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AMC by Jenn

Bianca and Reggie confirm that Jonathan is abusing Maggie, want to help her but don't know how to prove it or what to do. Bianca invites Jonathan over, acts friendly and tells him she heard Maggie telling her that she got a bruise by hitting her head on the kitchen cabinets. He confirms that that is what happened and reveals to Bianca that he's lying since Bianca remembers Maggie telling a different story about her bruise.

Ryan intervenes when Ethan is ready to shoot Zach. He still gets no answers from Zach. Kendall and Greenlee attempt to go through Jonathan's things but discover nothing. They do, however, suspect that he is the one who drugged Greenlee.

ATWT by Linda

Craig and Lucy have a heart to heart after she gives her statement at the police station, Craig opting out of giving her advice and letting her decide to tell Dusty that she slept with Rafi. Rafi runs into Dusty at Metro looking for Lucy and through much pressure alludes to the fact he and Lucy were intimate. Lucy comes in after he leaves. As Ben is convincing Bob that Aaron’s films show a massive blood clot, Aaron collapses at Al’s and is brought in. Not being able to get hold of Dr. Ramirez, Bob reinstates Ben and books an O.R.. Holden and Jack discuss Julia and Holden advises a stunned Jack that he should probably cut JJ out of his life for the boy’s own good. Meanwhile at Emma’s Carly’s plot to plant the compass Jack gave her to appear like Julia stole it, backfires in Lily’s opinion and sends a distraught Julia running to Holden at the cabin.

B&B by Leigh

Stephanie tries to convince Ridge that Bridget needs to move out of he and Brooke's house. Ridge explains to Stephanie that Bridget needs their support and that's why she's staying at his house near her mother. He tells Stephanie that he will never cross the line with Bridget again. Bridget turns down Johnny's dinner invitation. Bridget and Nick make there way back to his boat, where she finds a picture of Brooke and him. Bridget questions if Nick has moved on from his relationship with Brooke. Nick gets defensive and tells her that he hasn't forgotten about her mom but he is moving forward. They find comfort in each other because they've both been through it and know how hard it is to have lost someone that they love.

Amber is hurt because she believed that Ridge and she had turned a corner. She tells Thomas it's never going to matter what she does because Ridge won't give up till she's gone. Thomas tells Amber that he's not going to let Ridge come between them. Amber wants to find one thing in Ridge's past that he wishes he never did, and that then they could find common ground. Later, Amber overhears Ridge and Stephanie talking about his relationship with Bridget.

Days by Danielle

Patrick defends Billie to Hope. Hope insists that Billie is using Georgia to get Bo back. Patrick insists that Bo is only with Billie because he wants to be. Hope decides that Patrick is right. Once Hope leaves, Jennifer lashes out at Patrick, accusing him of being under Billie’s spell. Patrick proclaims that he will never be under any woman’s spell. Hope visits the pier on her way home and recalls past talks with Bo about choosing her over Billie.

Mimi does her best to keep Jan away from Shawn until he can talk to Belle. Rex and Jan question Mimi about Belle’s reasons for calling Shawn before the wedding. Mimi avoids admitting in front of Rex that she convinced Belle to call Shawn and once Rex leaves, Jan slaps Mimi for lying. Rex overhears Jan mention the word “abortion.” Jan taunts Mimi by telling Rex about the abortion but claims that it happened to their friend. Belle and Shawn talk on the roof about their relationship. Belle accepts Shawn’s apology but doesn’t think that she can ever forgive him. Shawn wants Belle to tell him why she called him before the wedding. Belle insists that calling Shawn was a mistake. Shawn wants to know if Belle still loves him. Brady, Nicole, and Kate continue their intervention by following John upstairs. When talking through the locked door doesn’t work, Brady kicks open the bedroom door, only to walk in on John injecting himself with the last of the pain medication. John refuses to give them the name of the doctor that gave him the medication and scoffs at the idea that he is the one who stole from the hospital. John blames Kate for his problem because she pushed up Belle and Philip’s wedding. John insists that he only took the medication for today and vows never to take it again. John apologizes for lashing out earlier. Everyone believes him but Nicole.

