Wednesday 12-31-03 Recaps

Wednesday 12/31/03 Short Recaps

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Happy New Year's Eve!

AMC by Jennifer

The six people who arrive at a cabin end up arguing and "re-grouping" who is coupled with whom. Kendall arrives with Ryan, but ends up with Aidan. Greenlee arrives with Juan Pablo but ends up with Ryan. And Mia arrives with Aidan, but ends up with Juan Pablo.

There's a big New Years Eve party where Adam Chandler and Mary Smythe observe their hopes to end JR's marriage with Babe. Babe gets confronted by her ex-husband, Paul Kramer, who has discovered that she has never signed the annulment papers. He reminds her that she's in trouble if Adam Chandler finds out that she is a bigamist, still legally married to him, while also to JR. She tells him that he cannot be spiteful to her or she will never sign the papers, which will prevent him from inheriting the $30 million for which his Aunt Betsy has stipulated, he must never have been married. She appears to be committed to JR, but privately meets Jamie after the party, which Adam and Mary are aware of.

Tad makes several woman jealous looking like he wants to be seeing Krystal, although he tells them all his soul purpose for being with her is to dig up information from her about her daughter.

ATWT by Glynis



B&B by Lea

Darla and Thorne visited Sally for New Year’s Eve. They settled down with some champagne and football games. Darla went into labor. Stephanie told Eric that Brooke has decided to end her marriage. He wanted to know why Brooke was ending the marriage. Stephanie explained it was the best thing for everyone. She was proud of Brooke for making the difficult decision. Brooke and Ridge decided to enjoy the moment and not think about the future. Ridge asked Brooke what was going on. She told him nothing was wrong. After some decision about the baby, Brooke told Ridge she was leaving.

Days by Rebecca

Roman and Kate's wedding continues and the cake is replaced by Alice's famous donuts! Tony is released from jail and the wedding party slowly finds out. Bonnie flirts with Mickey more. Roman tells Victor and Nicole that by the time the day is done, he'll have enough evidence naming them the killers of Colin Murphy, and afterwards, they plan on taking action. Celeste thinks another death is going to happen tonight! Roman gets a message that evidence against Nicole is in the kitchen and goes in to see the envelope, and the Killer him/her-self...

GH by Nicole

Dillon falls asleep watching old silent movies, as Georgie is calling his cell phone. He dreams of Georgie being his one true love and them searching for each other. He dreams of getting married to Sage, being an heir of the "Sterling" fortune (supposed to be Quartermaine in real life). Mac, Alcazar, Faith, Emily, Edward, Alan, Monica, and Tracy all make appearances in his dream. After waking up, he gets Georgie's message to meet him at Kelly's, so he runs over there at midnight to find her gone. Sage shows up as the New Year hits, she kisses him.

GL by Megan

Not airing today

OLTL by Traci

Flash and Riley played requests for people at Ultra Violet. Lindsay threw her New Year's party hoping people will show up. Marcie has a date with Greg, while Michael/Al watches. Kevin tells Kelly that he told Bo about her fake threat. Todd tries to get Blair to spend New Years with him as a family. Kevin gives Kelly divorce papers so she can see that this is over between them. Blair calls Kevin and asks him to meet her so they can spend some time together.

Jessica, Antonio, and John manage to convince Natalie to come out to Ultra Violet with them. Dorian tells Kelly that no one messes with a Cramer woman. Gabrielle and Bo spend time together at Lindsay's party. Jen walks away from Rex as he tries to get her to dance with him. Lindsay lets David know that she knows he conned her. Evangelene tells R.J. to trust her. Troy attacks Nora in the bathroom at the party.

Passions by Brenda

Antonio walks in on Sheridan and Luis and begins to fight Luis, while Beth peeks through the window of Sheridan's cottage. Sheridan finally speaks to Antonio and tells him that she belongs with Luis. However, Antonio refuses to accept the fact that Luis and Sheridan are in love, and he blames Luis for stealing Sheridan from him. Rebecca speaks to Eve and T.C. at the restaurant, and threatens to take away funding from the hospital and the school sports program if they do not attend her wedding to Julian. Finally, T.C. agrees to go.

Theresa comes up with a plan to break into the mansion to take back little E, but Whitney and Fox talk her out of it. Ethan is trying to come up with another plan to reunite Theresa and her son. Grace is heartbroken by Sam's attention to Ivy, and Ivy takes full advantage of the fact that Grace found Ivy's old love letters to Sam in the attic. Ivy and Sam begin to reminisce about their past love affair.

Y&R By Glynis one day ahead!

No Show today!

Happy New Year!

Not airing today.


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