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AMC by Jenn

Ethan is hiding and not ready to talk to anybody about what he's feeling knowing he's Zach's son. Ryan warns Kendall to stay away from Ethan. But she doesn't listen. Kendall and Greenlee are both suspicious of Jonathan but know they'd better not tell Ryan because Ryan would not appreciate their suspicions of his brother. Jonathan is locking Maggie outside the door of their apartment. Reggie, Bianca and Anita try to intervene and get Maggie to see how sick the relationship and how abusive Jonathan is. But Maggie refuses to listen. Jonathan is accusing Maggie of drinking and passing out and says that's how she got her bruise.

ATWT by Linda

Julia tells Jack and Holden what happened at Emma’s, Jack going home and giving Carly an earful – but Carly returned the favor and told him it’s time to cut Julia and JJ loose. Meanwhile, Holden and Julia talk and then end up getting it on. Ben takes Aaron to surgery as Alison calls Lily, Lily rushing to the hospital and holding Alison’s hand until the surgery is over and Ben tells them it was a success – he removed the blood clot and fixed what he believed to be the problem with Aaron’s arm. While Alison is in the recovery room with Aaron, she takes his right hand and he squeezes it slightly. Lily apologizes again to Emma and asks her to stay with the kids so she can go to the cabin to tell Holden about Aaron. Jessica and Ben share an awkward embrace after the surgery, Jessica telling Ben he needs to try and hold on to his job at the hospital.

B&B by Leigh

Bridget tells Nick that he's not the first guy that's had his heart broken by Brooke. Bridget asks him if he's still in love with her mother. He tells her that he's moved on one day at a time. When she questions if he dreams about her, he tells her, in detail about the same dream he always has of Brooke. In this dream she tells him that she's back and staying. Realizing that what she and Ridge had wasn't near as intense as Nick and Brooke's. Bridget is feeling relieved like she can start putting everything behind her.

Ridge tells Brooke that his conversation with Stephanie was frustrating, but he's glad he had it. Ridge tells Brooke that Bridget will not get mixed signals from him, because he won't jeopardize what they have. Amber confronts Ridge about his stunt to give Caitlin and Thomas alone time. Amber tells him that she loves Thomas and she wishes she could make him see that. She tells Ridge that she's a changed person and asks him if he's ever made mistakes. He tells her that nothing he's ever done compares to what she's done in her past. Ridge throws her out of the house and tells her never to come back again. Bridget comes home and catches the end of their argument. Bridget tells Ridge that she's reconciled all those old feelings for him. Amber, through the window, takes pictures of Bridget and Ridge hugging.

Days by Danielle

Belle claims that she no longer loves Shawn but Shawn doesn’t believe her. They argue about how Shawn wasn’t there for Belle when she needed him as well as how they truly broke up. Shawn insists that he never sent back the purity ring. Shawn begs Belle to help him figure out what happened between them. Belle turns down his request at first but then agrees to help him. John promises Brady, Kate, and Nicole that he’ll go cold turkey effective immediately and Brady and Kate believe his promise. Nicole believes that John will just use the drug again as soon as they leave and begs Brady and Kate to not leave John alone. Brady asks John to prove Nicole wrong by giving them the name of the ISA doctor. Brady corroborates John’s story with the doctor. Nicole still does not believe John but Brady makes her leave with him anyway. Nicole and Brady argue about John’s addiction while walking along the pier. Kate returns to the penthouse for her keys and finds the extra bottles of pain medication.

Julie opens a jack-in-the-box and is so angry when a replica of Bonnie pops out that she curses and twists the head off of the Bonnie doll. Hope tells Julie that she was right about Bo going off with Billie and that Bo chose to go. Julie doesn’t believe that Bo would do that despite Hope’s insistence. Hope defends Bo’s actions and feelings for Billie to Julie. Hope feels better when she realizes that by Bo being on his way home, he chose her over Billie. Bo and Billie arrive at the family’s house. They claim to be there as part of a homeland security check up due to the girl’s dual citizenship. Billie and Bo exchange looks when the woman refers to the girl as Georgia. Billie blows the cover when she emotionally reacts to a portrait of Georgia but Bo is quick to explain the slip away. Billie is offended when the woman says that Georgia’s mother was a drug-addicted prostitute. Billie proclaims that she and Bo are Georgia’s parents and demands to see Georgia. The woman rips off her disguise, revealing that she is really a man. The two men tie up Billie and Bo while holding them at gunpoint.

