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AMC by Jenn

Bianca informs Erica, Jack, Opal and Myrtle that she enabled Ethan to get Miranda's DNA in order to find out whether he's a Cambias. She protests to them that she wants to help Ethan uncover Zach's lies the same way she needed to uncover the lies about Miranda.

Ethan goes after Zach and threatens to shoot him. Kendall asks Ryan to help. At first he refuses, but when Greenlee offers to help Kendall in his place, he agrees to find Ethan while they stay behind. Jonathan has a real problem with Greenlee's and Kendall's decisions. He's also verbally abusing Danielle. Greenlee tells Jonathan he is out of line. And she reveals to Kendall that she is considering that it's Jonathan that drugged her. Bobbie Warner gets assaulted and rushed to the hospital and everybody assumes that Zach Slater was behind it.

ATWT by Linda

Jennifer helps Katie and Henry celebrate their impending nuptials, but Mike doesn’t buy it for one second and tells Katie that if she’s trying to make him jealous, she didn’t know anything about him at all. Alison sees Will and Roseanna, Will showing her the new car Roseanna has given him and Roseanna telling Alison that she’s having a hard time believing that Emily did what she did. Will takes the car and after thinking about everything that happened, he dumps it over a cliff saying Emily didn’t do anything to Roseanna, she did it to him. Ali sees Emily talking with Paul at the jail, telling them both that she shouldn’t have burned the map because it might have been the only thing to exonerate her because how could Emily have known enough to draw such a complicated map. After hearing about how well Barbara was taking care of Emily, Paul starts to put things together and excuses himself, telling Emily he’ll be back after he asks a few questions. He bumps into Barbara, who is excited because she’s being released from the ankle bracelet since Dr. Decker was caught in Oregon. Paul congratulates her but whispers in her ear that he’ll be keeping an eye on her. After talking with Paul, Barbara visits Emily and finds that she doesn’t remember that it was Barbara that was behind her actions at Fairwinds. Paul goes home to an exuberant Roseanna who is busting to tell him about what happened with Will, when Will comes over and gives her the keys to the car, telling her he’s sorry but he lost control of it and it went over a cliff. Aaron finds Alison and tells her that after talking with Ben at the hospital, his doctors believe he may regain use of his arm again. As Ben looks at the films per Aaron’s request, he finds a problem.

B&B by Leigh

Over a breakfast prepared by Ridge, Thomas tells them that he and Caitlin entered the dance contest at his winter formal. Brooke tells Ridge that Stephanie thinks he and Bridget will give in to temptation. Ridge tells Brooke that he's going to put a stop to Stephanie harping at Brooke. Stephanie informs Eric about Bridget and Oscar's broken engagement. She also tells him of her concerns about Bridget's feelings for Ridge. Eric gives Stephanie an earful about her concerns and just when he's done Ridge shows up to do the same thing. Nick makes an attempt to fix Bridget up with a doctor, and she realizes what he's up to. Amber surprises Thomas with floor tickets to a Laker game, only it's the same date as his winter formal, and he tells he can't go and disappoint Caitlin. Thomas also tells Amber that Ridge still has a problem with her, and his dancing with her at the Jackie M. party was a setup to give Caitlin and him time alone. Amber cries and tells Thomas that she loves his family and wants them to accept her more than anything else.

Days by Danielle

Jennifer warns Hope that Billie is now getting exactly what she wanted. Patrick thinks that Hope shouldn’t blame Billie, insisting that Bo chose to be with Billie. Frau blucher, the desk clerk, watches Bo and Billie argue about going to the home of the teenage girl Billie located and calls Bart to warn him of Billie’s impending arrival. Bart has set up a life changing surprise for Billie at the house. Bo tells Billie about his need to get home and demands that she join him on the plane but Billie refuses to leave. Frau blucher calls Bart with the updated news and Bart decides that they’ll divide and conquer. When Billie insists that she is staying in Europe, Bo decides to stay in Europe with her long enough to check out the lead on Georgia.

Belle and Philip consummate their marriage. Shawn wants to talk to Belle but Rex and Mimi insist that he stay with them. Jan eavesdrops as Shawn grills Mimi about Belle’s feelings for him. Jan interrupts the conversation but Shawn insists on talking to Mimi. Jan repeats her blackmail threat to Mimi to make her stop trying to bring Belle and Shawn back together. Shawn hears Philip and Belle making love through the vent and returns to banging on their door. Philip pretends that he didn’t hear anything. Jan slips up by mentioning the need for a pill to get her back on Shawn’s mind instead of Belle and Mimi realizes that Jan drugged Shawn. Shawn gets Mimi to try and get Belle up on the roof to talk to him by threatening to break into their loft. Mimi tells Belle about Philip’s attempts to keep her from hearing Shawn and questions whether Belle won’t go meet Shawn because she is afraid of how she’ll feel when she sees him. Rex and Jan become suspicious when Mimi keeps Jan from seeing Shawn. Belle agrees to meet with Shawn. Brady, Nicole, and Kate stand their ground despite John’s hostile treatment towards them. Brady tells John about spotting the needle in his pocket and John tries to explain it away. Brady counters by asking about the medicine vial found in John’s coat pocket. Brady and Kate start to believe John’s story about the vial and needle being evidence in his private investigation into the drug thefts but Nicole insists that John is still lying. Brady realizes that John is still lying and demands that he admit that he is an addict before they can help him. John insists that he is not an addict. John lashes out at Kate when she asks him to submit to a drug test. Alone in his bedroom, John tries to convince himself that he is not addicted but ends up preparing another dose.

