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AMC by Jenn

Bianca gets on the phone to tell JR his son is alive. But due to his rudeness and later cutting her off, she never has a chance to tell him. He goes to Llanview to tell OLTL's Kelly Buchanan that he will help her if she helps him go after Babe and Jamie and take his son. She doesn't help him. Adam invites OLTL's Dorian Lord to his home and informs her that he knows her nephew Paul kidnapped his grandson and gave him to her niece, Kelly. Dorian does not know what to say. Anita informs Bianca that she's afraid that Maggie is being abused by Jonathan. But, of course Maggie denies it. Jonathan reveals to Ryan that he's had a need since they were children for Ryan to protect him. Overhearing her husband's conversation with his brother, Greenlee can sense that Jonathan is a sick person.

ATWT by Linda

Katie relents and accepts Henry’s proposal, all the while plotting to get Mike back. Mike and Jennifer make love and also profess their love for each other. Lily tries to warn Holden about Julia’s scheming ways, Holden telling her Julia isn’t a schemer and has no designs on him. When Julia returns from taking Jack’s things to his house, Holden tells her about Lily’s suppositions, Julia planting a big wet one on him, Holden reciprocating. Still steaming, Lily talks with Carly and looks at the stuff Julia left in the box for Jack, including a teddy that Carly took the liberty of cutting up. They both decide Julia has to go. Lucy is reunited with her parents and Dusty tells her he still loves her. Rafi, who has told Lucy that when they made love it meant something to him, is distraught when Dusty and Lucy leave, confiding in Craig that he loves her.

B&B by Leigh

Massimo returns to work at Marone Industries. Ridge, Dominick and other employees are there to greet him. Massimo offered Ridge his old job back, but Ridge declined. Massimo tells Heather it's time to test Deacon. Heather slips a vodka bottle into a food delivery made to Deacon. When he sees it, he opens it and slowly smells the vodka.

Eric shows Stephanie the Spectra/Thorne Forrester magazine cover, and sales reports come in. Spectra's numbers are up 20% and Forrester had a 5% decrease. The Spectra gang is thrilled; Sally dishes out kudos to the entire workforce. Eric questions the success of his company without having his sons there. Ridge goes to Thorne and asks him how the two of them can make things right with their father again, and that Eric needs his two sons by his side. Brothers and a family united, Ridge asks him to return with him to Forrester together.

Days by Danielle

Chelsea uses Jack Patrick’s video baby monitor to try and spy on Patrick in his apartment’s shower. Chelsea uses the threat of Jennifer getting together with Patrick to make Abby help her. Chelsea’s attempt to dress in a way to attract Patrick backfires when she ends up looking silly. When Patrick says that he plans to shower in the hall bathroom, Chelsea decides to try and catch Patrick in the flesh but the room is too steamy to see anything. Mickey calls Hope with the news of Shawn’s arrest. Hope sends Jennifer to tell Alice the news while she heads to the police station to deal with Shawn. Alice warns Jennifer that while she may only be friends with Patrick now, romance can blossom. Jennifer returns home and puts off listening to Jack’s message. Hope tries to get Shawn to tell her what led up to his actions. Shawn insists that he didn’t take any drugs and begs Hope to let him talk to Belle. When Hope won’t grant his wish, Shawn asks to talk to Bo but Hope tells him that she doesn’t know where Bo is. Shawn is taken to his holding cell to await his bail hearing. The judge vows to Kate to prosecute Shawn fully despite both his parents being police officers and Hope, having walked in and overheard, insists that she wouldn’t have it any other way. Kate threatens the judge’s chances of re-election if she lets Shawn off easy. Kate enlists the help of Joelle to convince Father Jansen to press charges against Shawn.

The Basic Black jet pilot calls Kate to inform her of Bo and Billie’s arrival in Europe. Kate lies to Hope about knowing where Billie is. Bo and Billie check in at a hotel but the desk clerk believes them to be in love and lies about there being only one room with one bed available. They question the front desk clerk for information under the guise of wanting to buy a home and raise a family in the village. Bo’s wound suddenly begins to bleed again. Billie re-bandages Bo’s wound and blames it on the high altitude. Billie heads down to the bar while Bo rests. Bo finally gets through to Hope at the police station and tells her that he is in Europe with Billie. Kate smiles when she overhears Hope cursing Bo for running off with Billie. Jack pretends to be sick to get rid of a policeman who almost recognizes him and steals the policeman’s wallet. Jack tries to get a room unknowingly in the same hotel as Bo and Billie. The desk clerk makes Jack wait in the bar until his room is cleaned. Jack and Billie literally bump into each other but neither notices.

