Tuesday 12-30-03 Recaps

Tuesday 12/30/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

ATWT by Glynis

Barbara asks her daughter to keep a promise. Dusty follows Lily to the farm, dives over and over to save a life and tries to make a twin see the light. Holden decides to kick the door down and fights off the advances of his wife. Jack pushes his wife out of the investigation and pays for a friend to stay in town. Jennifer predicts that the trouble has just begun. Jessica makes sure that a thief has the benefit of an attorney.

Lily ends up underwater following an image. Lily forces herself to remove the makeup, ends up underwater following an image and swims toward a familiar image. Mitzy promotes that she was forgiven and that they only have to check. Paul finds a goblet, blames his mother for his troubles and gets put back up on the suspect list. 'Rose' pushes her doctor into a chair and bails, and then batters an enemy. Sarah gets busting trying to steal something close to her heart.

B&B by Lea

Jackie is upset by Ridge’s demand to let him adopt Nick’s baby. Jackie continued to push for Nick and Brooke to raise the baby together. Nick told her Brooke has something planned for Big Bear.

Bridget told Brooke about her engagement to Oz. Brooke told Bridget she planned to end her marriage once they returned from Big Bear. Brooke wanted to do what is right for Ridge. It’s her turn to save him this time.

Ridge talked to Eric about he felt Brooke was pulling away from him. Eric encouraged Ridge to fight for his marriage.

Days by Rebecca

Bo tries to kill Tony buy Roman pulls him off of him. Chloe and Nicole have a catfight! Jennifer and Abby tell Celeste and Lexie the good news about her pregnancy, but Lexie's mood changes when she finds out about Tony being arrested. She goes to his cell and says he's a liar and to burn in hell. Shawn-D, Belle, and Mimi try to comfort Rex about Tony killing Cassie. Celeste has another deadly premonition. Sami tries to crash the wedding, but Lucas pulls her out. Roman and Kate finally say 'I do' and cut the cake, which has blood oozing out...

GH by Nicole

Sonny and Carly at the hospital, nothing critical or serious going on in her brain, Dr sends her home. At the Penthouse, Carly gets fantasies of Sonny touching her and she attacks him and they make love. Later Sonny leaves and Carly has fantasies, except they are of Alcazar this time. Georgie attends Speed Dating to find a bunch of losers and then Dillon shows up, they argue then talk and she leaves. Sage is also there making trouble. Sam and Cody talk about the fortune. Cody has it hidden, Sam finds it and takes it. Cody gets attacked, and Emily gets knocked unconscious after finding a book that was part of the treasure.

GL by Megan

A depressed Marah arrives with Sandy at the dance, but finds she cant enter the ballroom so she heads for the bar, where she finds an equally lonely Jeffrey. Wanting her to start the year feeling special and wanted, Jeffrey takes her out of the bar and up to his room where he makes love to her. Shayne is about to go in for surgery to remove the seroma from his spine. Reva and Josh are very scared, but Shayne is ready to face the risks and the outcome. Josh and Reva lean on each other for support. When Shayne emerges from surgery, Josh places a call to Marina, filling her in. Marina rushes to the hospital, desperate to keep her promise to kiss Shayne at midnight. Later at midnight, both Josh and Reva and Marina and Shayne share a kiss. Earlier in the day, Marina and Nico feel like outsiders at the dance. In the end, they have fun together and share a dance. Marina leaves to be with Shayne before she hears Sandy play the dedication to her. Meanwhile at the dance, Edmund and Cassie play a fun romantic game where they pretend to be starry-eyed college kids. Olivia crosses with Lizzie, who appears to be as dangerous as ever.

OLTL by Traci

Antonio comes back from Puerto Rico. Natalie offers to watch Jamie while he and Jessica go out and have some time to themselves. John comes over and he and Natalie talk for a while. Gabrielle still apologizes for not telling Bo she saw Troy. Bo, Nora and John continue there search for Troy. Asa takes Kelly to the police after she says she found another threat from the killer.

Vicky bails Todd out of jail and takes him to his home. Blair finds out that Starr knew all along that Walker was really her father Todd. Blair tells Kevin that she doesn't want to be with him. Kelly calls Kevin and asks him to stay with her because she is still scared from the threat. Kevin finds the notepad that Kelly used to make the fake threat she said was from the killer.

Passions by Brenda

Rebecca is gloating over the fact that Theresa slapped Ethan, and Gwen thinks that Theresa now hates Ethan. Ethan calls Woody to tell him that Rebecca found out he was helping Theresa to regain custody of little E. Ethan promises to find another way to help little E and Theresa to be reunited.

Charity promises Death that she will give up Miguel so that baby Maria can live. As soon as Charity leaves, Kay and Miguel's baby revives and returns to a healthy state. Tabitha is overjoyed that Charity and Miguel can no longer be a couple.

Y&R By Glynis one day ahead!

Jack remembers an anniversary and prefers to stay in. Lily’s friends all meet at her place to head over to the party. Neil learns that he has probably missed his only chance to nail Kevin. Nick surprises his wife with a question about odd behavior and feels that she might need professional help.

Nikki feels that the past year was a horrible one, but decides that if her husband is going to the gala, she will be there too. Phyllis plans a surprise. Victor decides to go to the gala without his wife.

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