GH by  Amanda

Brooke feels lost without Diego and her friends are less than understanding, especially Lucas, but Dillon mediates. Courtney is upset by the knowledge that Jason and Sam are together. Emily begins to doubt the idea of faking a pregnancy to lure out Helena. Brigette questions Jax when she gets a bad vibe from Jason. Skye worries how Luke will cope with Helena's death. He admit to wanting a new start with her. Jason agrees to marry Sam to better their chances of custody, and because they are together. Carly warns Lorenzo that John is planning on revealing his part in Mary's death.

GL by Elizabeth

Mel tells Rick & Beth that she knows about the kiss. They both apologize. Gus thinks that Beth may be a suspect for Phillip’s murder. Jeffery wants to discuss a deal or plea with Harley. Sandy visits Jonathan. Josh and Reva argue about Jonathan. Cassie tells Reva that she woke up in bed with Jonathan the night before her wedding. She asks her sister to find out what happened between her and Jonathan. Beth looses it with a servant. We find out that Beth wants to get rid of a dress with a dark red stain on it.

OLTL by Janice

Christian hesitates while Antonio is left dangling in the elevator shaft. Natalie and Jessica look on wondering why Christian isn't attempting to help Antonio. Finally, Natalie's screams penetrate Chris's mind and he pulls Antonio up to safety. Later, John examines the elevator and finds that one of the cables had been cut. Kelly tells the Buchanan family about Ace. Viki sides with Kelly, sure that baby Ace should be back with its biological mother. She tells Kevin he should concentrate on the son that is really his - Duke. Asa refuses to even consider that Adam Chandler will raise baby Asa. Nora and Daniel make love. RJ tells Lindsay he likes her more than Nora. Dorian tells David that no matter what she does with Governor Brooks, he shouldn't worry; she loves him. Evangeline refuses to spend the night with John. She doesn't feel that every time they disagree they should just ignore their problems and have sex. John goes to the firing range instead. He talks with Bo about Post traumatic stress disorder and worries about Christian's problem. Christian wakes up from a dream in which he remembers pulling the plug on Tico.

Passions by Shirley

Alistair awakens from his coma and is on the streets causing havoc again. He visits Katherine after Martin leaves on some business and ends up trying to rape her. She gets a couple of good shots in, but it hardly fazes him. Sheridan and Luis have a mini faux honeymoon in the cottage, and it helps calm Sheridan's distress level - for a while. After-talk soon turns to her mother, however.

Theresa is still unable to feel her legs or walk, but she's thrilled her baby is getting stronger. The doctor tells her to have faith, there's still hope that she'll be just fine, but she finds that hard to do. Meanwhile, Gwen still seems to be off in her own world, as backed up by a psychiatrist Ethan hired, and it seems she will only get better if she is allowed to be set free. Ethan to the rescue, making a beeline to Theresa's bedside to try to schmooze her into dropping the charges against his wife. And a repentant Rebecca, believing her misdeed caused God to punish her by making her daughter insane, wants to confess all.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Bobby spoke briefly with Victor, after spending the whole night staring at Joshua’s picture, and told him he was lucky to have Nikki. Nikki told Victor she couldn’t let go of her guilt, and refused a breakfast invite (where he hoped to tell her about Jabot) because she wanted to speak with Bobby. Brittany chastised Nikki for her over-involvement, absolved her of guilt and told her to back off from Bobby, before he interrupted their fight. He told them he needed them on civil terms while he dealt with Joshua’s death. When Nikki admitted, under pressure from the two of them, that there was a video of Joshua from her birthday, Bobby demanded to see it. Jack again warned Ash that she was making a mistake teaming up with Victor, and begged her to use C.I. instead. She refused. Colleen promised Brad that, despite things going well with JT, she would go slowly and not rush into anything. During breakfast with JT, she got a call from Zach, a guy back home, who asked when she was coming home. Colleen told JT it was just a friend. Brad brought Sharon news that her business trip had been cancelled because of budget cuts. Nick offered to be an ear if Brad ever wanted to talk about his breakup from Ash. Nick later told Sharon that he was sorry about the trip, and that while he wanted her at NE because he loved her, he wouldn’t push the issue. Jack met with Michael and told him to start thinking about Phyllis so that he could help clear Damon’s name. Jack insisted he would not sit by and watch Phyllis be wrongfully accused for another crime. Phyllis intercepted a package for Dru from DMS labs, and took pleasure taunting Dru by insisting that it was the lab she’d once worked for in NY, and that they only specialized in paternity testing. Dru threw her out. Malcolm tried to get Lily to tell him what she was planning, and let it slip that his birthday was coming up. Dru interrupted their chat. Brad, forgetting to meet with Ash before going to work, was stunned to find Victor at Jabot, and horrified when Victor announced he was now a consultant for the company.

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