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AMC by Jenn

Adam bails Krystal out of jail and makes her an "offer" in exchange for her telling him where their mutual grandson is. She denies that she knows he's alive and refuses his offer. But JR gets Bianca to admit that he is alive. She is very worried, however, that she made a big mistake and that any child is in danger around him. Jonathan admits that he just wants a meal ticket from his brother, wants Ryan and Greenlee to believe that Ethan and Kendall are trying to kill them, and is acting very possessive of Maggie. Mary Smythe wants Greenlee to support her. Eventually Greenlee breaks down and pays for her mother to stay at the Valley Inn. A woman introduces herself to Babe, Jamie and the baby as a fortune teller, but later pulls a gun on them and reveals that she's JR's PI and has caught them red-handed.

ATWT by Leigh

Allison tells Paul and Rosanna that Emily confessed to her that she did all those terrible things to Rosanna but doesn't know why. Dusty confessed his love for Lucy and asks for a second chance. Rafael sought help from Craig to keep Lucy away from Dusty, Craig tells him that he can't but deep down hopes that Rafael can steal her heart. Sierra made him promise not to get involved. Carly and Lily plot to bribe Julia into leaving town. Lily offers Julia money to relocate but the deal falls flat when Julia tells her she wants five million dollars to leave town. Holden and Lily become closer and share several kisses.

B&B by Leigh

Sally disguised as a man in a wheelchair, goes to the Forrester showing. Stephanie immediately recognizes her. Eric daydreams about previous shows with his sons; he tells Stephanie that he's brought all this on himself. The showing begins; Eric tells Stephanie that he expected more applause. A disguised Sally makes less than positive remarks to a reporter sitting beside her. Eric introduced Samantha and Caitlin as their new mother and daughter designers. Eric takes questions, and points out that Sally is there and has her escorted from the showing. After the showing, Eric tells Stephanie that Forrester might be on the verge of it's first flop.

Ridge tells Thorne that he knows they'll disagree, but that family is the most important thing. Ridge tells him that he'll have plenty of time later in life to strike out on his own but now they should go back to Forrester. Thorne tells Ridge that Sally has given him respect and an opportunity that his own family didn't give him. Ridge asks him to come back and help him make Forrester Creations the company that their parents dreamt it could be. Sally and Darla hear Ridge talking with Thorne and they realize that he's trying to lure Thorne back. They hear Ridge tell Thorne that if he comes back to Forrester he'll be a hero. Deacon, holding the Vodka bottle argues with himself about whether to drink it. Clark arrives and notices that he looks freaked out, and asks him what's going on. Clark hounds Deacon about really pushing the Spectra line. After Clark leaves, Deacon picks up the bottle of Vodka, stares at it, and then throws it … smashing it against the wall.

Days by Danielle

Belle and Philip’s family and friends surprise them with a wedding reception in their loft. Belle continues to defend Shawn. Belle imagines Shawn in Philip’s place. Mimi still believes that Belle belongs with Shawn. Rex insists that Mimi let go of that idea and accept that Belle and Philip are together now. Mimi insists on sticking by Shawn. Nicole kisses Brady and she can tell that Brady is reminded of Chloe’s kiss. Nicole witnesses John inject himself with pain medication. Nicole tells Brady that John is hooked on drugs. Kate chastises Nicole for her accusation. Nicole accuses Kate of wanting John high on drugs so that she can get control of his money and Basic Black. Brady spots John covering up the needle in his jacket pocket and confirms Nicole’s accusation to Kate. Brady, Nicole, and Kate decide to keep an eye on John but not to tell Belle and Philip about John. John lashes out at Brady as Brady helps John off with his coat. Brady finds the drug vial in John’s coat pocket and Kate tells Brady about the hospital theft. Brady calls Abe and Lexie to see about professional help for John.

Mickey brings Shawn to face the judge. Mickey and Shawn return to Hope with the news that Shawn is now out on bail. Mickey suggests that they plea bargain in the trial but Shawn is against the idea. Shawn promises Mickey to stay away from Belle and Philip. Shawn’s first action out of jail is to go see Belle but Philip answers the door. Hope accuses Bo of not caring about her or their family. Billie overhears Bo telling Hope that he isn’t in Europe to lust after Billie. Hope tells Bo about Shawn’s arrest during their second call. Bo promises Hope that he’ll be on the next plane home after promising Billie that he was going to stay in Europe until they found Georgia. Billie confronts Bo about his fight with Hope over her. Billie is able to place a phone number with a name that the desk clerk recognizes as a family with a teenage daughter. The desk clerk calls the family to warn them about Billie. Billie decides to go after Georgia on her own. Billie spots Bart questioning the desk clerk. Jack spots Bart and knocks over a lamp as he rushes upstairs. Bart rushes after Jack, still unsure as to whether that was truly him and Billie rushes after them both. Billie questions the desk clerk about Bart but she pretends not to know anything. Jack overhears Bart and the desk clerk talking about having all the exits blocked. Jack sneaks out an upstairs window. Jack tries to stow away on a ship but is caught by one of the ship’s staff. The staff member agrees to let Jack sail with them as long as he works as the laundry guy for no pay.