GH by Amanda

Ric and Alexis are upset when Sonny buys the house they want out from under them. Diego tells Lorenzo he wants nothing from him. Sam and Jason get closer. Emily warns Connor never to kiss her as if he was Nik again. When Bridget runs away, Courtney interrupts Jason and Sam's romantic evening to warn them. With financial aid from Lorenzo, Maria and Diego plan to return to Mexico, but he promises to return someday for Brooke. Bridget wants her baby back.

GL by Sarah

Josh accuses Jonathan of causing trouble but Reva defends him. After a delay, Cassie and Edmund are married by Jeffrey as family members look on. The wedding party meets at Elizabeth and Company. Gus and Harley talk about Harley's guilt and Gus's defense of her. Jonathan arrives and he and Josh get in a heated argument on a stairwell. As Tammy watches, Jonathan falls down the staircase.

OLTL by Janice

Margaret is able to get Todd back to the cabin without being discovered. At Capricorn David congratulates Christian on his art display at the gallery. Kevin then finds David and gives him Kelly's PDA to return. Kevin discovered that he was being sent on a wild goose chase to find Ace. Evangeline apologizes to John for giving Antonio information that she overheard when John was talking on the phone. At the art exhibit Evangeline offers to give Natalie a name of a counselor for Christian. Later John tells Natalie that he thinks she should leave Christian for her own safety. Antonio goes to Jessica's room at Llanfair and finds it completely trashed. Jessica comes in and thinks Antonio is responsible. Mrs. Bigelow manages to find the cabin where Todd is being held. She calls Blair to come to The Sun so she can pass along the information. Before Blair arrives Margaret pays Mrs. Bigelow a visit and pulls out a gun. Blair goes to the office and finds the place is empty. She looks outside an open window and sees Mrs. Bigelow's body on the ground.

Passions by Shirley

Martin and Katherine finally explain to Luis and Sheridan just why they had to run away like they did. They are hoping their children will understand and forgive them. Beth, on the other hand, is having caniptions at the thought they might just do that and stay together forever. Theresa is feeling much better and she and Ethan bond over their new daughter. He begs her not to press charges against Gwen for stabbing her and she agrees, saying it's time to end the feud. I wonder how long that will last? Pilar is beside herself, wanting Gwen to pay for what she has done.

TC and his daughters from hell are still doing all they can to get Sam to charge Eve with attempted murder for Liz's poisoning. Rebecca finds the perfect moment to plant evidence on her, too. Liz finally wakes up and Sam is waiting to see whether she will point the finger at Eve, too, before he locks her up. Julian is staunchly defending his love, but he is the only one.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Malcolm and Adrienne continued to flirt, as she admitted she wanted to unravel the many mysteries of his life. Lily told Devon the party was on, but she'd need his help. He told her he thought it was a mistake. When Malcolm asked what she was up to, she said nothing was going on. Dru told Olivia she'd ordered the paternity test, then tried to get Olivia to admit that she was jealous of Malcolm's relationship with Adrienne. Jack tried to tell Nick about Victor's involvement with Jabot, but ran into Victor. The two argued, and Jack warned him he wouldn't let him get away with anything. Jack begged the bankers to let him buy Jabot's debt through C.I., but they said Victor had asked them to hold off, with the understanding that he'd personally restructure Jabot and make it profitable. John told Ash to keep Victor away from his company. Jack warned Brad about Victor's involvement, and said he had a plan in mind to stop him. Ash told Victor she could no longer accept his help, which infuriated him. John found them together and demanded to know why Victor was in his home. Paul told Christine to take some time for fun. She said she would, but only after Damon's case was settled. Phyllis told Damon she would not come forward with the transcript until he was in the clear also. While looking at a newspaper article, she was hit by inspiration and told Michael she knew how to save them all.

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