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AMC by Jenn

Ethan decides to go ahead with the DNA to prove once and for all if he's a Cambias and in order to protect Miranda. JR finds out that it's very likely his son is alive. At first Adam thinks he's lost it but he wants to help his son find out. Tad tells Bianca he will not prevent her from telling JR about his son if she decides that's right. Zach goes to see David and Krystal in jail and gloats about his evidence against David assaulting Adam Chandler and says he will make him them pay for taking Miranda away from Bianca. David tells Zach he's only bitter about losing Maria, he could care less about Bianca, he's a fraud and just as sick as any Cambias. After hearing Ethan admitting that Zach might have changed if he'd known about his son earlier, and observing Zach being very protective with Miranda, Bianca decides to call JR and tell him about his son.

ATWT by Linda

Emily fails the lie detector test, remembering that a map of Fairwinds is tucked in Daniel’s backpack. She calls Alison, who is with Aaron getting Daniel’s stuff at Emily’s house, and tells her about the map. Alison eventually talks Aaron into burning it with her. Paul is insistent that Emily go to jail and after Will takes the polygraph test and passes, Emily is arrested. Katie tells Mike that she won’t stop trying to get them back together, Mike telling her he’s in love with Jennifer and that they are truly through. In the meantime, Henry makes a confession to Jennifer – that he’s in love with Katie and always has been. He also tells Jennifer that Katie and Mike’s love is one of a kind and she should probably settle to be Mike’s friend, like he’s done with Katie. Jennifer refuses and when Mike calls her to have her come over, she’s sure he’s going to dump her for Katie but instead Mike surprises her and tells her he loves her. When Katie meets up with Henry, he tells her that she should marry him – if Mike is only using Jennifer to push Katie away, he’ll make sure she doesn’t marry Henry. Ben talks with Bob about Aaron’s arm, Bob ordering more tests.

B&B by Leigh

Jackie gives Heather instructions on being Deacon's personal assistant. Jackie is impressed with Heather. Deacon thinks that all his good fortune and the fear of messing up have caused him to want a drink so badly. Massimo visits the Jackie M. boutique and sees Deacon and Jackie hugging. Massimo tells her that given her current circumstances they cannot be friendly as she requested. Deacon is upset that Massimo was there, he thinks that Massimo is waiting for him to self-destruct. Heather prepares Deacon a protein shake laced with alcohol. While telling Jackie that he won't relapse, he drinks the spiked protein shake.

Caitlin and Thomas practice swing dancing for the contest at the high school formal they're planning on attending. Amber finds out that Caitlin is Thomas's partner for the contest. Amber tells Caitlin that it's pretty gutsy of her to go to the dance with a guy who already has a girlfriend. Caitlin tells Amber that if she doesn't want her to go with Thomas she just needs to say so. Amber insists that she's glad Caitlin is going with Thomas to the dance, and she's very glad that Thomas can still enjoy his high school days. From a doorway, Amber watches sadly as the two of them practice their dancing.

Days by Danielle

Bo tries to call home again but the phone is busy. Bo realizes that that means that Hope is home and now knows that he isn’t there and thus is now in trouble. Billie recalls a time when Bo made her worry for his safety and confronts him about his habit of making the women who love him nervous wrecks. Jennifer asks if Bo could be with Billie but Hope still refuses to believe that. Jack, now having escaped and dressed as a DiMera guard, decides to duck into a restaurant and steals the change left on the table by a customer. Jack pretends to have a foreign accent, as he talks to the waitress, relieved that she believes him to be a guard. Jack contemplates asking two police officers to get him to the American Consulate when Bart enters and starts talking to the police about Jack as if they are on Tony’s payroll. Jack overhears Bart tell Tony on the phone that the DiMeras also have a man at the American Consulate. Jack decides to call Jennifer and leaves a message on her machine.

Sami’s interrogation by the security guard is interrupted by Shawn’s reaction to the news that Belle and Philip are already married. Philip rubs it in Shawn’s face and a fistfight ensues. The fight is broken up and Shawn is escorted out of the room. Shawn turns away Jan’s advances. Philip insists to Belle that Shawn only crashed the wedding because he was drunk and on drugs. Philip promises Belle that Shawn will never hurt her again. Belle insists that Shawn be given a chance to explain. Kate eavesdrops on Shawn and Mimi’s conversation and vows not to let Shawn break up Belle and Philip. Kate questions whether Mimi belongs with Rex since Mimi believes that Shawn and Belle should be together. Mimi convinces Shawn to try and talk to Belle again. Kate calls the police to give them incriminating information about Shawn. Kate pulls Mimi aside to warn her to not to do anything to break up Belle and Philip. Kate uses the argument of brothers sticking together to get Rex to keep Mimi from interfering. The police arrive at the hospital to arrest Shawn. Sami recalls Lucas’ warning and tells the security guard that she didn’t see anything. Sami eavesdrops as Lexie asks John to look into the thefts privately so as to avoid negative media attention. John agrees but then Sami witnesses him inject himself with another dose.

