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AMC by Jenn

At the nightclub, Maggie is with Jonathan. He's obviously beating her and she's still with him. They attract the concern of both Reggie and Anita Santos. Reggie and Danielle have a good thing going. So do Anita and Aiden. Ryan and Greenlee believe they have caught Kendall "red-handed" trying to poison Greenlee, when Greenlee finds anti-psychotic medication in Kendall's closet and Ryan notices that it looks like Kendall's ordering drugs on the internet. Greenlee, somehow seems to realize, however, that Kendall is not trying to drug her. Ethan has a harder time of convincing Ryan that Kendall is not guilty. Zach believes Maria is unhappy in her marriage and deserves better. She tells him she's not giving up on her marriage but reveals that she still has feelings for him.

ATWT by Linda

Alison tries to persuade Aaron to make love, but he’s hesitant. Not to worry, Alison gets a call from Will and told the unpleasant news that Emily is the one behind Roseanna’s haunting. Hal wants to believe his wife but her dalliance with Chris hinders him. Emily volunteers for a polygraph when Paul and Roseanna confront her but as she looks at the picture of her at the store, she flashes to Fairwinds and knows she was there. Margo and Tom make up and swear to make their marriage work after Lucinda calls Tom away from the New Years party at the Mayor’s to let Jordan out on bail. Dusty finds Lucy and Rafi and just after Lucy talks on a radio phone with her mother, Dominic shows up and threatens them with a gun.

B&B by Leigh

Brooke has a romantic evening planned for Ridge when he gets home from the Jackie M. party. Stephanie waltzed in and began to question her about Bridget. Stephanie told Brooke that she spoke with Oscar, and he told her that Bridget broke off their engagement. Stephanie is concerned about something going on again between Ridge and Bridget. Nick tries to talk Bridget out of staying with Ridge and Brooke. He tells Bridget that it's wrong for her and Brooke. Ridge insists that everything is going to be just fine, since he and Brooke are married with a baby. Bridget agrees to go home with him.

Stephanie called Nick looking for Bridget, Nick told her she's with Ridge. Stephanie went to Nick and questioned him about what's going on. Nick tells Stephanie that Bridget is in big trouble and that she can't get past what happened with Ridge. At home, Ridge reassures Bridget that she's going to find her happiness. Brooke walks in while Ridge is holding Bridget in his arms and telling her that she'll always be his princess.

Days by Danielle

Brady is desperate to get to the wedding but Nicole insists that he continue to rest. Nicole agrees to order a car so they can go the wedding upon Brady’s insistence. Chloe hears Brady calling out her name in his sleep. Chloe imagines marrying Brady and kisses him in real life as they kiss in her fantasy. Brady wakes up and sees Chloe. Bo orders Billie’s plane to stay grounded and confronts Billie about lying to him. Bo feels that Billie is his responsibility to protect. Bo listens to the tape Billie made for Georgia in the event of her death. Billie orders Bo to get off the plane but Bo insists on going with Billie.

Jan calls to warn about Shawn coming to stop the wedding. Kate is the first to get the message and insists to the guard stationed outside to not let anyone else in. The first to be turned away is Sami and Lucas and Sami feels that it was an attempt by Kate to keep her away from the wedding. When Philip’s marine unit arrives for the wedding, Lucas uses them to make a plea to the cop. The guard, a former marine, agrees to let them all in. John is knocked off balance by the photographer and falls to the floor. Lexie and Kate try to convince John to use his wheelchair but John is adamant about walking Belle down the aisle. John and Belle try the walk down the aisle again and the marine guards welcome Belle to the marine family with a swift tap to her backside with their swords. Philip and Belle recite their own vows to each other but Belle sees Shawn in Philip’s place as she recites her vows. John lies to Lexie about taking anything stronger than aspirin. Sami hides behind a wall and witnesses John injecting himself with more medication. Sami has to be held back from speaking up during the ceremony. Celeste sees a vision of a wedding dress covered in blood and blood splattered white roses. Shawn arrives at the church but the guard stops him from going in. Shawn tries another door in the back of the church but Kate has locked it already. Deciding it to be the only way to get into the church, Shawn drives his motorcycle straight through the stained glass window behind the altar and straight into Belle and Philip. Tony sets it up so that Marlena and Roman can watch live video feed from Belle and Philip’s wedding. Marlena is overcome with tears when she sees that John can walk. Marlena notices that Belle doesn’t look happy and questions whether she is marrying the right man. Marlena lashes out at a grinning Tony when she sees John fall. Tony gloats about how Kate is there to comfort John while Marlena cannot. Roman holds Marlena close as she cries at the sight of Belle being walked down the aisle by John.

