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AMC by Jenn

There is a big cast party at the hospital for the 35th anniversary of AMC, where Agnes Nixon, creator of AMC is the guest of honor. Meanwhile, Adam Chandler visits Bianca, telling her he wishes he and JR could have the same "miracle" in finding JR's son, that she had in finding Miranda. It sounds like Adam almost somehow knows that Bianca has information about JR's son. At that very moment, JR is secretly retaining an investigator to find Babe and Jamie to make them pay for what they did to him. ANd surprisingly, his contact informs him that they are traveling with a baby. Brooke hears JR's threats to her son and is very worried. Tad knows that it's possible that Bianca will tell JR about his son, which will get Jamie in big trouble, along with Babe, for kidnapping.

ATWT by Linda

Lily and Holden tell their heartbroken kids that they’re separating. While that’s happening, Carly tries to talk with Julia but they end up fighting and Julia sends Carly away, telling her that she has lost so much, it doesn’t matter what Carly does, she won’t care. After Holden arrives back at the farm, he helps Julia with the pie she’s baking. When Lily shows up to talk with Holden she finds Julia instead, Julia telling her that she and Holden shared a drink on New Years and Lily asks Holden about it. He replied that as far gone as their marriage was, he didn’t feel it was any of her business. Alison tells Emily to put a tack under her foot during the polygraph to mess it up, Emily’s flashbacks of buying the doll and being at Fairwinds coming quicker and more intense. The test finishes up and the cop that administered it tells Hal and a lurking Paul that he has the answer. Mike declares his love to Jennifer after telling her what Katie had done. Katie walks in after Jennifer leaves and tries again to convince Mike to come back to her, Mike telling her that he’s in love with Jennifer and that they are through. Jennifer runs into Henry and is furious with him for helping Katie with her scheme to get Mike away from her, Henry telling Jennifer that Katie and Mike are meant to be and sooner or later Mike will remember and run back to Katie.

B&B by Leigh

Brooke insists that Ridge promise that there will be no more calling Bridget princess, no more caressing, hugging or kissing her. She tells him that there can't be any ambiguity, and that he can never cross the line with Bridget. Ridge assured her that he'll never do anything to jeopardize their relationship and he doesn't want to hurt Bridget. Bridget told Dominick that he understands because he still has feelings for her mother. Dominick told her that he doesn't dwell on things he can't have. Later, Brooke told Bridget that she knows about her broken engagement with Oscar and her feelings for Ridge. Brooke asks why Bridget didn't come to her. Bridget told her she was afraid of her own feelings and not to worry because she's going back to Copenhagen. Brook told her she wants to help her and that she's not a bother or a threat.

Thomas invited Caitlin to attend a formal school dance with him as a friend. Caitlin accepted the invitation, as friends.

Days by Danielle

Bo and Billie discuss their feelings for each other. Bo insists that Hope and his sons are his life. Billie accepts Bo’s decision but wishes it were different. Billie curses Bo for saying that he wished that he wasn’t in this situation. Billie believes that Georgia will fill a void in her life but Bo questions whether Billie’s life will be complete without a man in it. Hope is frustrated that she can’t reach Bo. Lexie assures Hope that Bo is home asleep and convinces her to go home and check on Bo. Julie reminds Hope that Shawn did the same thing as Bo did for Hope. Hope arrives home to find Bo gone. Julie suggests that Bo took off with Billie but Hope can’t believe that Bo would do that. Maggie heads to the church and the hospital to look for Bo but returns with word that no one knows where he is. Hope yells at Julie for suggesting that Billie is after Bo. Lucas interrupts Sami’s eyewitness statement to privately accuse her of trying to get someone in trouble. Lucas refuses to believe that Sami could truly have seen who stole the drugs. Lucas lectures Sami on hating everyone but him and Will. John overhears Lexie and another doctor talking about both recent drug thefts and the side effects of the drug, including a tendency towards violence. John lashes out at Sami moments before she is asked to conclude her statement about witnessing the drug theft.

Philip is furious that Belle asked for Shawn instead of him. Kate advises Philip to give Belle the chance to tell Shawn goodbye for good. Philip vows to kill Shawn for hurting Belle. Kate advises Philip to let the police handle Shawn. Kate wonders how Shawn got past the security guards and Philip questions their presence. Kate spots Sami across the room and claims that Sami was the reason that she ordered guards to be stationed at the wedding. John steps up to stop Philip from going after Shawn. Lexie announces in front of everyone that Shawn’s test results show that he was intoxicated and on drugs. Mimi still believes that Shawn’s motives were right. Shawn tries to explain his rationale for crashing the wedding but Belle can’t understand why Shawn chose such a drastic course of action. Shawn tells Belle about how he did call back but realizes that it wasn’t Belle who answered the phone. Lexie interrupts their talk to bring in a plastic surgeon to look at Belle’s wounds. Philip is shocked when Belle asks to see Shawn again. Jan arrives at the hospital and wants to see Shawn but Mimi refuses to let her do so. Jan backs down when Mimi tells her about how Shawn crashed the wedding. Sami overhears Jan wonder aloud about why the drug didn’t work as intended. Jan is delighted when she hears Philip and Belle announce to Shawn that they are already married.

