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AMC by Jenn

Kendall and Greenlee corner and confront Krystal at SOS and make a public announcement about what she and her daughter have done to Bianca. Ethan and Ryan confront David outside. It looks like Krystal and David are developing a friendship sharing their mutual woes. JR confronts Tad for keeping his child from him and tells Tad he will never forgive him. JR's PI informs him she's found Babe and Jamie. But then somehow Tad gets Liza to help them, let them stay in their house and protect them from getting caught. JR goes to Llanview and tells Police Commissioner Buchanan that his ex-wife has kidnapped the Buchanan baby and informs Bo that the baby is not a Buchanan, he's a Chandler.

ATWT by Linda

When Jack talks Julia into letting JJ go on a camping trip with him, Holden and Luke the first step to Carly’s plan is complete. Kim visits Fairwinds spurring Paul to talk with Emily and Roseanna to do something wonderful for Will. Paul begins to believe Emily about her condition when she perpetrated the crimes at Fairwinds, especially when she pleads with him to ask Barbara about how sick she was. Roseanna makes a small inroad with Will and a much larger one when she presents him with a new car. Katie accepts a gorgeous diamond from Henry and her rouse garners Mike’s attention.

B&B by Leigh

Brooke tells Stephanie that nothing is going on between Ridge and Bridget. Stephanie is surprised that Bridget is not going back to Copenhagen. Brooke thinks Bridget needs time to heal, but Stephanie feels that she won't heal living in their house. She tells Brooke to put a stop to it now. Bridget tells Nick that she's staying in LA. Nick wants to know why she's changed her mind and she tells him that it's because Brooke asked her to stay. Ridge comes up behind Nick just as he's telling Bridget that she shouldn't be staying in the same house as Ridge. Ridge tells Nick that he's not helping anything by giving his advice and asks him to leave.

Darla, Sally and Clarke wait for Thorne are afraid that Ridge might have convinced Thorne to return to Forrester Creations. Thorne tells Sally he has a proposition for her, that they split Spectra 50/50. He offers to give up his salary for a percentage. Thorne tells them about the offer Ridge made for him to return to Forrester. He tells Sally that's the deal to take it or leave it.

Days by Danielle

Chelsea is desperate to catch a glimpse of Patrick naked. Abby is adamant that Jack is still alive. Chelsea and Abby argue about Jennifer’s feelings for Patrick. Jack continues to earn his passage home by washing dirty laundry. Jack imagines Jennifer’s reaction as he shows up at the door. Jennifer trips over the rug and it reminds her of Jack’s pratfalls. Jennifer reluctantly agrees to a back massage from Patrick after twisting her back, which Abby and Chelsea walk in on. Jennifer asks Chelsea to play her the machine message before making a call but Chelsea accidentally erases the message.

Belle wants to hear Shawn say that he stopped the wedding because he still loves her but part of her is also afraid to hear Shawn say it. Belle decides that it is too late to hear whatever Shawn had to say. Philip refuses to let Shawn see Belle ever again. Their argument leads to fists flying. Philip knocks Shawn to the ground before going back inside. Philip unhooks the control box to the door so that they won’t be disturbed. Philip turns up the radio to drown out the sound of Shawn yelling for Belle. Philip lies to Belle about Shawn being there. Rex is optimistic that jail time will help Shawn but Mimi doesn’t think Shawn can go on without Belle. Rex and Mimi try to convince Shawn to leave Belle alone right now. Belle and Philip toast to their marriage. Nicole stops Brady from calling Abe and Lexie for help and Kate accuses Nicole of wanting John to be a drug addict. Kate and Nicole agree to keep the police and the doctors out of it and Nicole suggests that they stage an intervention. Kate and Brady feel that John will thank them for their help but Nicole believes that John will lie. John tells Marlena’s picture that he had to take the drugs to fulfill his promise to Belle. John injects himself with another dose in order to face Kate, Brady, and Nicole. Brady calls John downstairs and tells him that they know about his drug addiction. John denies everything and accuses Nicole of trying to discredit him. John orders everyone out of his house.

GH by Lisa

Jason assures Sam that he isn't in love with Courtney and that he's happy being with Sam. After Courtney leaves, a scantily clad Bridget "accidentally" bumps into Jax. Carly warns Courtney that Bridget is going to be trouble. Bridget is moved by Courtney's faith in her. Connor manages to convince Helena that he is Nikolas. Helena makes it clear to Connor that she is going to kill Emily.

Emily agrees with Lucky's plan for her to pretend to be pregnant so that Helena will try to kidnap her instead of trying to kill her. Ric denies Alexis' accusation that he was using her to get to Sonny and claims he honestly fell in love with her. Ric accuses Alexis of looking for an excuse to end their marriage and walks out on her. Alexis misses Ric. The intruder continues to lurk at Sonny's new house as Carly and Jordan discuss redecorating.