GH by Lisa

Carly convinces Jason not to be afraid of getting too attached to Hope. Jason and Sam share a kiss. Sonny buys the house Ric wanted to purchase. Jordan is attacked. Diego remains angry with Courtney. Brook goes behind Diego's back and arranges for him to come face to face with Alcazar. Jax and Courtney's playful afternoon hits a snag. Connor challenges Emily to allow herself to see him as Nikolas and act accordingly.

GL by Elizabeth

Cassie's family & wedding guests look for her. Reva finds Jonathan who doesn't seem surprised that the wedding might not happen. Reva tells Jonathan that she believes he had nothing to do with Cassie leaving Edmund. He plants the seed of doubt in the back of Reva's mind about Cassie being willing to do anything to get rid of him. Jonathan offers to be there for his mother when Josh pulls him away. When Cassie confides to Jeffery that she can't marry Edmund, he automatically assumes it is because of something he did. He looks shocked when Cassie tells him that she did something unforgivable. Jeffery tells Cassie that Edmund does not deserve her and Cassie defends her fiancé. Jeffery informs her that Edmund will forgive her for her mistake and offers to take her to him. Bill finds Dinah outside of the barn. She confesses to him that she is in love with Edmund. She approaches Edmund who is not pleased to see her. Olivia & Bill are both confronted by a stranger who questions them about Olivia. Gus gets Harley a second bail hearing which is interrupted by a member of the Spaulding family. She is granted $1 million dollar bail, which Gus agrees to pay. Cassie returns to Edmund and tells him that she wants to get married.

OLTL by Janice

Evangeline overhears John talking about new evidence in the Santi murder case. He is furious when he finds her telling Antonio about the evidence. Jessica is upset with Antonio for kissing her. She tells him that he never treated her like part of a couple - just a mommy for Jamie and a lover. He responds that he didn't feel she was strong enough to handle the problems he was encountering. Marcie's publicist, Hayes, sets her up with a cosmetic surgeon to discuss liposuction. David's photograph of Viki with Mark appears on the front page of "The Sun." Mark finds Viki at the Palace and together they confront Dorian and David. Dorian and David are dumbstruck to find that Mark is gay. They reluctantly agree to print a retraction and an apology. Blair has her phone monitored in case Todd calls back. Mrs. Bigelow puts Todd's picture on the front page and also on the internet to help track him down. Todd and Margaret are stranded when their car dies. While they wait for a mechanic to fix it, Todd is heavily sedated and can't let anyone know the trouble he is in. Kevin tells Governor Brooks that he is going to fight for his beliefs even if they differ from the governor's. Dorian offers to help the governor fight Kevin. Kelly sends Kevin on a wild goose chase to locate Ace. Kevin arrives at the same garage as TOdd and Margaret. Kelly tells Dorian who Ace's real mother is.

Passions by Shirley

Beth tries to get Sheridan and Katherine together again but fails, as usual. Luis finds them in the garden and tells Katherine to stay away from them, calling her a name. Martin has had enough and swears to tell them the whole truth. Theresa is still in a coma but Ethan comes up with a way to get through to her, and it works. Leave it to a mother's love for her baby. The two bond over their daughter, much to Ivy's consternation, which she gladly lets him know about. He tries to talk Theresa into not pressing charges against Gwen.

Liz is still comatose and TC and his daughter are still tossing accusations at Eve about her being the "killer". Rebecca still has Eve's swipe card and although Eve swears she was nowhere near the medicine closet for days, she shows up on the computer as the last person to go in, using her card. Things continue to look very bad for Dr. Eve.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Against Devon’s advice, Lily insisted she would throw Malcolm a party with or without Dru’s help. Gina agreed to help her organize it at The Athletic Club, while keeping costs low. Phyllis blasted Nick for hiring Dru over her. Nick told Phyllis to focus on her legal troubles, or she wouldn’t have a job at NE when the dust settled. Jack told Ash he would give Jabot money from Chancellor Industries to keep her from joining forces with Victor. She said the company was hers to run and told him to butt out. Dru refused to believe that Malcolm, if he turned out to be Lily’s Father, would let the status quo remain. She met Adrienne and was rude to her. Adrienne dined with Damon, and agreed to stay in town longer, admitting there was hope for some sort of future between them. Malcolm took Adrienne back to her hotel, where he gave her a massage and they shared their first kiss. Mac told Kevin she’d kissed JT, and wondered if there was a future there. Michael advised Kevin not to worry about JT, and to focus on strengthening his own bond with Mac. When Gloria told Michael she wanted power at Jabot to get rid of the incompetent board, he told her to stand by her man, but stay out of his company.

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