GH by  Amanda

Diego refuses to let Alcazar bail him out, but does let Jax. That doesn't stop Lorenzo from threatening the man Diego attacked on his mother's behalf into dropping the charges. Jason is concerned that he and Sam will lose the baby. Connor admits that he likes being Nik. Dillon balks at finding Helena if Tracy gets hurt in the process. Lucky stops him from telling her anything, then Luke reveals that he is sure that Tracy is only helping Helena because Dillon might be threatened. Alexis pretends that Christina has an interview with some fancy preschool to keep her from going with Sonny on vacation. So, he shows up at the interview she inveigles and rattles her chain. Christina is accepted in the school. Lois and Brooke work on reuniting father and son.

GL by Boo

Michelle gets Danny to wake up. Cassie wakes up next to Jonathan. Edmund heads to the Beacon after getting a message, only to find out that it was Dinah who called him. Danny asks Michelle a challenging question and doesn't get a real answer. Tammy tells Sandy that she wants something genuine and that the one constant as of late has been him. Dinah gives Edmund her best wishes for the wedding and assures him that the secrets they share will remain between the two of them. Jonathan steals the video tape before he leaves Cassie's suite. Sebastian pulls a gun on Danny. Jeffery expresses concern about Cassie & Edmund marrying to Reva. Jonathan promises Cassie that what happened between them will remain their secret. Cassie realizes the tape is missing from the video recorder. Tony calls Sebastian and tells him that he's found what he's looking for. Cassie leaves before the wedding.

OLTL by Sarah

John gets angry with Evangeline when she tells Antonio that John thinks something is going on with Christian. Christian agrees to get counseling, but not right away. He is remembering more about what happened on the ship. At the clinic, Todd gets his hands on a phone and calls home. Jack answers, but Todd is disconnected by Margaret before he can talk to Blair. Bo tells Nora that Daniel is not the right man for her. Nora tells Bo that she's going to marry Daniel. Governor Brooks runs into Daniel at the diner and tells him that he has a proposition for him. Jessica lashes out at Viki. She later apologizes, but not before a lot of people witnessed her poor behavior. An empty beer bottle and cigarette butts are found outside of Llanfair. Jessica's car was also broken into.

Nora is upset about Bo saying not to accept Daniel’s proposal. Bo says he doesn’t want Daniel to be Matthew’s stepfather and that Daniel isn’t the right man for Nora. After arguing back and forth Bo says Nora can marry Daniel, but he’ll say “I told you so” when it doesn’t work out. John admits to Evangeline he is in love with Natalie, but then apologizes and says he wants to be with Evangeline.

A nurse gives Todd a phone and Todd calls home, Jack answers and talks to Todd, but when Blair gets to the phone Margaret chokes Todd and hangs up the phone. Blair tells Jack that she knows it was Daddy, and she’ll find him and bring him back. Cristian has a flashback of being hooked up to a machine that is telling him Antonio is not his brother, Antonio is the son of Manuel Santi, and what Cristian needs to do, but the flashback ends before Cristian can remember what he is supposed to do to Antonio.

Passions by Boo

Theresa and Liz are still in comas. Gwen is a veggie and Rebecca isn't making it any better, but she does vow revenge against Theresa because Gwen tried to kill her.???? Ethan feels guilty about Gwen's condition and vows to help her and then to stay with her. Meanwhile, TC is still ranting that Eve poisoned Liz and won't listen to anyone who says she didn't. He is determined that Sam will arrest her. The evidence starts coming in and it doesn't look good for Eve.

Whitney and Chad have a moment while trying to wake Theresa up and Fox walks in right in the middle of it. They covered, but Fox felt the sparks flying. Luis and Pilar got to light into Martin and Katherine while Sheridan remained in a faint on the sofa inside the church. Luis vows to marry her that very night, and she agrees. Beth is still fuming.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Drucilla flaunted her new position in Phyllis’ face, and warned her not to do anything to screw things up for herself at NE. Victor was stunned Nick gave Victoria’s position to Dru. Nick said he was doing what was best and that it was his choice to make. Victor let him do so, but warned he’d have a surprise for Nick. Colleen told JT she was staying in town and hoped they could continue to see each other. Brittany learned Colleen was staying, worried about Bobby’s continued absence and Nikki’s involvement, and agreed to see a movie with JT. Nikki told Kay what she’d done to Bobby’s life, and admitted to being worried about what Bobby would do now that he knew the truth. Kay urged her to ensure she was protected in case he lost it. Jack admitted to Jill that he was considering using Chancellor Industries to loan Jabot money. Brad learned that Ash was meeting with Victor to discuss business concerns, and passed the info on to Jack. Ash accepted Victor’s offer to help Jabot and told him to put his plan into motion. Jack demanded to know what Ash was thinking by meeting with Victor. Phyllis confronted Nick about his decision to promote Dru.

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