GH by Amanda

Sonny and Carly get intimate- but not in a physical way. Then, a tipsy Alexis bursts in, misinterprets the clinch as a reunion, and starts making an idiot of herself. Ric gets her out of there. Right after Jason and Sam share a New Year's kiss, Brigitte calls, needing to be bailed out of jail. The woman Luke is sure is Helena isn't her, but someone she paid to trick Luke. Before Diego can shoot Alcazar, Courtney tells him the truth, Lorenzo is his dad, causing the boy to flee. The cops call Courtney out her her argument with Lorenzo to bail out Brigitte, leaving him to confess his paternal worth doubts to Lois. Courtney meets up with Jason at the station. Lorenzo tells Carly about his son. Sonny plans how to use Alexis' weak points against her.

GL by Sarah

Cassie's pre-wedding party is held outside JFarley's. Jonathan propositions Cassie outside, making Cassie furious and determined to show Tammy and Reva just how bad Jonathan is. Jeffrey realizes that Edmund did hit him with the shovel in the barn and warns Edmund that tomorrow might be a bad day.

Billy and Sandy use magic to help Bill and Olivia escape from Ravenwood. Olivia then retrieves Emma from Alan at Company. Cassie sends Jonathan a note, inviting him to her room at midnight after inviting Reva to be there at 12:15.

OLTL by Boo

Natalie and Christian leave the New Year's Eve party just after midnight. Natalie forgets her scarf and Chris goes back to get it. While he is gone, Natalie is mugged. Chris comes back and is extremely violent with the attackers. He grabs one of their guns and Natalie is sure that he is going to pull the trigger so she calls 911. John is informed and immediately heads to help. Chris is incensed that John has shown up. He and Natalie leave. Evangeline tells John that Chris needs help, but John obviously upsets him too much. Viki tells Kevin that she was the one who insisted Blair use the TV time when Kevin didn't show up. RJ grabs Lindsay and kisses her passionately at midnight. Nora tells Daniel that she isn't ready to marry him yet. SHe goes to the police station to think things over. When she screams out loud in frustration, she interrupts Bo and Paige's lovemaking in Bo's office. Before she and Bo can get into too much of an argument, the video enhancement finishes and Rex is identified as the person who planted the weapon in Dorian's office. Rex is arrested at the Palace for Paul's murder. Todd tries to pass a note to the doctor that he's been kidnapped. Margaret intercepts the note. When Todd mentions his real wife to the doctor, Margaret pulls a gun. Todd sees the gun and stops talking.

Todd is touched by seeing Blair sing to him on the TV and continues to try to tell the doctor the truth. Margaret keeps interfering and 'explaining' things to the doctor. She then turns her anger on Todd and threatens him again. Natalie freaks out when Christian beats the crap out of a mugger and calls John for help. Nora upsets Daniel when she can't give him an answer to his marriage proposal. Nora is confused and runs to Bo for help. Rex is arrested for the murder of Paul Crammer.

Passions by Boo

Gwen stabs Theresa twice in the back with a scalpel. Theresa is rushed to the O.R. but it doesn’t look good for her. She has lost way too much blood. Gwen confesses to the stabbing and tells the officers that Theresa made her do it. She had to stop Theresa. Gwen is placed under arrest.

Katherine and Martin back track on Katherine’s confession to Sheridan. Martin explains that Mrs. Wheeler is just missing her own daughter so much and she got wrapped up in the moment. Katherine agrees with Martin and the two of them leave the church. Despite Luis’ assurances to Sheridan that Mrs. Wheeler can’t be her mother, Sheridan has memories of her own. She knows that Mrs. Wheeler is her mother and rushes outside to stop her from leaving. Mrs. Wheeler is undecided about what to do. T.C., Sam, Julian, and Rebecca find Eve squatting beside Liz’s body with a scalpel in her hand. Eve tries to explain that she had to perform an emergency tracheotomy because she could tell that Liz was having trouble breathing. After discussing the situation with the paramedics, Sam declares the basement of the church a crime scene.

Y&R By Christopher

Victor received a mysterious call that pleased him. Jack visited Nick to congratulate him on the job at NE. Victor interrupted them and insulted Jack about his new job at Chancellor Industries. Alone with Nick, Victor revealed that Victoria might come home, and said he wanted to give her her job back and her seat on the board. Nick told Victor not to push Victoria, but to let her make her own decisions. Dru admitted to Neil that she was worried about her job, and about Lily. Neil believed Lily’s mood was his fault, since he and Malcolm weren’t getting along. Nick phoned Dru and asked to see her. She suspected she’d be fired, but Neil told her to be positive and go see her boss. Devon told Lily not to obsess over Malcolm, but she insisted on getting to the bottom of whatever was bothering him. She went home and told Dru she wanted to find out what was bothering Malcolm, and asked for her Mother’s help. Phyllis realized the transcript would clear her but damn Damon, but he insisted she use it and let him worry about himself. They tearfully thanked one another for the impact each had had on the other’s life, then said good-bye to their romance. Christine and Paul told Michael about the transcript and he blasted them both for keeping it a secret. As they argued about their lack of teamwork, and Michael threatened to fire Paul, Phyllis showed up and demanded to say a few things to all of them now that she knew about what they’d hidden from her.

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