GL by Elizabeth

Mel reminds Rick who his wife is while Rick thinks that his wife is overreacting. Marina informs Mel that Danny is dead. Coop apologizes for being late to Lizzie. Rick catches Beth spying on Harley. Tony tells Michelle that she should be with the man she loves and is surprised to learn that it is him. Sebastian pleads with Holly to give him another chance. Lizzie and Coop bond over the loss of their parents. Gus takes Harley to where her house used to stand and she finds the deed to the land where she used to live. Beth confesses to Rick that everything she did ‘that night’ was for Phillip. Rick becomes suspicious and she kisses him. Mel walks in on the two locking lips. Marina is by herself crying when Danny appears. Tony wonders what is going to happen when he and Michelle get back to Springfield. Holly doesn’t show up at the airport. Sebastian confesses to Holly that he loves her and then takes a tumble.

OLTL by Janice

Daniel eavesdrops on Jenn's visit to Rex at the jail. He overhears Rex tell her that he's looking out for her. Jenn insists that she did not commit the murder. Daniel confides to Nora that Rex may indeed be innocent. RJ asks Lindsay why she is paying for Rex's attorney. He questions her feelings for Rex. Kevin tries to convince Adriana that she should be worried about Duke's relationship with Kelly. He then tries to get Duke to tell him where Ace is. Kelly assures Adriana that she and Duke are only friends. JR Chandler tells Bo that Ace is really his son - Adam Chandler III. Bo tells him he'll get back to him. At the Art Gallery Bo corners Kelly about JR's claim. Kelly sidesteps his questions and then is conveniently called away. Nora accepts Daniel's marriage proposal. Bo looks uneasy as Daniel makes the announcement. At the Art Gallery, Christian's artwork is a hit, but Christian gets anxious and leaves the gallery. Antonio follows him out and they get trapped in the elevator. Chris has a panic attack and tells Antonio that he has to get out. As Antonio calms him down, Chris admits that he's afraid he's going to hurt someone he loves. Eventually, Antonio climbs out of the top of the elevator. An electrical spark causes him to fall down into the shaft where it appears he may have dislocated his shoulder. Christian looks on menacingly as Antonio asks him for help.

Passions by Shirley

Theresa is still very upset that Gwen's attempt on her life left her paralyzed and doesn't place any stock in the doctor's admonition that she might be just fine when all's said and done. She is determined to make Gwen pay for what she did, and Ethan is just as determined to talk her out of pressing charges. He pushes a bit too far, however, and Theresa gets herself into a snit that causes her to faint. The doctor tells Ethan to leave before she wakes up as the talk about pressing charges is upsetting her too much. He leaves and goes to Gwen, who seems to be back to reality after spending time with her imaginary family. Once he tells her Theresa is pressing charges after all, she goes right back to LaLa Land.

Eve is put in jail, much to the delight of Rebecca and the satisfaction of Liz, who is working it for all it's worth, getting TC to promise not to let Eve hurt her again. Julian is determined to get her out as soon as possible, and the girls are all over the board. Whitney is ok believing her mother is a killer, but Simone goes back and forth. Meanwhile, Luis talks Sheridan out of forgiving her mother for the time being, much to Beth's chagrin. Tune it tomorrow, however, because things change pretty quickly on Harmony time.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Victor ignored Jack, told Ash she’d made the right decision, then left. Jack warned Ash she was making a mistake involving Victor with Jabot, and insisted he’d wanted this for years. Ash said he was paranoid, and went to bed. Bobby told Brittany the rest of the story about Joshua, then asked for time alone to talk to Nikki. Brittany went to JT and admitted she wondered if Bobby really needed her. Nikki couldn’t tell Bobby much about Joshua, but did have a picture of him, which she left Bobby alone with for awhile. Victor returned to the ranch and went to bed. Brittany left Bobby a message saying she would be at the loft until he was ready for her to come home. Michael and Lauren played a word-association game that ended with them both naked in his office. Phyllis told Damon about the arrest of ‘Fuzzy’. Adrienne complimented her on sitting on the evidence until Damon was cleared as well. Phyllis left them alone together. Damon asked if Adrienne was jealous of Phyllis for some reason. She admitted all women were jealous, then admitted she was seeing men as well, and wondered how Damon felt about that. Phyllis visited Jack with the ingredients to make smores. They did so, and she told him about the evidence that could clear her and her decision to keep it quiet. She guessed he was bothered by Victor, but they didn’t talk about it. Instead, Jack kissed her and said he didn’t want her to leave. She asked him to hold her. Malcolm and Olivia talked, post-lovemaking, and she asked if she was more interesting than Adrienne. Malcolm said he was happy now, but didn’t want to hurt Olivia. She said she only expected honesty from him, always. She then suggested he back off from Lily, to avoid hurting her if the paternity test didn’t turn out as he hoped. He agreed it was a good idea. Dru and Lily talked about her former romance with Malcolm, and she playfully admitted that the man had always been the definition of cool. Neil returned home and interrupted their chat. When Lily admitted she was still worried about Malcolm, Neil suggested she just give the man time to adjust to being back. JT found Brittany asleep on the sofa and covered her, while Nikki didn’t interrupt when she found Bobby still looking at the picture, while drinking.

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