle is up on the roof with Shawn and Philip rushes up there to break it up. Sami accuses Mimi of trying to ruin Belle’s marriage. Belle pulls away from the kiss but Shawn pulls her back and they kiss again just as Philip arrives on the roof.

Roman encourages Marlena to believe that they will make it home. Marlena worries that they won’t get home in time to keep John and Kate from falling in love. John continues to deny that he is an addict despite the fact that Kate found the extra vials. John claims he has the extra vials because of Lexie’s investigation. Kate still doesn’t believe John and stands her ground despite John’s repeated orders for her to get out. John allows Kate to toss the vials into the bedroom trashcan to prove that he doesn’t need them. The hidden camera inside the clock transmits a video feed of John and Kate to Marlena and Roman. Marlena is relieved to hear from John and Kate’s conversation that Belle is fine. Marlena and Roman kiss and hug after Roman assures Marlena that he will always be there for her. Kate thinks to take the vials out of the bedroom trashcan before leaving. John insists that Kate leave them there so he can take a dose to help him fall asleep. Kate refuses to let him have the medication back and they struggle. Kate falls to the floor, unconscious.

GH by Amanda

Courtney tries to dissuade Brigette's impulse to take back Hope; as Jason attempts to persuade Sam he wants to marry her for her own sake. She agrees. Lucky puts Emily into Connor's care after her near miss with Helena. Carly tells Lorenzo to back off and not kiss her again, he doubts her sincerity. When Jax babysits Christina, Ned wonders how he can shut off his paternal feelings for the girl. Brooke overhears Lorenzo tell Carly he loves her; so she tells Lois who ends it with Lorenzo. Connor mistakes Emily's kindness. Lucky admits he wants more with Liz.

GL by Sarah

Harley finds the blue dress and it has a stain on it. Alan interrupts Gus & Beth just as she is getting close to telling Gus something. Olivia and Bill come up with a plan to trick Alan. Reva asks her son not to tell anyone about what happened between him and Cassie. Dinah calls Jonathan a coward. Gus implores Harley to try and talk to Beth. Beth makes a confession to Alan, who vows to protect her.

OLTL by Janice

Margaret slips Todd a drug in his coffee to get him ready to perform so they can make a baby. She pulls a gun on him after he manages to get one hand untied. John tries to convince Michael to keep quiet about the fact that his medical gloves are the same ones used to pull Tico's plug. Michael can't let John get in trouble, so he confides in Bo. Bo, John and Michael enlist Paige's help in clearing Michael. She promises not to tell the Board just yet. Christian tells Natalie that he's afraid he will hurt her. He agrees to counseling. He remembers Michael visiting him in the hospital and removing Michael's gloves from the trash. John and Evangeline fight because he won't tell her about the evidence incriminating Michael. Blair attends Mrs. Bigelow's funeral. She decides to create a newspaper story saying that Mrs. B is actually still alive. She hopes to trap Margaret and find Todd. Antonio tries to convince Jessica that he wants to help her, he doesn't want to treat her like a child.

Passions by Shirley

Pilar knocks Martin for a loop and gets a long-awaited kiss for her trouble. He tells her he's leaving for good but she won't let him go until he explains himself to her. Katherine is surprised to find the one person at her door who is glad to see her back and willing to forgive her for leaving - Julian. He tells her he will talk to Sheridan and make her forgive their mother, too, but Katherine tells him absolutely not, she wants her to hate her.

Luis and Ethan come to Sheridan's rescue, but no one can save Gwen after she makes another attempt on her friend's life. Meanwhile, Kay, Paloma, and Simone decide to form a man-hater's club, and shake on it after blaming all their troubles on men. Tabitha thinks they are vacuous and dress like hussies, but Endora decides to try it out for a while until Mommy Tabby makes her change back. She does keep one little memento, however.

Y&R By Christopher

 Ashley asked Nikki, as a shareholder in Jabot, to keep watch on Victor and report if he seemed up to something. Nikki said she wouldn't put her marriage in jeopardy to help Ash. Gloria told Victor she and Jack worried he was out to take over Jabot, which would hurt John. Victor told her not to trust Jack ever, and insisted he was on the up and up, and didn't need Jabot. JT told Brittany that the skeleton of Joshua Cassen was in the custody of the GCPD. After learning Adrienne planned to stay in town, Malcolm told her they needed to take a break from one another. Kevin advised Michael not to get so caught up in work that he neglected Lauren, while Michael urged Kevin to focus on finding a job and place of his own to live. Damon, Paul and Christine (from afar) supported a mysterious scheme Phyllis was about to begin, while Michael urged her to be careful and leave him out of it. In the stable at the Newman ranch, Damon and Adrienne shared memories of Elias and his horseback riding days, and she assured him he was not to blame for their son's murder. They decided to go riding together. Lauren stopped by to see Michael, who was desperate for a distraction, and invited her to go horseback riding at the ranch. Zach surprised Colleen by showing up in town and inviting her to join him on a road trip. While she explained that she couldn't go, JT interrupted them, and Kevin observed from the sidelines. Disguised as an overweight reporter, Phyllis visited Glenn Richards and insisted she was writing a story on parole violators, then asked questions about Dominic Hughes and the crimes he'd committed. like murdering a little boy.

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