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AMC by Jenn

Greenlee and Ryan try to persuade Ethan to get a DNA test to prove whether he's Zach's son. At first he refuses. But after talking to Zach, he's able to tell that Zach is hiding something and he agrees, realizing that he needs to protect Miranda if she's going to be getting the Cambias estate and if he's related to her. Anita and Aiden have a good thing going and swim in the freezing river. Lily announces to Erica that Aiden is her boyfriend and consults her for some "woman to woman" advice about having boyfriends. Reggie wants to sleep with Danielle. But she reveals to him that she's a virgin. To her surprise, he reveals that he is also.

ATWT by Linda

Holden leaves Lily. When he arrives at the Lakeview, he talks with Julia and she’s excited that he’s going to be moving out to the farm. Carly and Jack heatedly discuss the situation with JJ, ultimately Jack saying he’s going to keep his word to him and Carly deciding she’s going to need to do something about Julia. Sierra informs Craig that Lucy is safe and coming home, Craig returning the favor by stating he isn’t going to tell Lucy about what Sierra had done to him. Sierra is suspicious at first but by the time Craig leaves, she seems to believe him. Lucinda talks Jordan into keeping an eye on Craig for her.

B&B by Leigh

Thomas told Brooke that Ridge danced with Amber at the Jackie M. party to give Caitlin and he a chance to talk. Brooke asks Ridge to tell her what's really going on with Bridget, and if Bridget is still in love with him. He tells Brooke that Bridget is afraid she won't have the same kinds of feelings in other relationships. Brooke tells him he needs to be careful because Bridget might misread his feelings for her. Bridget apologized to Dominick for her behavior at the party and tells him she's going back to Copenhagen. He tells her that she has Ridge on a pedestal and she thinks no other man can rise to that level.

Eric questioned Thorne about a Spectra Couture magazine ad, where the Thorne Forrester name is printed twice as large as the Spectra part. Eric tells him that this is exactly what Ridge said would happen, that Spectra would take advantage of the Forrester name. Thorne promises that it won't happen again, and Sally begs Eric to accept her apology.

Days by Danielle

Chloe hides when Brady asks to touch her face. The doctor warns Nicole that Brady suffered a mild concussion and may feel disoriented. Brady goes back to sleep and when he wakes up, he professes his love to whom he believes to be Chloe but then realizes that it was Nicole standing there. Brady insists that Chloe was just there. Nicole throws open the curtain in an attempt to show Brady that no one is there, as Chloe has rushed back to her room, and Brady believes that his doctor standing there is Chloe. The doctor suggests that Brady only thought he saw Chloe because of his concussion. Billie realizes that Bo is reacting this way because he listened to her tape. Bo lectures Billie about being ruled by her emotions. Billie wants their trek to be a partnership where they watch out for each other. As they argue about who is better trained for the job, Bo declares that he’d have severely punished Billie for her role in helping Larry kidnap Hope. In the heat of the moment, Bo declares to Billie that he is doing this because he loves her. Belle, covered in blood, falls to the ground as everyone shields himself or herself from flying glass. Philip starts to rush to Belle’s side but is hit by the falling chandelier. Philip has to be forcibly held to keep him from rushing to Belle. Philip vows to go after Shawn.

A burning candle has fallen near the leaking gasoline from Shawn’s motorcycle. Jennifer and Rex notice it and warn everyone to get out of the church. As they are all exiting, the church explodes. Hope, having stepped outside to call Bo, rushes back in and then runs back out, fearing the worst until Jennifer joins her and announces that everyone was able to get out safely. At the hospital, Lexie prevents Philip from seeing Belle, insisting that he must get some rest himself. John overhears Sami telling Lucas that it’s her fault that Shawn crashed Belle’s wedding. Sami explains that she had prayed for something bad to happen that would ruin Belle’s wedding day. Sami witnesses John pick the lock on a mobile medicine cart and steal some pain medication. John overhears Sami telling the nurse that she saw someone break into the cart. Philip is angered when he hears that Shawn shows signs of being intoxicated. Lexie is able to stop Belle’s bleeding. Belle asks Shawn why he did this to her. Shawn explains that he had to stop the wedding. While searching the castle for Cassie, Jack leans up against a fake wall and falls behind it. Marlena and Roman are still watching the wedding when Shawn crashes through the window and into Belle. After the explosion, the feed to Marlena and Roman’s TV is broken and they can see nothing but static. Marlena sobs and yells for Tony to let them go. Jack hears Marlena’s screams, although not recognizing their owner, and rushes to the room. Roman tries to get Marlena to relax and sleep but Marlena refuses to rest until she knows what happened to Belle and John. Jack starts using the stolen keys to check every door until he hears the announcement that they know he’s escaped and are coming after him. Jack steals a spare guard uniform and uses the keys to unlock the front door of the castle. Jack runs away from the castle.

GH by Lisa

Ric and Alexis plan on taking a ski vacation with Kristina. Alexis adamantly refuses to allow Sonny to take Kristina to his island for a vacation with Michael and Morgan. Jordan turns down Sonny's invitation to go to the island with him and his children. Diego confronts Maria over the fact that she is his mother.