GH by Lisa

Durant makes a move against Alcazar and Steven. The mystery person continues his work at Sonny's house and makes contact with his associate. Helena gets a surprise when she makes her move against Emily, who is in danger. Sonny is surprised when Jordan arrives on the island.

GL by Elizabeth

Robbie wants nothing to do with his mother. Holly informs Blake that Sebastian is dead and lets her believe that he died from the same thing Roger did. Holly makes Blake promise that she won’t look for Sebastian. Danny begins to move out of the Bauer home and into the Beacon temporarily. Cassie tells Reva about the night before her wedding. Jonathan also gives his mother his story. Reva is shocked at the actions of her sister. Cassie and Reva find the videotape of the night he spent with Cassie. Jonathan asks his mother not to watch it.

OLTL by Janice

Jessica is unhappy when Viki agrees to let Antonio stay at Llanfair to protect her from her stalker. John finds out that the latex glove linked to Tico's murder is from the same manufacturer of his own gloves. The only people with those type of gloves is he and his brother. Natalie admits to Viki that she's scared about Christian. She worries that he's not getting any better. Antonio finds a pair of cable cutters outside of Llanfair hidden in the snow. Christian goes to church to ask God for forgiveness for killing Tico. He tells the priest that he has no memory of anything that happened before the ship. Evangeline tells Nora that she can't be with John if he won't be emotionally intimate with her. She feels he can only be intimate with himself. Blair goes to Margaret's home demanding that she tell her where Todd is. When Blair refuses to leave, Margaret threatens to call the police, but instead she pulls a gun from her purse.

Passions by Shirley

Gwen continues to live in her dream world, although she recognizes people who come to visit her. Sheridan is the latest one to visit her, and she is shocked at the way Gwen seems to have totally lost it. Rebecca is still trying to find Julian and confess that she was the one who poisoned Liz, hoping it will cause God to stop punishing her and make Gwen well. Meanwhile, Ethan is still schmoozing Theresa, trying to sweet talk her into not pressing charges. Theresa is not a pushover, however, and swears to make Gwen pay for what she did to her.

Martin saves Katherine, again, from being raped by Alistair, but when he tries to call the cops, Katherine severs the connection. Alistair couldn't be happier. Luis tells Pilar the story they gave him for leaving, but he tells her he isn't buying it. She tells him the hate has to stop. He doesn't look too sure about that, however.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Jill went on record with Ash that hiring Victor was a bad idea. Victor told Brad he was a consultant at Jabot. Brad accused him of trying to steal Jabot and Ashley. Victor said he was tired of the blame game, and said he’d see Brad later. Brad bashed Ash for bringing Victor on board, while she bashed him for keeping her apart from Abby. She said Brad would have to learn to live with Victor, but Brad said that wasn’t the case, and walked out. Victor warned Sharon that, though her job was temporarily safe, Jabot would face big changes. Jack told Jill he would use Chancellor Industries - a sleeping giant - to destroy Newman Enterprises. The two of them decided to attend Victor’s board meeting at Jabot. Nikki, Bobby and Brittany watched the video tape from her 5th birthday party. Bobby broke down in tears seeing Joshua, and he and Nikki held one another as they cried. Nikki recommended he get some rest, and Brittany followed him out, shooting Nikki an angry glare. Christine and Michael gave Glenn Richards the transcript, hoping he’d call off the dogs, but he insisted he would see Damon locked away. Phyllis said this meant it was time for something creative. Dru told Malcolm the test had arrived, but insisted that its results would destroy her family, regardless of how it turned out. Malcolm disagreed, but admitted he was getting too close to Lily. Devon told Lily he couldn’t help plan the party since it would mean lying to Dru and Neil and he was afraid he’d ruin the relationship he’d built with them. Malcolm devastated Lily by telling her not to throw him a party, and insisting he needed some time away from her. He then warned Dru to get the test done, immediately. Jack and Jill interrupted Victor and Ashley’s first meeting at Jabot, and Jack warned all the employees that - regardless of what Victor said - he was out to take over Jabot. He warned it wouldn’t happen, and insisted he’d be back, then left with a smile.

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