GH by Amanda

Mac arrests Lorenzo for Mary's murder and Steve for falsifying evidence. However, the report is forged. Luke and Skye are forced to let Helena go when she tells Coleman over the phone to kill Emily if she doesn't show up in ten minutes. Jax can't help Lois give up on Alcazar. Lorenzo kisses Carly. Thanks to Coleman, Emily escapes Helena. Bridgette gets inspired to take back her child and Jason proposes to Sam.

GL by Sarah

Beth's behavior remains odd & erratic. Alan invites Olivia to the mansion for cocktails. Jonathan pleads with his mother not to watch the videotape. Jonathan asks his mother to trust him. Cassie grabs the tape and puts it in the VCR. Gus thinks that Beth is protecting someone. Phillip’s murder appears on TV. Reva takes her son’s side. Harley searches for some evidence to use against Beth when someone startles her.

OLTL by Janice

John questions Michael about the latex that matches the gloves he uses at work. John tells him that he will hold on to the evidence until he finds out more. Evangeline walks in on their conversation, and is upset when John refuses to tell her what his brother and he were discussing. Margaret pulls a gun on Blair who is questioning her about Todd’s whereabouts. Todd hallucinates at the cabin, and believes that he is talking to Viki and Dorian. Asa holds a meeting with the Buchanan men to try to bring Ace back home. Bo and Duke disagree with him and they leave the meeting. Natalie attempts to read Cristian’s note pad, but feels bad, and she decides against it. Natalie tells Cristian that John feels he maybe a danger to her. After Michael talks to Marcie, he goes back to the police station. He interrupts John and Bo, and he tells Bo that he is innocent even though the evidence points at him. Margaret chops up a pill and puts it in Todd’s coffee, and an unknowing Todd drinks it.

Passions by Shirley

Theresa still wants to press charges against Gwen for paralyzing her, but Ethan is working overtime to try to coerce her into changing her mind. Meanwhile, Gwen is still bonkers, and ends up attacking Sheridan, choking her while claiming she has kidnapped her baby. Rebecca's desire to confess all to save her daughter lasted just until she learned Eve might face 25 years to life for her supposed crimes. Our Becs is not about to spend that much time out of circulation. She tells Julian she will be there for him while Eve languishes behind bars, however.

Eve's attorney seems willing to try to help her out of her predicament, but tells her it doesn't look good for her at this point. Beth realizes there is trouble all over Harmony and figures it's only a matter of time before she and Luis begin their happy life together. Edna is finding this all too funny, barely able to stand for all the laughing she's doing.

will be late

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Lily got angry with Dru when it seemed she was hiding something about Malcolm. Neil was annoyed to learn that Malcolm had hurt Lily by asking her to give him some space. Olivia believed Malcolm had done the right thing is backing off from Lily, while Malcolm worried he wouldn't be able to keep his promise not to cause trouble if he ended up being Lily's Father. Phyllis realized, through talking with Malcolm, that he was interested in Adrienne. Malcolm and Adrienne flirted, while Phyllis watched. Nikki advised Bobby to let Brittany be there for him, but he said he needed to be alone. Brittany accused Nikki of positioning herself to be the only person Bobby turned to. Mac admitted to Colleen that she had feelings for JT, but hinted at him having feelings for another girl. Colleen admitted to Mac that she didn't know where things stood with JT. Colleen told JT she was thinking of going to school in GC, and they agreed to take things slowly, before Brittany showed up, and Colleen was able to see the connection between them. Gloria played referee when Jack and John argued about Victor's involvement in the company. Ash told Victor she was sure about her decision to bring him on board. Victor told Nikki that Ashley had hired him, and insisted there would be big changes coming. Nikki accused Ash of trying to use Jabot to get Victor back. Gloria went to Jabot to introduce herself to Victor.

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