GH by Amanda

Despite saying she came for her baby, Bridgette just wants to hold her. Jax accuses Courtney of co dependency. Over Connor and Alexis' arguments, Emily goes to see Nik. Carly and Lorenzo talk about parents and children while trapped in an elevator. Nik is leery of Emily, Luke, Dillon, etc's plan. Ric confides his doubts about whether he loves Alexis or just wants to "get" Sonny to Liz. She comforts him. Nik attacks a guard who propositions Emily. While Emily is gone, Helena meets Connor, as Nikolas, but suspects who he is. Sam is not thrilled by the idea of Courtney taking in the mother of her adopted baby. Alexis is angry about Ric knowing the truth about her baby for months and not telling her he knew.

GL by Sarah

Danny tells Michelle that her 'dream's are really memories. Tony arrives to save Michelle, Holly & Danny. Dinah finds out that Cassie and Edmund got married. Jonathan and Josh argue ending in disaster while Tammy watches on. Jonathan is taken to the hospital. Dinah visits the barn. Sebastian collapses. Reva questions Josh about what really happened to her son. Edmund assures his new bride that nothing will come between them. Holly tells Sebastian that she wants nothing to do with him. Cassie dreams that she is pregnant with Jonathan's baby.

OLTL by Janice

At Capricorn, Governor Brooks receives the brush off from Viki. He tells Dorian that he's the one trying to let Viki down easily. John tries to convince Natalie that Christian is dangerous and that she should not live with him. Evangeline overhears the conversation and both she and Natalie tell John that he's wrong. Jessica accuses Antonio of trashing her room. Antonio assures her that he didn't do it. He offers to call Bo, but Jess says she can manage herself. She tells Antonio that she thinks someone is following her. Blair goes to Bo to enlist his help in finding Todd. She tells him that she believes Mrs. Bigelow was murdered because she knew of Todd's whereabouts. Daniel Colson is not happy that Bo is "wasting" time on Mrs. Bigelow's death. Bo is unhappy with Daniel's interference and decides to put out an APB on Todd as Blair had requested. Margaret tries to seduce Todd with a few different outfits - nurse, chambermaid, and dominatrix. None of them work so she obtains some alcohol and drugs to get him in the mood. She runs out of the cabin when she hears the APB that is on the TV vowing to get Blair this time. Christian has an art show at Lindsay's gallery. He keeps flashing back to his time on the ship remembering that he has a mission he has to fulfill. He gets agitated and when Evangeline congratulates him on the show he roughly grabs her arm. Evangeline goes to John at the station and admits that he might be right about Christian. Jessica tells Viki that she thinks Christian is the one who ransacked her room.

Passions by Shirley

Theresa finds out she may never walk again and all her desire to end the feud with Gwen and her mother flies right out the window. Ethan tries to talk her out of it, but to no avail. Meanwhile, Gwen is in her own world, visiting New York with Ethan and their children, Sarah, Ashley, and Nathan. The guards are getting a kick out of watching her play out her fantasy in the cell. Luis tries to make Sheridan see there were other ways her mother and his father could have resolved the problems they had with Alistair besides taking off and deserting their families, but in the end she seems to forgive Katherine all. Beth, of course, is thrilled, thinking this is her ticket to Luis.

Liz comes to and Sam asks what she remembers. Apparently not much until TC makes a point of telling her what she should say. She remembers getting the punch herself but tells Sam that Eve got it for her. Eve is arrested as her whole family watches, seemingly willing to believe their aunt over her. Julian still seems to be on her side.

Y&R By Christopher

Kay confronted Jill about a purposely undelivered phone message, and traded insults with her daughter. Jack told Jill about Victor's involvement with Jabot, prompting Jill to insist Victor had staged a war against Jabot back before the bribery scheme, and that it was coming to fruition only now. John ordered Victor out of his home, but ended up being the one to leave when Ash insisted Jabot would sink without help from Victor. While Victor promised Ash he was out to help her, and got her to agree to give him an office at Jabot, Jack stormed in and wondered if he was too late, or just in time to stop Victor. Damon let it slip to Malcolm that he was in the process of reuniting with his ex-wife, Adrienne. Realizing they were interested in the same woman, Malcolm went home to Olivia, who set out to seduce him. Reading an article about the arrest of Fuzzy - the man Dominic had plotted with the night of the motel incident - Phyllis believed they could somehow use him to save Damon. Michael was unconvinced, while Christine and Paul were hopeful they could work something out. Lauren seduced Michael to get his mind off work. JT begged Nikki to tell Brittany the truth about the death of Bobby's brother. Bobby returned and told Brittany everything, including the fact that Nikki had killed Joshua.

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