Diego is arrested after beating up Eduardo, who was threatening Maria with more bodily harm. Diego uses his one phone call to call Jax for help but Alcazar arrives after being alerted to the situation by Maria. Durant urges Steven to bring the fact that Alcazar murdered Mary Bishop to light in order to eliminate Alcazar as competition for Carly. Steven isn't pleased when Durant once again mentions the name "Rachel." Carly tells Steven she isn't ready to get involved with anyone.

GL by Elizabeth

Dinah watches as Cassie gets an unexpected visitor to her hotel suite. Reva and Ross commiserate about how their children may be payback for their youthful indiscretions. Holly and Sebastian search for Danny and the downed plane. Rick and Beth argue over whether Harley could have killed Phillip or not. Jonathan drugs Cassie. Beth buys Rick a gift and urges him to live for the moment. Dinah promises her father that if Cassie’s wedding goes badly that it won’t be her fault. Holly turns on Sebastian and leaves him in the jungle while she flees. He promises her that she will die with him. Danny shows up at the villa and collapses. Cassie seduces Jonathan.

OLTL by Sarah

Carlotta tells John that Christian seems different - it's something in his eyes. She attributes it to the horrors he faced on the ship. John thinks it's something more. He meets Christian in the park and intentionally gets Chris angry so that he loses it. Natalie finds Chris choking John and pulls him off. RJ tells Lindsay that he kissed her to keep her from noticing Daniel propose to Nora. Lindsay says that she's not bothered, but she knows Bo will be. Rex is questioned at the police station. Just as he is about to give Bo some information, his new attorney comes in. The attorney refuses to tell who is paying his fee. Jenn goes to the police station and tells Nora that she's sure Rex is innocent. Riley is unhappy to find her trying to help Rex. He sneaks into the interrogation room and asks Rex is he killed Paul. Christian has flashbacks of his time on the ship. He remembers being given a newspaper picture of Natalie and being told that she was his wife. He refuses to paint - even when Natalie offers to model for him.

Cristian continues to have flashbacks about his past, where people are telling him about his life, and who Natalie is. His behavior also takes a staggering change when he chokes John for asking too many questions. A frightened Natalie wonders if Old Cristian will ever come back. John tells Evangeline he doesn’t think Cristian is who he says he is.

Rex is at the Police Station and Bo gives him one chance to talk, just as it looks like Rex might go for it, he is interrupted by a high-priced lawyer who refuses to tell who’s paying him. Jen tells Nora that she knows Rex is innocent, Nora wonders why she is so convinced. Daniel pushes Nora for an answer to his marriage proposal, but Nora needs time. Daniel tells her she’s only got until tonight. After Daniel leaves Bo tells Nora not to accept the proposal.

Passions by Shirley

Theresa struggles to stay alive while Gwen struggles to make sure she's dead. She has gone over the deep end at last, and Rebecca is fit to be tied when she finds out. Ethan is torn between wanting to make sure Theresa is ok and wanting to protect Gwen, but finally decides to go with Gwen, thanks to Ivy. Whitney rushes to her friend's side as soon as she hears of her plight and tries to bring her out of her coma.

TC, Whitney, Fox, and even Sam seem all too willing to believe Eve poisoned Liz, and Rebecca fans the flames while acting innocent. Julian is her lone protector, but who knows if he will be able to withstand the onslaught of the others to crucify her. Liz is hanging on by a thread. Meanwhile, Luis and Sheridan's wedding seems doomed again as she finds out her mother is really alive and is Luis' enemy. Who to choose?

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Drucilla got emotional talking about the past with Lily, leaving her daughter positive that she was hiding something about her history with Malcolm. Nick told Sharon that Victoria might be returning, but insisted he had a plan in motion to make sure she didn't cause him problems. Brad prevented Victor from seeing Abby, but agreed to let him send her a belated xmas gift. Victor insisted on seeing her at some point, but Brad said they were playing by his rules now. Damon and Daniel expressed their mutual respect for one another, and hoped to remain a part of each other's lives, regardless of how things turned out with Phyllis and Damon. Phyllis blasted Christine for hiding the evidence, then insisted they keep it quiet until proof was found to clear Damon's name as well. Christine was impressed, but Phyllis warned her not to screw up Damon's case, or she'd answer to her. Ash admitted to John that she felt responsible for Jabot's financial woes, then said she had one more plan to try before she officially threw in the towel. Gloria and Ash argued, as Gloria blamed her for Jabot's troubles and told her to make a deal with the devil if she had to, so long as she saved John's company. Ash agreed to meet with Victor later in the day to discuss his offer to help Jabot. Nick offered Dru the job as head of cosmetics for NE, which would mean filling Victoria's role at the company. He also offered Neil the position as mentor for Dru. Though the Winters accepted, Neil wondered if there was more going on then Nick was letting on. When Dru let news of her promotion slip to Victor, he confronted Nick and demanded to know what was going on.

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